With the help of UserGuiding, we have created a completely digital onboarding experience for our users. This way users can learn how the software works with the means of guides and hotspots.“
Sarah Amler
Digital Process and Marketing Manager @aclipp
Public Relations
aclipp is a PR analysis software that helps PR managers to store their work from various channels in one place, automatically enrich it with relevant KPIs and then optimize it based on the data. This allows the tool to show the value of PR in automatically generated reports and impact dashboards within seconds.
Created a digital user onboarding experience
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How aclipp created a digital user onboarding experience with UserGuiding’s interactive tours

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
min read
aclipp is an analysis software for PR managers that were onboarding users through video calls and support articles.
They wanted to introduce interactive content, so they tried a bunch of product tour software including Intercom, but none of them would work smoothly with their platform; until UserGuiding.
UserGuiding helped aclipp completely digitalize their user onboarding processes and scale their onboarding without huge costs.
They use UserGuiding’s product tours, hotspots, checklists, and resource centers to improve UX and boost adoption.

aclipp is a PR analysis software that enables communicators to measure the value of their work easily with individual KPIs. In addition, relevant reports and impact dashboards can be created with one click using the tool.

They used to onboard their customers through demo calls and support articles, which would require time and effort that could be better spent.

Now, they use UserGuiding; to easily create onboarding processes that work smoothly on their software.

Here’s how:

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Onboarding with video calls is not an option as you scale

As your business grows and the rate of new customers coming in increases, your options for user onboarding become more limited.

Especially if you are using video calls and sales demos to onboard users to your platform, the time and budget costs of user onboarding increase in correlation, which is not something you want as you scale.

The more users you have, the more calls you’ll have to take to catch up, and the more people you’ll need to hire to make this onboarding method efficient.

Plus, video calls that should be scheduled a few days in advance last around an hour on average. And once you add in the time users need to get oriented afterward, deployment time for your software increases, and time-to-value is greatly damaged.

You need an automated user onboarding process that will scale with your business with little extra cost in the long run, which is what aclipp was looking for.

Users just have to get it once, with practice

Another reason onboarding calls or videos don’t work is that software product users need to learn by doing, not by being told.

Using a software product is generally second nature to the majority of users, just like how you’re using your browser to scroll through this web page.

Even though for the first few hours of usage, we need to remind ourselves what to do, where to click, how to progress, etc.; once we get it, we go through each function without even thinking about it.

And especially for products that are based on a single repetitive function, the quicker and more efficient you teach this function, the better users will do with your product.

This was also the case for aclipp:

The way our software works is the same for all features, so if they got it once, they can use all the features fairly easily.”

So, instead of telling or showing your users how your product works, you need to guide and assist them as they use your product for the first time with interactive elements. There are various software on the market that provides such features, but:

The problem with most onboarding software

Not every user onboarding software that has interactive user onboarding elements will match your business’s needs.

Unless you come across the perfect solution for you, you should expect to go through a few products that just won’t work for you.

Sarah Amler, the Digital Process and Marketing Manager of aclipp who was responsible for creating and maintaining the user onboarding process of the software, tried different digital adoption software to meet their needs.

But, it took a while for them to find the right one:

“We have tested a lot of onboarding tools before we used UserGuiding but only UserGuiding has met all of our requirements and has worked absolutely smoothly ever since.”

They've found UserGuiding

UserGuiding worked perfectly with aclipp, and the tool’s different user onboarding elements could help them create the automated digital onboarding process they intended to.

Plus, creating interactive guides required minimal effort and no coding:

It’s a lot easier to create guides with UserGuiding than other onboarding software. The interface of UserGuiding is super-easy to use, and that’s a big plus.”

Here are some of the interactive content currently live on aclipp, created with UserGuiding:

▶ aclipp’s welcome modal that welcomes users into the app:

▶ One of aclipp’s interactive user guides triggered directly from their product onboarding checklist:

We use hotspots to make users aware of hidden features, the features that aren’t obvious when they first use our product. We can monitor through our UserGuiding dashboard that they’re being highly utilized by our users.”

▶ Several hotspots placed on hidden features and functionalities across aclipp’s UI:

We use the Resource Center to link guides or popular articles from our help center and our users can read through from directly in the app; so they have like a ‘little help center’ directly in the app which is really helpful.”

▶ Resource Center widget which lets users search and browse through aclipp’s knowledge base, created with UserGuiding:

▶ Interactive guide triggered from aclipp’s Resource Center:

What I like best about UserGuiding is the ease of creating onboarding content. With the Chrome extension, it works great and really fast.”

Visible growth with UserGuiding

With UserGuiding, aclipp drastically reduced users’ time-to-value and the cost of user onboarding in terms of time and money.

Now, they onboard users within minutes with an improved in-app experience.

Before UserGuiding, we would walk users through the product in 1-hour demo calls where we would screen share and show them how our product works. Now, with UserGuiding’s interactive product tours, they start using the product right away and we use automation to assist them.”

Ready to digitize your onboarding, just like aclipp did? 🚀

UserGuiding, as a no-code user onboarding platform, gives you the power to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive content that boosts user engagement and conversions.

In a matter of minutes, UserGuiding lets you can create:

  • interactive product tours,
  • tooltips,
  • hotspots,
  • user onboarding checklists,
  • in-app resource centers,
  • and NPS surveys.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself.

Created a digital user onboarding experience
It’s a lot easier to create guides with UserGuiding than other onboarding software. The interface of UserGuiding is super-easy to use, and that’s a big plus.”

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