We are using UserGuiding to guide users around our new platform, provide them with guidance while they perform their daily tasks, train them and certify them once they have completed certain guides and hands-on experiences.”
Steven Friedman
South Africa
Package / Freight Delivery
RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers is a powerhouse in the South African courier industry. RAM is the only courier that doesn’t use subcontractors within the borders of South Africa. The Company has an unsurpassed track record of delivering parcels securely, intact and on-time.
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How RAM onboards employees and manages change with UserGuiding

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
min read
RAM was on the verge of digitally transforming their company, when they required a solution to onboard their couriers and other employees to their platform.
This solution needed to be at scale, and was supposed to be efficient in teaching and assisting employees as they adapted to the change.
They’ve used UserGuiding’s interactive guides and onboarding checklists to create an employee onboarding process that has made the process of change much easier.

RAM is a hand-to-hand courier service based in South Africa.

They provide local courier, distribution, international delivery, and warehousing services.

The company was founded in 1988 and has become one of the best South African courier services with over 40 branches and 1000 vehicles at their disposal, I’m not even counting the expert staff that is present in these branches.

Change was coming

Recently, RAM wanted to change all of their IT systems.

They wanted to be more agile and efficient at the same time, so, in the leadership of Steven Friedman, their Chief Information Officer, and an experienced transformational leader, they undertook a change project.

They have changed nearly everything in terms of their internal IT platforms. If you have read our guide to Change Management, you know that most change projects in organizations are doomed to fail and it is difficult to make change work, but not impossible.

And Friedman and his team had no intention to fail.

Adapting to the change for upper management is fairly easy, it is the hundreds of couriers and branch employees that need training to the new platform.

We are talking about thousands of people here that need to be onboard with the change in a matter of days if they wanted to continue their business operations without a hiccup.

There is also the case of new employees that will be hired in the future and need an introduction to the IT systems. Training each employee in-person wasn’t even an option.

RAM was aware of all these problems because they had experience in introducing new systems in the past.

They knew they needed a solution.

This solution had to help them both:

  • Train new and existing employees as quickly as possible,
  • Help all employees adapt faster to the upcoming changes without disrupting their operations.

They’ve found UserGuiding

After a short search, they have found UserGuiding and was satisfied with the results.

UserGuiding was highly useful to RAM and assisted them in their change management and employee training efforts.

Friedman said:

We are using UserGuiding to provide our users with guidance, train them and certify them once they have completed certain guides and hands-on experiences.”

Due to RAM being a delivery and courier service, it is not a centralized organisation.

It means that their units are distributed across the country and educating employees in person would cost them a big amount of resources and precious time.

We have only just started rolling out the new system. Due to our number of users and geographic dispersion, we do not have the luxury of getting users into a classroom for training. We have therefore decided to make use of UserGuiding as our online, just-in-time training tool.”

UserGuiding has provided RAM with the ability to create interactive product walkthroughs that are as effective as in-person training, maybe even more.

The way they used UserGuiding was also phenomenal.

For the employee onboarding they have created a character named Sam from RAM, and Sam was the person that explained the platform and the features.

This practice creates a more enjoyable and relatable experience that feels more like a conversation, which can result in an increase in user engagement.

Their platform walkthrough starts with a welcome and the introduction of Sam from RAM.

ram onboarding welcome

After that, Sam introduces the employee to the platform.

employee onboarding example

They also make use of the user onboarding checklist feature of UserGuiding, which can help give users a sense of progression.

ram onboarding checklist

Then Sam starts introducing the basic elements of UI.

ram onboarding important details

Sam also lets the user know he’s always there if they need help.

ram onboarding lighthouse

Then Sam walks the user over the Apps section, which consists of applications that will be used by the employees for various purposes.

After the brief product walkthrough, Sam says “Well done” and the employee gets their certification as an educated user of the new platform.

RAM’s onboarding is simple, and with the help of Sam from RAM, it certainly feels like an in-person training, that is automated.

With UserGuiding, RAM has eliminated the need for hands-on training, turning employee onboarding into an automated process.

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UserGuiding, as a no-code user onboarding platform, gives you the power to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive content that boosts user engagement and conversions.

In a matter of minutes, UserGuiding lets you can create:

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  • user onboarding checklists,
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  • and NPS surveys.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself.

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We are using UserGuiding to provide our users with guidance, train them and certify them once they have completed certain guides and hands-on experiences.”

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