I'm not a very technical person, UserGuiding was much more simple than Intercom and Userpilot, so after trying UserGuiding for a while I've decided to adopt it because it was simple to use and easy to set up.”
Hani Ghaith
Partner Success Manager @Sorted
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Sorted is Australia’s first all-in-one home services marketplace – allowing you to connect everything you need for your home, all in one place. With a few taps, you can hook up electricity, gas, internet, insurance, removalists and more in a single platform.
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How Sorted Services automated their user onboarding without coding, with UserGuiding

Selman Gokce
Content Marketing Lead
May 16, 2024
min read
Sorted Services were developing a new platform for the traders in their marketplace.
They wanted to automate a user onboarding process for this new platform.
They’ve used UserGuiding’s interactive user onboarding elements on the new platform. And after fine-tuning it, they’ve successfully automated the onboarding process for their new product.

Sorted Services is a remote home control platform where end-users can easily pay rents, bills, and buy utility services; while real-estate agencies and utility providers can offer their services and collect payments.

They have been using UserGuiding to easily automate their user onboarding of utility providers, in their newest platform “Trader Portal”.

Automating user onboarding, without coding?

Sorted Services was launching a new platform called “Trader Portal” for the utility traders.

As they were going to onboard a huge number of traders to this platform, they needed to automate the complete user onboarding experience in a way that it could produce the best results every time.

Automating processes without coding could be a great joke 10 years ago, but thanks to advanced products that embrace the no-code approach, there were a wide variety of products that could help Sorted Services create an automated user onboarding.

The first product they gave a try was Intercom, as they were already using Intercom for their customer support department. Intercom required a solid amount of effort and technical knowledge to integrate, so it was not an option.

After Intercom, they’ve tried Userpilot which didn’t meet their needs in terms of simplicity and usability, so they needed a better solution.

They’ve found UserGuiding

UserGuiding was the perfect solution for Sorted Services, as the people that were going to experiment with the onboarding process were non-technical and didn’t want to utilize the tools that weren’t simple enough.

They went ahead and gave UserGuiding a try in their new portal.

So we thought instead of trying it with the agency side let’s try it with the new product. We could test it, fine-tune it and bring it to the agency portal. Right now we’re testing it on the trader portal.”

Visible growth with UserGuiding

Sorted Services used UserGuiding to effectively automate the user onboarding process for the users of their new portal. Through this automation, they wanted these users to end up in key moments that could boost their product adoption.

And they’ve succeeded:

We want users to reach key points and get onboarded properly. UserGuiding helps us encourage our users to get to these key points.”

If you’re a non-technical person that wants to turn their product into a self-serve success, UserGuiding is the perfect product for you.

Ready to boost your product adoption, just like Sorted did? 🚀

UserGuiding, as a no-code user onboarding platform, gives you the power to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive content that boosts user engagement and conversions.

In a matter of minutes, UserGuiding lets you can create:

  • interactive product tours,
  • tooltips,
  • hotspots,
  • user onboarding checklists,
  • in-app resource centers,
  • and NPS surveys.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself.

Boost in product adoption
We want users to reach key points and get onboarded properly. UserGuiding helps us encourage our users to get to these key points.”

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