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LogComex offers different products that help companies involved with foreign trade to connect and overview their processes. It provides a panoramic view of the logistics chain and process automation of companies; with products such as Big Data, Search, and Tracking.
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How LogComex creates onboarding elements in 95% less time with UserGuiding

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
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LogComex wasn’t able to quickly address issues and answer questions, due to their development team’s busy backlog.
When they launched new features, they needed to create explanatory UX/UI that would guide users to and through the updated platform.
They’ve used UserGuiding to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive onboarding elements.
They’ve decreased the development time of in-app UX/UI elements by 95%.

LogComex is a technology startup that focuses on providing intelligence for foreign trade.

They were having a hard time creating user onboarding and education elements due to their dependence on developers.

Most companies have product and development teams that work together with established processes. And it gets impossible for growth and design teams to stay agile and quickly develop features and in-product elements that will help with user experience and adoption.

Here’s how they fixed this problem and decreased their onboarding development time with UserGuiding:

Should simple UX elements take weeks to develop?

As I’ve mentioned, most companies that are beyond their startup days, and have big teams that should work in harmony create processes to improve efficiency.

Although it improves the productivity and the effectiveness of the product and development teams, it, unfortunately, obliterates the chance of quickly creating UX/UI elements to solve problems.

For LogComex, which has several products with several new features being launched every month, this equals issues that are not addressed for a long period of time, especially when users don’t understand specific elements.

We often want to add simple things for our customers, to explain a specific terminology, for example.”

When they launch a new feature or a product, they can’t foresee all the questions the users will ask about it or the parts they won’t understand.

They can’t even know for sure what type of promotion will be more effective than others.

So after the launch, if they want to change or add anything to guide users to and through the feature, they needed to wait a ton of time.

We always had to ask our developers for any modifications within the platform. This was time-consuming, as each addition has its own sprint and Product Manager.”

Automating onboarding is always a priority

In addition, since they weren’t proactively responding to the questions, the customers had to approach customer support and success departments.

It wasn’t a desirable way to solve their problems.

Customers often don’t even want to contact Customer Success; they want to access the platform and understand it intuitively without calling or communicating with anyone.”

As a customer, the sooner you can address an issue or find an answer to your question, the sooner you can get back to achieving value with the product or service.

If you can solve whatever problem you have with the resources and the tools the product provides you with, the time to value of the product will be significantly reduced.

Also, since 91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will just leave without complaining, you will avoid the customers that will churn without even talking to support.

So, they needed a way to quickly create UX/UI elements that would help them answer users’ questions and guide them through the new features in an automated fashion.

They’ve found UserGuiding

After searching for a solution that would make their lives easier, LogComex’s product team came across UserGuiding, the all-in-one user onboarding solution for web products.

After using UserGuiding for a while, they were able to completely automate their user onboarding process with stunning UX/UI elements on top of their product, without any assistance from the developers.

  • They’ve created a product tour to guide users through their dashboard.
Our main challenge in creating onboarding content was that our developer team was always busy working on important product features so that’s why we started to look for a no-code tool for onboarding.”

Promoting new features in 5 minutes

With UserGuiding, adding UX elements is pretty much effortless; I just put an icon there, and that’s it.”

For example, this week I was told that a client did not understand a field in our table, and I said that in 5 minutes, I could solve this.”

  • They quickly prepare and publish tooltips or hotspots that explain what a specific UI element is used for.

Making educational material available 24/7 throughout the user journey

Now, even if the user has completed all the Checklist steps, they can still access the Resource Center and go through the content again.”
  • And thanks to UserGuiding’s resource centers, they help users understand the platform and features after their onboarding.

Visible growth with UserGuiding

With UserGuiding, LogComex has reduced the time it took them to create a simple tooltip from a full work-week to 30 minutes, which accounts for over 95% improvement.

They’re currently using UserGuiding to its full extent, segmenting users based on their needs and motives, engaging them with tailored content, and analyzing the performance of their elements with UserGuiding’s in-depth analytics feature.

Ready to create an effective user onboarding in record time, just like LogComex did? 🚀

UserGuiding, as a no-code user onboarding platform, gives you the power to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive content that boosts user engagement and conversions.

In a matter of minutes, UserGuiding lets you can create:

  • interactive product tours,
  • tooltips,
  • hotspots,
  • user onboarding checklists,
  • in-app resource centers,
  • and NPS surveys.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself.

Decrease in time spent creating onboarding elements
With UserGuiding, adding UX elements is pretty much effortless; I just put an icon there, and that’s it.”

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