UserGuiding was the company that best fit in terms of cost-benefit for the amount of MAU we had. It was the best product both in terms of tools and value for money.”
Filipe Bertocco
Product Marketing Manager @Unico
Unico is a B2B company focused on digital identity and personal data security solutions. They provide products for different market sectors, and their clients include big banks and popular brands from Brazil.
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How Unico reduced customer onboarding time by almost 70%

Régis Zangirolami
Growth Marketing Specialist
May 16, 2024
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Unico needed to improve its communication strategy, increase user engagement and streamline customer onboarding.
With UserGuiding, they were able to better communicate with end users and streamline the deployment process for their solutions.
They also built a self-onboarding journey for smaller clients, which dramatically accelerated the overall process.
Unico was able to cut customer onboarding time by almost 70%, reducing costs and scaling processes.

Unico is a B2B company that positions itself in the market as an IDTech, focusing on digital identity solutions and personal data security, being considered the first and largest company in the sector in Brazil. Their goal is to provide solutions that simplify the lives of everyday people who use products from many different sectors, including retailers, airlines and financial institutions. Currently, four of the five largest banks in Brazil are Unico customers; also, the company works with seven of the 10 largest brands in Brazil.

In summary, Unico’s ecosystem of products seeks to eliminate bureaucracy, making the processes easier for both users and companies – always ensuring the security of user data, of course. Although they operate in different areas such as HR, education and vehicle negotiation, their solutions always have at least three points in common: identity verification and authentication, bureaucracy reduction and data security.

With the company’s rapid growth in recent years, Unico’s teams understood that they need to improve their onboarding process. They wanted not only to increase their ability to communicate with customers and improve engagement during the project implementation process, but also to speed up the onboarding process as a whole.

We wanted to increase our communication capacity and speed up the onboarding of our customers; the onboarding process has always been very expensive.”

Automating the onboarding process

Due to the complexity of Unico’s solutions and the specificities of customer demands, the company’s onboarding process has always been costly. Although they already had a dedicated onboarding team, many roles in the deployment process are split between the Product Marketing, Customer Success, and solution-specific teams.

In addition to the complexity of the solutions, the process itself demanded a lot of time from the stakeholders, which made the company’s operations difficult and costly. So it became clear that they needed to not only better organize their teams internally, but also streamline and accelerate the solution rollout.

When they adopted UserGuiding as a customer onboarding solution, the initial strategy was to create better communication with customers through onboarding guides to increase their engagement with the resources, ensuring that the message would reach the end user in a more clear and simple manner. This increased engagement alone would improve onboarding and accelerate deployment.

▶ Check out one of the onboarding guides that Unico created with UserGuiding:

unico guides
There are three main points: communication, engagement and acceleration of onboarding. We wanted an alternative that would make onboarding faster, more efficient and, obviously, cheaper.”

Creating a self-onboarding journey

Even though they improved customer engagement, Unico still struggled with manual onboarding. Previously, a project manager was assigned to implement each product; therefore, managers were responsible for deploying the solution from start to finish, customer by customer. In addition to being costly and time-consuming, manual onboarding is definitely not scalable.

After facilitating the onboarding process and automating the creation of material and guides, Unico’s teams used UserGuiding to create an entire self-onboarding journey for smaller clients, with less complex demands. This reduced costs and allowed managers in each area to focus more on companies that were more complex and harder to penetrate.

We were able to create a self-onboarding journey for clients with less complexity. This also reduced costs and allowed managers in each area to dedicate themselves more to companies that were more complex and more difficult to penetrate.”

Improving the communication with users

In addition to increasing engagement and accelerating the solution onboarding process, UserGuiding also helped Unico communicate directly with the end users of its products.

Prior to UserGuiding, teams at Unico maintained contact primarily with decision makers. However, there was always a communication barrier with the people that actually use their solutions. By working with corporate clients, end users of the products were often inaccessible, either because of the limitation of the communication channels or because they were simply not visible to the product and deployment teams.

Now, not only are Unico’s teams able to communicate the message clearly to end users, but they are also able to receive valuable feedback, which allows them to understand pain points and solve any potential problems.

▶ This is Unico’s Resource Center, created with UserGuiding:

unico resource center
With UserGuiding, I guarantee that the user will receive that communication when they’re using my product, they will know that we launched [that feature] they wanted, and their issue is now resolved.”

Segmenting customers to test new features

Another key point for Unico was UserGuiding’s segmentation and personalization capabilities. They realized they could take advantage of the solution to target communication, gather feedback more accurately, and test new features directly with customers who had initially experienced that pain point.

Instead of maintaining a unified communication channel with all customers, Unico started using the users’ email addresses to categorize processes, pass on information to certain customers and identify the source of specific problems – not only during the onboarding period, but throughout the entire user journey.

With UserGuiding, we can only talk to the company that requested [a feature], so I can invite them to use that feature. Also, communication is much easier. I can create a guided tour just for that specific user, for example.”

They've found UserGuiding

After realizing that they needed to improve their communication strategy, they went after an onboarding and digital adoption solution that would solve this problem in an easier, quicker and cheaper way. That’s when Filipe Bertocco, Product Marketing Manager at Unico, found UserGuiding.

I found UserGuiding and some competitors, and we saw that UG brought the solutions that we needed. It was the best product in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.”

How Unico reduced the onboarding time by almost 70%

Initially, Filipe wanted to solve two basic problems in the company: communication with customers and user engagement. With UserGuiding, Unico’s teams soon understood that they could solve a third problem: onboarding time.

Previously, the implementation of complex projects took about 55 working days; today this process takes 21 days. For smaller clients, who go through self-onboarding, the implementation now takes a week, whereas before it took at least 20 working days.”

Visible growth with UserGuiding

UserGuiding brought the automated and personalized onboarding revolution to Unico. It was possible to streamline the communication, facilitate the creation of onboarding material and create a complete self-onboarding journey. While the onboarding process itself was streamlined, the onboarding team took advantage of UserGuiding’s capabilities to gain efficiencies during the implantation of their products.

By combining its onboarding team with UserGuiding’s solutions, Unico increased the efficiency of the team, increased engagement with its customers and reduced the cost of onboarding. In addition to optimizing the time of managers and all personnel involved in the onboarding process, the self-onboarding journey allowed Unico to scale its business and deal with more customers at the same time, while focusing on the specific demands of each company.

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Decrease in customer onboarding time
I found UserGuiding and some competitors, and we saw that UG brought the solutions that we needed. It was the best product in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.”

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