We were having a hard time announcing some important news. We started to use UserGuiding's Resource Center widget and the announcement bar features, and now we can easily communicate with our users with tailored content.“
Cagri Sarigoz
Growth Marketing Manager @CitizenShipper
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CitizenShipper is a national online and mobile shipping marketplace that helps connect people who need things shipped locally or long distance with people who can do the shipping. Transport providers ‘bid’ on shipments in a reverse auction market. Transport providers are vetted by CitizenShipper and a community feedback system is used to further inform the customer. CitizenShipper partners with businesses looking to amplify their reach and revenue.
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How CitizenShipper increased activation rates by 25% with UserGuiding’s Resource Centers and in-app elements

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
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CitizenShipper’s success as a platform is directly correlated to the success of their partners, the drivers; to improve the success of the drivers, they wanted to more effectively and efficiently educate their users.
They’ve used UserGuiding’s interactive product tours to show the first time users of the platform around.
They’ve used UserGuiding’s Resource Centers feature to communicate news and educational material with their users.
With UserGuiding, they achieved a total of 25% increase in their activation rates.

CitizenShipper, an online shipping services marketplace, was having a hard time educating users in-app, and having them go between support tabs and the product itself both on mobile and desktop was becoming inefficient.

As with any product, platform, or service; your success is determined by how efficient your users in using your product.

And it’s difficult to achieve this if your product is not a one-stop experience, and users have to commute between support centers, knowledge base articles, and the platform itself.

Here’s how they fixed this problem, and achieved success and growth with UserGuiding:

Improving retention and activation, by yourself

As we’ve mentioned, the success of a product comes from how well its users use it.

▶ This means that your new users should be activated as early as possible in the user journey, meaning that they should learn how to achieve value and be assisted in achieving that value as many times as possible early.

▶ And, your existing users should stay active as long as possible, meaning that they will keep achieving value with your product for a long time and retain.

As a two-sided marketplace, having a stellar onboarding experience is our lifeblood: the customers get cold feet and leave your platform even when they experience the slightest difficulty with using the platform.”

The biggest challenge in achieving this loop of value, you can even call it a bump in your UX, is the point that they need to go off your product to learn how they can achieve value.

As a product owner, you need to develop a way to onboard, activate, and educate your users without asking them to leave the app, preferably something that holds their hand through their journey.

But even if all your training material is off your product, for example, Youtube videos that act as tutorials or support documents that are your user manuals, you need a way to gather all your resources in your product so users can access it easily.

So CitizenShipper needed both: an interactive way to onboard and engage users and an in-product element that they could showcase their additional resources. As Cagri from CitizenShipper puts it:

We value the training and onboarding of our drivers, that’s why we wanted to implement an in-app onboarding.”

Whether it is developing a new feature, attending to a bug, stabilizing the product, or adding new functions; a developer is certainly always busy.

Even if they aren’t, they should be.

Creating interactive elements on top of your product is a task that will require at least a few weeks of a developer if you choose to go in-house.

The problem here is that you might not have that time or just the patience. If you’re seeing a direct improvement to your UX that might improve your metrics tomorrow, why wait to be added to a sprint a few weeks later?

Our main challenge in creating onboarding content was that our developer team was always busy working on important product features so that’s why we started to look for a no-code tool for onboarding.”

Thanks to the no-code approach, we can today create products, additional UX elements, and basically do anything to some extent without any coding. And that’s what CitizenShipper needed at this moment.

They've found UserGuiding

After going through a few solutions, they’ve decided to go with UserGuiding.

With UserGuiding being a true no-code product, they were able to create user onboarding experiences for different segments and resource centers to gather all their resources in one place.

Let’s see how they turned their product into a one-stop experience for all their users with examples from CitizenShipper’s platform:

Creating a one-stop experience

CitizenShipper was able to create a one-stop experience for their users, by accomplishing 3 simple tasks (especially simple if you’re doing it with UserGuiding):

1- Onboarding desktop users

  • Initially, they’ve used UserGuiding to welcome desktop users to their platform with a guide that goes over the key elements and functions in their onboarding:

2- Onboarding mobile users

With UserGuiding’s detailed segmentation options, we were able to tailor the on-site onboarding experience for mobile and desktop browsers separately.”
  • A big percentage of their users also used the marketplace on mobile devices, so since the mobile UI was a little different from the desktop UI, they’ve easily created a separate mobile guide for their users as well.

3- Gathering all their resources in one place

We were having a hard time announcing some important news, or give a bunch of useful links in front of our users. We started to use UserGuiding’s Resource Center widget and the announcement bar features, and now we can easily communicate with our users with tailored content.”
  • They’ve used UserGuiding’s newest feature, Resource Centers, to create an in-app widget where they’ve put all their external resources and additional call-to-actions:

(keep in mind that you can also include your interactive guides and even checklists created with UserGuiding in the resource center)

So CitizenShipper transformed its platform into a one-stop experience, for drivers and shippers; and they’ve experienced the benefits of this transformation very soon:

Visible growth with UserGuiding

UserGuiding allowed us to better communicate our platform’s functionality without needing help from our development team. With interactive onboarding, we were able to increase our activation rates, and as a result, our conversion rates significantly.”

CitizenShipper has been using UserGuiding for a few months now:

With UserGuiding’s in-app elements and Resource Centers, CitizenShipper achieved a total of 25% increase in their activation rates:

  • In the “Drivers” segment, who are their main partners, they experienced 15% increased activation rate,
  • In the “Shippers” segment, who are the end-users, they experienced a 10% increased activation rate.

An increase in the activation rate, especially during the onboarding phase of a user, is going to significantly contribute to conversion rates and early-retention rates.

CitizenShipper is planning to roll out the Resource Centers for their mobile users as well, so users on every platform can benefit from being a one-stop experience.

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  • hotspots,
  • user onboarding checklists,
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Increase in activation rates
With UserGuiding’s detailed segmentation options, we were able to tailor the on-site onboarding experience for mobile and desktop browsers separately.”

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