In addition to the ease and accessability that UserGuiding provides, the fact that it is no-code was a huge advantage. We simply did the implementation through Tag Manager, and it's been much easier to manage.“
Bruno Arena
Product Designer @Assertiva
Financial Services
Assertiva offers different solutions to provide easier access to credit in Brazil. Their users can use the resources and functionalities of Assertiva’s different products through a modern and solid portal.
Reduced support calls by 80%
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How Assertiva reduced support calls by 80% with UserGuiding’s automated onboarding

Régis Zangirolami
Growth Marketing Specialist
May 16, 2024
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Most of Assertiva’s customers are not tech-savvy, which requires a more careful onboarding.
They wanted to automate the onboarding process to relieve their support and customer success teams.
In addition to automating the onboarding process, the company adopted UserGuiding’s NPS surveys to more accurately measure customer satisfaction.
They managed to reduce the number of support calls by 80%, reducing the burden on the CS team and increasing the scalability of the business.

Assertiva positions itself as the bridge between credit access and recovery in Brazil. The company understands that uncomplicated unification of solutions in a portal benefits not only its customers, but the entire ecosystem of solutions.

The company offers solutions related to strategic processes within a business cycle. Its customers access the resources through a service portal with safe and functional solutions that aim to bring more speed and peace of mind in the results for the companies.

They wanted to facilitate users’ access to the portal’s functionalities and make the offered solutions more intuitive. The main goal was to minimize support calls and relieve the customer service team.

Dealing with repetitive questions in support

Most user queries are similar, forcing the support team to deal with repetitive and basic questions about the product. Without an automated onboarding, customer success and support teams need to be mobilized early in the user journey, which greatly increases the cost of operation and limits the scalability of the business.

In the case of Assertiva, the platform has different access profiles on its portal, and each profile has a different form of access. There are profiles with full access and with limited access; administrators handle the process of registering groups, users and profiles, while an operator, for example, is not allowed to perform these tasks.

The need arose based on a demand from our customer service, which is the difficulty of creating groups, profiles and users within the portal. We had this difficulty and were looking for internal alternatives to solve it.”

Since most of its customers are not tech-savvy, the user education process is long, and everything was done manually. It was the responsibility of the CS team to do the initial onboarding process and teach admin users how to do certain basic tasks within the platform.

Our customer is usually not a heavy user, so some still feel some difficulty inside the portal. The CS team had to call, do the whole process, teach how to register users and create the access profile.”

Scaling the business with automated onboarding

Assertiva’s customers are used to contacting them by phone, so certain precautions must be taken. Many of the actions on screen require more detailed guidance, especially at the beginning of the journey.

This process became a bottleneck for the company, which depended on the team’s manual onboarding to welcome and educate its customers. Thanks to UserGuiding, the company adopted a more complete and automated onboarding process, which not only eased the support team’s workload, but also allowed the business to scale faster.

Building functional solutions with limited resources

In addition to the initial onboarding, Assertiva wanted to use the platform as a support so that the customer could access and understand the information on screen on their own. They realized that they could create a much more robust onboarding process to leave the user free to do whatever is necessary on the portal. However, they needed a no-code tool that made installing the platform and deploying features as easy as possible.

It's not easy to maintain a team with developers, leaders, POs, product designers, etc. Allocating that sprint time to this task would be too much work. Searching for some inspirations on how to make this flow, I found UserGuiding, and the proposal convinced me a lot.”

They’ve found UserGuiding

Thanks to UserGuiding, Assertiva’s design team was able to install and configure everything without relying on the development team. They implemented guides, modals and checklists to guide users, as well as NPS surveys to measure satisfaction. Even without much technical knowledge, the team was able to add elegant and fully functional tooltips and hotspots to the portal interface.

One of our pillars is the customer at the center, and that’s why the partnership with UserGuiding began. We wanted to facilitate access for our users and also increase their understanding of using our products to minimize calls. The design team enjoyed being able to use hotspots and tooltips. We have also already implemented the checklist in a few steps.”

Measuring customer satisfaction just got a whole lot simpler with UserGuiding

In addition to implementing the most common onboarding elements, such as guides, modals and hotspots, it was very important for Assertiva to be able to measure customer satisfaction with UserGuiding’s NPS surveys. This metric is critical to the business, and the previous solution did not meet their needs.

Assertiva not only started using NPS surveys that were tailored to its expectations and that provide accurate insights into user behavior and opinion regarding the solutions they offer, but they were also able to keep everything in the same product. With UserGuiding, it was possible to create all the onboarding flows, monitor the performance of the elements and even get satisfaction metrics for the solutions, all in the same place.

NPS is our biggest success metric at the company. UserGuiding made it easy to use the NPS feature, so having this metric makes our life a lot easier.”

Visible growth with UserGuiding

According to Bruno Arena, Product Designer at Assertiva, automating the onboarding process of the offered solutions led to an 80% drop in customer service tickets.

Not only has this reduced the burden on the Customer Success team, but it has also significantly increased the scalability of the business, as it is now possible to do initial onboarding for a large portion of customers using only the guides created with UserGuiding.

In addition, by using UserGuiding’s NPS survey feature, the company began to obtain more accurate customer success metrics and in a much more practical way, having access to onboarding flows and user reviews on the same platform.

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Decrease in support calls
NPS is our biggest success metric at the company. UserGuiding made it easy to use the NPS feature, so having this metric makes our life a lot easier.”

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