Since our website is hard-coded and outdated, we can't instantly add information or fix issues on the pages. So UserGuiding acts as a band-aid to provide assistance whenever we need to communicate with our customers.“
Derek Solas
Digital Marketing Specialist @Igus
Plastics / Manufacturing
Igus is an engineered plastics manufacturer that provides teams and individuals with custom-built plastic pieces. They have been around for more than 50 years, with main locations in the USA and Germany.
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How Igus easily communicates information to their customers with UserGuiding

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
min read
Igus was having issues communicating additional information to their users, to help them navigate easily through their website.
They also didn’t have access to their website directly, so they needed a solution to operate on top of their website.
They’ve used UserGuiding’s hotspots and interactive user guides to help users understand their product and walk them through the customization processes.
Also, they’ve used UserGuiding’s NPS surveys to gather valuable feedback about their product.

Igus is an engineered plastics provider that offers customers long-lasting, self-lubricating plastics from various locations in 35 countries.

They were having a hard time communicating information to their users due to their website being hard-coded, in addition to needing an overall user education tool to walk users through the product.

Here’s how they achieved success with UserGuiding:

A website for engineered plastics – overcoming complexity

Igus’ website has hundreds of different products that can be customized to fit exact needs. The platform is highly comprehensive and advanced, so it naturally becomes complex.

Even for ordering just a single piece of a part, you need to go through a complex customization process.”

The issue is that this complexity seems necessary; to offer the most detailed solutions you end up with detailed methods.

Especially since we have plenty of tools on our platform, it takes customers a long time to navigate around and figure out how they can do what they want to do.”

So how do you overcome the complexity on Igus’ website?

Answer: you don’t.

Most of Igus’ customers are technical people who need all these customization options to start with. It is unlikely that they would be discouraged by the complexity of the platform.

But regardless, even though you can’t make the website less complex, you can make it more simple.

No word games here, it’s just that you can communicate all the information your customers would need to navigate through a complex website, so you actually break it down and make it simple.

We just needed a way to make changes and put additional information on the website without having to contact the people who maintain the website, who work in another location of ours.”

Aside from the detailed website, another big problem with their website was that they had no access to editing the actual content. They needed to make an official request to change a piece of content, and transforming the whole website would take forever.

So they needed a solution to act on top of their website:

They’ve found UserGuiding

UserGuiding was the perfect solution for Igus, a tool that would act on top of their website, and help them provide their users with additional information.

Something we were pleased with UserGuiding is the fact that they listened to our requests. We wanted to be able to clone our onboarding content and requested a feature, and it came true. We’re using that feature every day now, saving maybe hours in total.“

With UserGuiding, Igus created interactive user guides for product walkthroughs, hotspots for displaying additional information on requests, and NPS surveys to acquire valuable feedback from users. Let’s see:

▶ Here’s one of their interactive user guides that walks the user through the customization process:

▶ Here’s some of their many hotspots scattered around the website, for additional information with explanatory GIFs:

▶ And here’s their NPS survey, that helps them generate feedback:

With NPS surveys, we were able to get a lot of valuable feedback and even some complaints that we instantly addressed, which was pretty helpful to us overall.”

Igus used UserGuiding to display additional but necessary information on their website, to make their complex website simpler to navigate through for their users.

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Better product education
With NPS surveys, we were able to get a lot of valuable feedback and even some complaints that we instantly addressed, which was pretty helpful to us overall.”

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