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“UserGuiding came in as a no-code way to show our users the value and the potential capabilities of Keyhole, to help them get set up faster during the trial.”

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“Once we’ve created guides for each feature and set them live, we’ve started seeing instant value.”

Rémi Drogoul


“With UserGuiding, I guarantee that the user will receive that communication when they’re using my product, they will know that we launched [that feature] they wanted, and their issue is now resolved.”

Filipe Bertocco


“The way our software works is the same for all features, so if they got it once, they can use all the features fairly easily.”

Sarah Amler



“We used to send helpful content and tutorials through email to our users. But by the time they register and spend a few minutes in the product by themselves, it’s too late; they’ve already determined your value.”

Yanis Kerdjana


“Today, our product team has autonomy thanks to UserGuiding.”

Malu Vasconcelos


“UserGuiding helps us to show the value of our new features, and makes the user adopt these new functionalities in an interactive and intuitive way.”

Gaétan Verbeke


“UserGuiding felt like a simple strategy that we could easily adopt for our solution.”

David Palmer


“Very easy to install, very easy to use. The best part of UserGuiding is that I’m free to create guides, tooltips, and messages in-app without having to rely on our tech team, coding, and other people.”

Carlo Dalessandro


“We started to use UserGuiding’s Resource Center widget and the announcement bar features, and now we can easily communicate with our users with tailored content.”

Cagri Sarigoz


We have a small development team, so we have to prioritize everything in a well-structured order. If I was the product manager I wouldn’t even prioritize a tooltip request from the marketing team, I’d focus on improving the product itself.

João Pedro Carvalho


“It is really simple to prepare walkthroughs with modals and tooltips. This provides us agility since we do not need to bother our developer team anymore.”


“With UserGuiding, we were able to save a lot of time onboarding users and relieve some of the pressure that was on our sales team.”

Marina Matta


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