It took me roughly two days to set up all the different user guides for all our modules in UserGuiding.”
Douglas Waltricke
CEO @NextFit
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Next Fit is a management system for gyms and fitness centers that owners and staff can use to improve their overall and financial management capabilities.
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How Next Fit reduced the need for demo calls by 80% with UserGuiding

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
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Next Fit, a management software for gyms, was having a hard time onboarding users through video calls because it harmed their ability to scale.
Also, their newest and most advanced feature wasn’t being fully adopted due to its complexity.
With UserGuiding’s interactive onboarding flows, they were able to reduce the number of onboarding video sessions by 80%.
And after implementing UserGuiding for their new feature, they decreased the number of tickets for that specific feature by 50%.

Next Fit is a management software for gyms that were having a hard time onboarding each and every user by hand.

They needed a solution that would eliminate the need for video calls and onboarding sessions during sales processes.

Here’s how they dealt with this need and found success with UserGuiding:

Video calls vs Self-guided flows for user onboarding

Onboarding users through video calls is a solid method of user training. It is!

You answer every question on the spot, help them set things up and achieve value, and of course, give them a tour of the product based on their needs in a personalized way.

But it’s not scalable.

If you have just a handful of customers, it can be a great practice. But as you grow, it will be harder to onboard each and every user by hand.

You will find your sales or customer success team unable to catch up with all these requests, you’ll either have to hire more team members, or find a more scalable solution.

For Next Fit, they had to go with the latter; simply because it would be way more costly to grow their sales department.

In the past, we were doing the onboarding through video calls, to explain how the software works and its implementation. But this becomes costly after a while, especially if you don’t have high ticket prices.”

They needed to address a few issues first.

First off, their customer persona was experienced gym staff that was between the ages of 30-45; so it’s natural they wouldn’t have prior experience on working with software platforms for business management.

Our customer persona varies between the ages of 30-45. They’re not usually native to digital solutions in the workplace, which makes it difficult for them to get started with the software.”

Also, it is almost never 1 user per customer for Next Fit. The whole gym staff is expected to utilize the software, and since the tech-savviness of a group may vastly vary, the onboarding experiences couldn’t be regulated.

In gyms, multiple people use our software. So usually multiple people are present in these video calls, which always translates into chaos; since one person can quickly grasp a tutorial while others might need some more time.”

So they needed a way to individually onboard every user with care to their platform, with the help of personalized content.

Getting away with complex features

Once you develop a highly useful and comprehensive feature, you can’t possibly expect it to be simple at the same time.

For Next Fit, this advanced feature was a complex payment module that enabled gyms to provide their gym members with payment options via their mobile app. This would save end users a lot of trouble.

And it did, for the end-users (gym members), payment through the app was pretty straightforward and simple.

However, the same thing cannot be said for the gym staff that had to implement and utilize this feature. The module and the dashboard on their side were pretty complex compared to the other features of their platform.

The cost of this complexity came through as tons of support tickets regarding the feature’s functionality. But they couldn’t simply video call each of their users and help them adopt this feature.

They needed a way to address every user at the same time. This is where UserGuiding came in:

They’ve found UserGuiding

Before UserGuiding, Next Fit was able to try different products on the market and experience their value.

Douglas Waltricke, the CEO of Next Fit talks about their experience with these tools:

We’ve tried 3 other products before going with UserGuiding. Overall, UserGuiding was the one with the best functionality and simplicity while also being affordable.”

With UserGuiding, Next Fit was able to replace onboarding video calls with interactive and automated user onboarding content that enabled each and every user on a personal level.

They were able to easily create a whole user onboarding flow and training material for each of their features.

And instead of video calls that could take up to an hour, they’ve split the user journey into different parts so users could go through their onboarding on their own pace.

With UserGuiding, we can split the user journey into parts for easier consumption. They log in, spend 10-20 minutes the first day setting up the basics. And the next day, they come back to set up another module, which is very convenient for them.“

By completely utilizing UserGuiding, they’re able to onboard users without any intervention from the sales team, which helps them cut costs and enables them to improve the overall user journey for their users.

Down the road, we really want to completely remove the sales team and video calls from the equation of onboarding. We’re observing for now, but with UserGuiding that seems possible.“

Visible growth with UserGuiding

Let’s talk numbers.

Next Fit has seen nothing but improvement after replacing their video calls with UserGuiding.

First off, the number of video calls they made reduced by almost 80%, since they onboarded every user with video calls before, and now they only have to video meet 20% of their users.

Also, in just a month after implementing UserGuiding for the complex feature we’ve mentioned before, they were able to reduce the number of support tickets by 50%; which means half the workload for customer support and half the confusion for their users.

And lastly, after a few months of implementing UserGuiding, they have doubled their customer base while the ticket count only increased by 15%.

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Decrease in demo calls
We’ve tried 3 other products before going with UserGuiding. Overall, UserGuiding was the one with the best functionality and simplicity while also being affordable.”

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