6 Best Whatfix Alternatives and Competitors

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    Whatfix, as a popular Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), offers many great features for user onboarding and training.

    But you don't need to settle for less, while there are plenty of Whatfix alternatives in this software-driven world. Whether you're looking for a more feature-rich option, a specific use-case solution, or something that fits your budget better, you'll find a tool for you.

    Selecting the right DAP is essential for optimizing your organization's digital transformation journey. Take your time.


    • UserGuiding: Offers a comprehensive suite of tools for user onboarding, feature adoption, and in-app guidance, making it an all-in-one solution.
    • WalkMe: Caters to large organizations with robust features, security, and scalability for user adoption across complex environments.
    • Pendo: Excels in user behavior analytics and feedback, empowering data-driven decisions to optimize user experiences.
    • Appcues: Prioritizes creating engaging in-app experiences, particularly for mobile users, while offering strong analytics capabilities.
    • SAP Enable Now: Integrates seamlessly with the SAP ecosystem, offering a tailored solution for internal training and user adoption within SAP applications.
    • Userlane: Focuses on user engagement through interactive overlays and feedback mechanisms, promoting a positive user experience.

    And let's get you started with these 6 Whatfix alternatives to help you find your ideal fit. But before that, you may need to see the pros and cons of Whatfix.

    What Whatfix Does Well

    Onboarding experience for adoption

    Whatfix equips you to craft a frictionless onboarding journey for new users and employees. The tool enhances the user experience with interactive elements like checklists and hotspots that guide users through key features.

    User engagement

    In-app messaging creates a conversational environment, and NPS surveys capture valuable feedback to improve the experience continuously.

    Whatfix also serves as a central hub for learning resources, keeping all the information users need readily accessible. This self-service approach improves engagement.

    Adoption analytics

    Whatfix cares about analytics and offers product analytics, guidance analytics, and user feedback. The visual, drag-and-drop tagging editor allows users to track user actions such as clicks, page visits, mouse hovers, and more actions.

    Drawbacks of Whatfix

    Customer satisfaction score

    What customers say about a product can help to understand a tool better. Unfortunately, Whatfix users don't score the tool well. Low scores can be a reason for you to step back from opting for them.

    High pricing for the value

    You may have a round budget to pay for your product adoption tool. However, you will expect the maximum value when you do so. Whatfix's pricing is quite high for what they offer. Also, the company is not very transparent about the prices, which can create some doubts.

    6 Best Whatfix Alternatives

    1. UserGuiding - the all-in-one product adoption platform

    • Capterra ⭐4.7/5 (51 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐4.6/5 (231 reviews)

    UserGuiding is a feature-rich product adoption platform that covers in-app engagement, analytics, product tours, and more. The standalone updates page, segmentation for deeper analysis, and quick setup are among the reasons to choose UserGuiding.

    Our platform provides starter plans that are fairly priced and scale with you. And not to skip, our customer satisfaction is top-notch.

    UserGuiding Features

    In-app surveys and NPS

    UserGuiding comes with templates for in-app surveys and NPS, which facilitates getting feedback. You can customize the templates to gather quantitative and qualitative data easily and also to adapt to your brand identity visually. What's more, you can run different surveys for different user segments.

    Goal tracking and analytics

    With the goal tracking feature, you can create goals from user actions and track them without hassle. You can also collect data from them and conduct surveys to analyze user behavior, needs, and preferences. Data visualization makes the process even easier.

    In-app elements

    In-app elements improve user engagement and help you deliver the message effectively. Hotspots and tooltips are among the most useful and commonly used elements to improve the user experience. So you create efficient product tours.

    Standalone updates page

    With UserGuiding, it's easy to announce your product updates as it provides you with a standalone updates page. This ensures users will see any new feature or improvement. Also, they will not need to dig into documentation or discover things on their own. You will guide them the way you want.


    UserGuiding holds a SOC 2 as a badge, proving the safe space it creates. Your data is in safe hands with the all-in-one product adoption platform.


    You will find different options based on features and limits.

    • <2500 MAU - Basic:$89/m | Professional:$249/m
    • 5K+ MAU - Basic:$230/m | Professional:$449/m
    • 10K+ MAU - Basic: $300/m | Professional:$524/m

    UserGuiding vs. Whatfix

    Both Whatfix and UserGuiding offer robust toolkits to onboard and engage users.

    A main difference between them is that Whatfix is mainly concerned with employee onboarding and engagement, mainly for enterprise companies. However, UserGuiding is all-around product adoption platform covering the every step of the activation, adoption, and retention efforts of product teams.

    Both tools do well in terms of analytics and feedback collection. Here is the difference: UserGuiding goes one step further with the A/B testing feature, and Whatfix takes the lead on product analytics.

    UserGuiding changes the update game with its standalone updates page, where you can categorize and announce your updates. Whatfix provides a less effective solution with the in-app announcements. Plus, UserGuiding comes with a knowledge base for creating support resources, delivering them seamlessly both in-app and on a stand-alone hub.

    Another thing to be aware of is that Whatfix has low customer satisfaction scores, and its pricing structure can be unclear. UserGuiding, on the other hand, boasts high customer satisfaction scores and offers starter plans that scale with your needs. Our pricing is transparently listed on our website.

    You can try UserGuiding for free to see the features in action.

    UserGuiding Whatfix
    Pricing (<2,500 MAU) starting from $89/m Custom Quotes
    Guides Yes Yes
    Hotspots Yes Yes
    Checklist Yes Yes
    Resource Center Yes Yes
    NPS and Surveys Yes Yes
    Product Updates Yes No
    Knowledge Base Yes No
    Goal Tracking Yes Yes
    A/B Testing Yes No
    Material Scheduling Yes No
    Integrations Numerous Integrations Available Numerous Integrations Available

    2. Walkme - an enterprise-focused platform for adoption

    • Capterra ⭐4.6/5 (77 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐4.6/5 (329 reviews)

    Walkme is a go-to tool for large companies looking to transform to digital. Take Whatfix and make it more solid. This is how we can summarize what Walkme is. They are more expensive, but considering their target audience is enterprises, it's probably a strategic move.

    Walkme features

    Conversational chat interface

    With the chat feature, Walkme offers an automation opportunity for repetitive tasks. This is a good way to provide 24/7 service and accelerate some workflows.

    Training new and existing employees

    The tool focusing on employee training facilitates the onboarding and training of people within your company. You may like task-specific training experiences with self-serve, contextual support.

    Workflow analytics

    Another focus of Walkme is workflows and they provide workflow analytics. Here, you will have a chance to detect any digital friction slowing down your business. So you can find solutions to improve your workflows.


    • Not disclosed publicly. So, you need to contact Whatfix to get a quote.
    • Reviews suggest that pricing is around $1000 a month for access to all features.

    Walkme vs. Whatfix

    They are quite similar with small differences. Both have help centers and resource libraries to help users find the information they seek. They are also equal in terms of in-app experience with their guides, hotspots, and checklists.

    In the same manner, they both fail to announce product updates because they lack a specific feature supporting them.

    For pricing, as they are quite the same, the winner is Whatfix with lower price options. Still, you will need to contact them to learn how much it will cost you.

    3. Pendo - strong analytics and feedback features

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (215 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.4/5 (1,421 reviews)

    Pendo's biggest value proposition is providing strong analytics for users. So, the tool allows you to collect feedback to create data to analyze. Accordingly, they are also good at tracking and reporting capabilities.

    However, the steep learning curve requires time and effort to get the maximum value from the tool. Considering their feature bloat, this is something to think about thoroughly.

    Pendo features

    Strong analytics and feedback features

    ‎Pendo stands out for its user behavior analytics. The tool tracks a wider range of actions, like feature usage, workflows, and even user sentiment through in-app surveys. So you can pinpoint friction points and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Pendo allows user segmentation, enabling you to analyze specific user groups.

    Self-service support system

    Pendo is a feature-rich platform that allows you to develop in-app support for customers in your application. Contextual help widgets can make in-app guides and walkthroughs more useful.


    Pendo applies custom pricing based on monthly active users (MAU).

    Pendo vs Whatfix

    Pendo focuses on user behavior analytics, offering in-depth insights beyond clicks. It tracks feature usage and user workflows and measures sentiment through in-app surveys.

    Whatfix crafts smooth onboarding experiences. It provides interactive elements like checklists, hotspots, and step-by-step guides. For continuous improvement and some analytics, they also offer NPS surveys.

    Additionally, Pendo allows user segmentation for targeted analysis. However, it's more expensive as a very large product with huge enterprise and mid-sized clients.

    4. Appcues - strong analytics and mobile support

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.8/5 (102 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (305 reviews)

    Appcues, a user adoption platform, allows you to create an onboarding journey right within your application. They provide interactive guides that walk users through key features.

    Appcues features

    In-app experiences

    The platform includes in-app announcements, surveys, and NPS surveys. These features create an interactive environment and allow users to improve their user experience continuously.

    Detailed analytics

    With detailed analytics, you can track user engagement and measure the impact of your efforts. With Appcues, you can analyze user events and create tracking dashboards specific to different segmentations.

    Mobile adoption

    Not all product adoption platforms cover mobile applications. Appcues comes with mobile support including all the onboarding features.


    • <2500 MAU - Essential:$249/m Growth:$879/m
    • 5K+ MAU - Essential:$399/m Growth:$1149/m
    • 10K+ MAU - Essential:$499/m Growth:$1289/m

    Appcues vs. Whatfix

    Appcues offers basic onboarding features like checklists and announcements. They focus more on in-app experiences after initial onboarding while Whatfix offers basic in-app experiences like announcements.

    Whatfix provides a robust set of onboarding tools, including step-by-step guides with screenshots and videos, interactive hotspots, and checklists.

    Appcues, unlike Whatfix, offers A/B testing to optimize your messaging for maximum engagement. However, they both prioritize analytics.

    Pricing might be more transparent with clear plans displayed on their Appcues website. They are more affordable than Whatfix but still pricey.

    5. SAP Enable Now - better for internal training

    • G2 ⭐ 4.5/5 (4 reviews)

    If you are strongly focused on internal training and not a fan of complex employee training methods, SAP Enable Now can be a solid option.

    SAP Enable Now features

    E-learning content creation

    SAP Enable Now allows you to create various e-learning materials directly within the platform. These include videos, documents, and simulations. They act as a hub for managing all your e-learning content.

    Content distribution

    The platform facilitates the delivering e-learning content to users in several ways. You can integrate modules within the SAP app or create a learning center within the app so everyone can access the materials. Your content will also be accessible on mobile devices.


    • $204 per user per year for the cloud edition, but the minimum quantity for this product is 50 users. So, pricing increases significantly with new users.

    SAP Enable Now vs Whatfix

    Even though SAP Enable Now presents themselves as a DAP, they focus on content management. So, the features are shaped around this focus. They provide content creation and distribution services along with e-learning authoring.

    However, Whatfix offers more engagement opportunities even if it doesn't even have a knowledge base. The closest thing in Whatfix can be the resource center. But, here you will find surveys, checklists and hotspots in addition to guides.

    5. Userlane - digital adoption and employee engagement

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (47 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.7/5 (81 reviews)

    Userlane is a platform for digital adoption and employee engagement. Their main focus is employee productivity, and so are the features.

    Userlane features

    Interactive experience

    This Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) enables you to create interactive overlays to use directly within your application. You can build step-by-step guides, helpful tooltips, and even interactive checklists.

    Analytics for onboarding

    They allow you to gather valuable user feedback through surveys and track user behavior with analytics. They also offer reporting to get actionable insights on user behavior.

    No-code platform

    Userlane boasts a no-code approach, so you don't need coding expertise to create these in-app experiences. This makes it a user-friendly tool for businesses of all sizes.


    Not provided on the platform, which requires you to contact to get a quote.

    Userlane vs. Whatfix

    Userlane is known to be more affordable than Whatfix, even though they are similar in terms of offering custom quotes.

    They are also alike when it comes to features. Still, Whatfix can be the winner as they also have surveys, resource centers and some analytics.

    Userlane allows you to track how your users are doing with the onboarding material, but it doesn’t provide any advanced analytics capabilities.


    Engagement and adoption analytics can be a good reason to use Whatfix, but the low satisfaction scores are causing some doubts. The good news is you have many alternatives to Whatfix.

    Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas. Still, you will need to evaluate your unique conditions and needs before opting for one.

    UserGuiding is a feature-rich tool with affordable prices among the Whatfix alternatives. Sign up for a free UserGuiding trial today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Whatfix?

    Whatfix is a SaaS digital adoption platform software that provides user guides to improve user productivity and employee productivity with interactive user manuals to add to your tech stack.

    How much does Whatfix cost?

    Whatfix doesn’t have a fixed price at the moment. They provide each customer with a custom package that costs according to their company size.

    What are the best Whatfix competitors?

    The top 6 Whatfix alternatives are UserGuiding, Walkme, Pendo, Appcues, SAP Enable Now, and Userlane.

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