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8 Alternatives and Competitors to Product Fruits that Get the Job Done

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    Home / User Onboarding / 8 Alternatives and Competitors to Product Fruits that Get the Job Done

    This guide explores 8 powerful Product Fruits alternatives that deliver exceptional user adoption experiences.

    Explore feature-rich platforms, discover budget-friendly options, and find the perfect fit to onboard and empower your users like never before.

    Let's dive in and unlock a world of user adoption success together.


    • UserGuiding: more comprehensive user details and activity insights, Surveys feature, better customization
    • Usetiful: more reasonable pricing structure, Banners feature
    • Pendo: more comprehensive analytics system, various use cases.
    • Chameleon: better user analytics, Event Tracker feature, AI Assistant feature
    • Shepherd Pro: open-source, superior customization
    • Userlane: employee training focus, strong engagement features
    • Stonly: similar analytics functions, AI Assistant feature
    • Appcues: reliable analytics system, mobile app support

    What Product Fruits Does Well

    1- Pricing

    Product Fruits has a pricing structure that is affordable when compared to many of its competitors.

    It is based on unique Monthly Active Users (MAUs), so the more users you have, the more seats you have to reserve.

    When billed yearly, Product Fruits starts from $69 for 1,500 MAUs, making it one of the most inexpensive onboarding solutions.

    2- Knowledge Base

    Product Fruits enables you to utilize the knowledge base feature regardless of your pricing package.

    Users can access support content in your application and website, but you can also lock the articles you selected and make them part of your private knowledge base for internal use.

    Drawbacks of Product Fruits

    1- Customization

    Product Fruits offers several components in its pricing plans, yet one element isn't much of its strong suit: customization.

    Offering limited customization options to tailor and personalize your content, this tool stays at the weaker end regarding visuals.

    2- Surveys

    Surveys are one of the many mediums that act as a bridge between customers and your business.

    That's why utilizing surveys is almost a necessity for gathering feedback and creating a sustainable loop.

    However, Product Fruits only includes this feature in higher plans, making it a condition to upgrade your plan.

    8 Best Product Fruits Alternatives

    1- UserGuiding - best for those looking for a product adoption platform to help users find value successfully

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.7/5 (51 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (227 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.2/10 (4 reviews)

    UserGuiding is a product adoption platform that guides users to their aha! moments sooner.

    With a wide variety of onboarding materials, this tool successfully communicates a value proposition by familiarizing users with your product.

    UserGuiding - best for those looking for a product adoption platform

    UserGuiding Features

    • Onboarding Checklists
    • Product Tours
    • Resource Centers
    • Knowledge Base
    • Segmentation
    • Analytics
    • Customization
    • In-App Surveys
    • Tooltips
    • Hotspots
    • Announcement Modals
    • NPS Surveys
    • Product Updates


    With UserGuiding, you can adjust the number of MAUs. For example, the pricing plans for 2,500 MAUs on a yearly basis are just like the following:

    • Basic: $89/month.
    • Professional: $249/month.
    • Corporate: Custom quote.

    UserGuiding vs Product Fruits

    UserGuiding and Product Fruits share similar capabilities in terms of feature diversity. Both tools welcome users with guides, hotspots, checklists, and knowledge bases.

    However, UserGuiding has a better system for user details and activity insights. Product Fruits doesn't offer comprehensive user and activity data, making it rather weak in terms of analytics when compared.

    What differs between these two tools' pricing package structures is crucial since a feature is missing in Product Fruits' first plan: Surveys. While Product Fruits includes surveys in higher plans, UserGuiding's surveys are available from the get-go.

    Another difference is related to the visuals. Product Fruits has a limited set of customization options. UserGuiding, on the other hand, offers strong customization with images, gifs, colors, fonts, and more.

    Product Fruits UserGuiding
    Pricing (<2,500 MAU) $249 $89
    G2 Rating 4.7 4.6
    Guides Yes Yes
    Hotspots Yes Yes
    Checklists Yes Yes
    User Activity Feed No Yes
    Resource Center Yes Yes
    NPS Yes Yes
    Surveys Yes Yes
    Goal Tracking No Yes
    In-App Announcements Yes Yes
    Product Updates Page Yes Yes
    Knowledge Base Yes Yes
    Localization Yes Yes
    Integrations Numerous Integrations Available Numerous Integrations Available

    2- Usetiful - best for those looking for a more affordable tool with simple onboarding features

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.8/5 (8 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.7/5 (154 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 0/10 (0 reviews)

    Usetiful is a digital adoption platform for onboarding customers without any frustrations.

    You show your users the ropes around the product using features like product tours, allowing them to interact with it actively after onboarding.

    Usetiful - affordable tool with simple onboarding features

    Usetiful Features

    • Product Tours
    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Tooltips
    • Onboarding Checklists
    • Banners
    • Knowledge Base
    • Surveys
    • NPS
    • Interactive Product Demos


    Usetiful's pricing plans on a yearly basis entail:

    • Free: €0/month (2,000 MAU).
    • Plus: €29/month (5,000 MAU).
    • Premium: €69/month (10,000 MAU).
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Usetiful vs Product Fruits

    Compared to Product Fruits, Usetiful has a more reasonable pricing structure since it offers a free trial and more affordable prices. For example, Usetiful charges €69 for 10,000 MAUs in premium monthly, while Product Fruits requires $259 for 10,000 MAUs in its basic plan.

    Both tools can support simple features, including NPS, surveys, and a knowledge base. However, each tool lacks crucial features that the other includes; for example, Product Fruits lacks a banner feature, while Usetiful doesn't have an in-app announcements feature.

    Another point they share is that both tools offer limited customization to users, yet Usetiful also falls short on the analytics. It displays no user details or activity analytics and only basic material interaction analytics.

    3- Pendo - best for those looking for a comprehensive analytics system with the capability of catering to various use cases

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (215 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.4/5 (1,421 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 8.3/10 (186 reviews)

    Pendo is a product experience platform that offers services to optimize your application for users and employees.

    It includes several onboarding materials to assist users on the road to a successful user experience.

    Pendo - best for those looking for a comprehensive analytics system

    Pendo Features

    • Analytics
    • In-App Guides
    • Session Replay
    • Feedback
    • Roadmaps
    • Pendo AI


    Pendo has four plans with custom MAUs (Monthly Active Users); please contact Pendo's sales team for further information.

    Pendo vs Product Fruits

    Unlike Product Fruits, Pendo has a comprehensive analytics system. The latter has a strong analytics and user insights section with engagement features to help you understand how users move around your application.

    While Product Fruits focuses solely on user onboarding and feature adoption, Pendo has many different use cases, which require many features that may be irrelevant to different segments of users. These use cases even include product planning and revenue growth, creating feature bloat, and increasing pricing.

    On the pricing part, Pendo is known to be a pricey alternative due to the amount of features it includes and the use cases it enhances. In contrast, Product Fruits has transparent pricing and is more affordable, starting from $89 monthly.

    4- Chameleon - best for those looking for more reliable analytics and reporting capabilities with feature diversity

    • Capterra ⭐ 3.9/5 (10 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.4/5 (232 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 8.2/10 (8 reviews)

    Chameleon is a product adoption platform that focuses on activating users the moment they land on your website.

    To prepare the base for user activation and engagement, this tool allows users to explore your product intuitively with various features.

    Chameleon - best for those looking for more reliable analytics and reporting capabilities with feature diversity

    Chameleon Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Checklists
    • Resource Center
    • NPS
    • Surveys
    • In-App Notification Center
    • AI Assistant


    Chameleon's pricing plans on a monthly basis entail:

    • Helpbar: Free.
    • Startup: $279/month (2,000 MAU).
    • Growth: Starts from $1250/month (2,000 MAU).
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Chameleon vs Product Fruits

    Chameleon and Product Fruits are tools that charge based on users.

    Compared to each other, Chameleon offers its services for free on a plan with limited features. However, regarding paid plans, Chameleon is a more pricey tool than Product Fruits since it requires $279 for 2,000 MAUs, while Product Fruits charges $119 for 3,000 MAUs.

    As Product Fruits isn't a solid solution for user analytics, Chameleon is one step ahead with average analytics and reporting capabilities, thanks to tour analytics and event tracking features.

    Chameleon also might have the upper hand in feature diversity as it has features that Product Fruits doesn't. For example, the former has an AI Assistant feature that helps with the navigation, search, and answers on the help center.

    5- Shepherd Pro - best for those looking for an open-source library with superior customization capability

    • Capterra ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • G2 ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • TrustRadius ⭐ It isn't on the platform.

    Shepherd Pro is an open-source library that allows you to build product tours that introduce users to your product.

    This alternative enables you to create product tours or tooltips, leading users and your product to success.

    Shepherd Pro product adoption

    Shepherd Pro Features

    • Product Tours


    Shepherd Pro's pricing plans entail:

    • Alpha: $0/month.
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Shepherd Pro vs Product Fruits

    Although Shepherd Pro and Product Fruits share the same concept, they have one big difference: source codes. While Shepherd Pro is open-source and available to everyone, Product Fruits is a closed-source application.

    Due to its open-source nature, Shepherd Pro allows you to customize product tours and tooltips. If you have coding skills, you get to modify these features to fit your brand theme best, which is a lacking point for Product Fruits.

    6- Userlane - best for those looking for a tool that focuses on employee training with engagement features available

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (47 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (391 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.9/10 (5 reviews)

    Userlane is a tool that focuses on digital product adoption through guides that direct users to your product benefits.

    To do so, this tool supports you in the process of creating guides and enables you to check the analytics regarding these guides so you can improve them as your support content.

    Userlane - employee training with engagement features available

    Userlane Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Checklists
    • In-App Announcements


    Userlane doesn't have transparent pricing; thus, please contact Userlane's sales team for further information.

    Userlane vs Product Fruits

    Between Userlane and Product Fruits, the latter concentrates on guiding customers, while the former is more capable of training employees. Thus, if you want a platform focusing on employees more, you should choose Userlane.

    Compared to Product Fruits, Userlane has strong engagement features that enable you to analyze user behavior and view engagement levels to optimize user experience accordingly.

    7- Stonly - best for those looking for an AI-powered tool with similar features

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.4/5 (11 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.8/5 (124 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 6.7/10 (6 reviews)

    Stonly is a knowledge management tool for customer service that creates a system for answering customer questions.

    For example, you can build guides that pop up at specific points throughout the customer experience so that customers can acquire a set of easy-to-follow steps instead of help articles.

    Stonly - best for those looking for an AI-powered tool

    Stonly Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Checklists
    • Resource Center
    • NPS
    • Knowledge Base
    • In-App Announcements
    • AI Answers


    Stonly has two plans with custom quotes; please contact Stonly's sales team for further information.

    Stonly vs Product Fruits

    Stonly and Product Fruits share similar pricing (although Stonly's pricing isn't revealed; many user reviews revolve around this topic 🤫).

    For a similar price, Stonly has some identical features, strengths, and weaknesses to Product Fruits. For example, both tools have a Knowledge Base feature to help users navigate when creating interactive guides.

    One of the strengths include the AI Assistant feature, which Stonly has to transform meaningful solutions to help users with frustrations quickly.

    Compared to Product Fruits, the only disadvantage of this tool is its weak analytics and customization, which are the same as those of the original tool.

    8- Appcues - best for those looking for a dedicated analytics system and mobile app support

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.8/5 (102 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (305 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.1/10 (27 reviews)

    Appcues is a product adoption platform with many use cases, from user onboarding to feature adoption.

    To get started right away, this platform requires no technical knowledge for the setup process and is ready to enhance user experience.

    Appcues - best for those looking for a dedicated analytics system

    Appcues Features

    • Drag-and-Drop Builder
    • Guides
    • Checklists
    • Tooltips
    • Hotspots
    • Product Tours
    • A/B Testing
    • Segmentation
    • Events Explorer


    Appcues' pricing plans on a yearly basis entail:

    • Essentials: $249/month (2,500 MAU).
    • Growth: $879/month (2,500 MAU).
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Appcues vs Product Fruits

    In the analytics category, Appcues and Product Fruits are different, as Appcues has a reliable analytics system that analyzes user events and allows you to create tracking dashboards. In the same case, Product Fruits is insufficient in terms of user details and activity data.

    Another feature that Product Fruits lacks but Appcues has is mobile support, since the latter can build flows to improve mobile experiences.

    Appcues's big drawback is its pricing structure, which is at the high end of the spectrum. While Product Fruits asks for $119 for 3,000 MAUs on its basic plan, Appcues requires $249 monthly for 2,500 MAUs on the same plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should use Product Fruits?

    People looking to increase product adoption rates and a better user onboarding experience can use Product Fruits or one of its alternatives, such as UserGuiding.

    How much does Product Fruits cost?

    The price range of Product Fruits is between $59/month for up to 1.500 users and $459/month for up to 50.000 users. They also offer a custom plan for enterprises.

    What are the top alternatives to Product Fruits?

    The best alternatives to Product Fruits are UserGuiding, Usetiful, Pendo, Chameleon, Shepherd Pro, Userlane, Stonly, and Appcues.

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