We needed a solution like UserGuiding since day one when we started onboarding new users. UserGuiding helped our users serve themselves by signing up without us being present, designing an exceptional user experience.”
Erdem Gelal
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How Flowla increased user activation rates by 24% with UserGuiding’s interactive UX elements

June 13, 2024
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Flowla is a sales enablement tool that needed to improve their onboarding process while eliminating user frustration in order to have a higher user activation rate in a limited amount of time.
They knew that they needed to simplify the onboarding process while making it more engaging for users to finish it.
After trying a few in-house methods, they realized that what they needed was a more functional tool to guide them through the whole process hand in hand.
Using UserGuiding’s product tours and tooltips features, Flowla eliminated user frustration during onboarding and improved its user activation rate by 24%.

Flowla is a sales enablement tool that needed to increase its user activation rates to see better numbers after users interact with the product for the first time since unguided users left without editing, saving, and sharing their final product.

They’ve used UserGuiding, specifically the product tours and tooltips features, to increase the activation rates by 24%.

Here’s the story behind their success and highlights from our interview with Flowla’s CEO and co-founder, Erdem Gelal:

The issue of product interaction right after sign-up

What happens after users sign up?

Most of the time, they are left alone - unguided.

That’s exactly what Flowla experienced after the sign-up process when the users were rather alone without any assistance.

This triggered the creation of a hands on onboarding process because Flowla knew that the time users spent interacting with the product was more important than anything.

You never get a second chance to make that first-time experience better. So it has to count.”

Continuing onboarding users on their own during one-on-ones, they noticed that this would be time-consuming as they started attracting more and more users, which would require all the agents to allocate their time to onboarding new users.

They immediately considered finding an alternative that could smoothly automate the onboarding process so they could onboard users 24/7.

This alternative would act as a bridge to match users with corresponding templates during the onboarding process and hinder users from thinking that the product itself is complex enough to make them quit without giving it a try.

When we're present and onboarding people, it makes a huge difference. So, we had to find a tool that would be as good without us being involved. We thought a guide that matches users with the templates would be the right way to go.”

Crucial changes in UI coming up right before launch…

Trying to find a solution, another difficulty barged in: They needed to change the whole sign-up process and the template selection just before the Product Hunt launch.

They needed to spend time on a whole new UI with different elements to greet users with new sign-up and template sections while planning the upcoming launch.

As they focused on this task, they realized that not only did the new users need to adopt their new solution but also the existing users needed to understand these updates in a short time.

Or they’d see drops in user engagement without proper rollout.

What’s the next step?

We tried to build our own onboarding checklist, yet we didn't get the results we were aiming for.”

Firstly, they tried going in-house by creating an onboarding checklist, but it didn’t yield the best results, even though they spent too much time creating it.

That wasn’t all… since it also required even more effort to maintain.

Eventually, they decided that this element should be a native part of the signup process.

We were out shopping around for another solution, and we had a time cap for us.”

With the Product Hunt launch coming closer, they knew they needed a solution that would be easy to set up, implement, and use. Within a limited amount of time, they needed to come up with a solution that automates and accelerates the onboarding process.

Just as we were planning for the Product Hunt launch, we changed our whole sign-up process and how users select a template. That’s when we said that it was the perfect time to adopt a tool that’s fast enough to run in a couple of days.”

This solution would not only have an instant wow effect on users but also eliminate the need for manual work every time a user signs up; for example, an interactive guide would assist new users in understanding the basics while the existing users could adapt to the newly-made changes better.

Erdem stated that they tried in-house and another solution to help them simplify the onboarding experience with multiple elements, but one caught their eye:

They’ve found UserGuiding

They came across UserGuiding and immediately saw how they could benefit from it for the template-matching process.

As it was a fast-to-implement solution, they were able to prepare and run everything a couple of days before the launch.

We started using UserGuiding to guide the users and display them how they could create their first flow. Even that alone improved our activation rates.”

With UserGuiding’s segmentation feature, they started matching users with templates based on their use cases by making use of product tours.

For example, a salesperson whose use case is closing enterprise deals was provided with an enterprise sales template, while a customer success specialist saw guides for creating a client onboarding portal. - all based on user attributes.

Moreover, they benefited from UserGuiding’s advanced targeting feature when it came to offering unique experiences, which surely affected personalization in a positive sense for their user base.

Managing the matching process, UserGuiding showed the users who had just signed up where to find templates to select and how to create their first flow via a product tour: 👇

Once they utilized product tours to encourage users to click on specific items during their first time trying the product, they moved on to the second part, which included activation: users sharing their first flow.

Things get a little messy here because changing between modes in this section can overwhelm users; that’s why Flowla opted for using a tooltip that shows users how to switch to the edit mode and how to edit—basically, showing them around the product.

Thanks to UserGuiding…

Flowla increased its user activation rates by 24% by adding product tour feature and tooltips feature into the onboarding process.

With the product tour feature, Flowla managed to guide users through the onboarding process they wished to create, helped them not miss a single step or element, and matched users with corresponding templates.

Tooltips, on the other hand, enabled user activation for Flowla by differentiating the two modes for users to finish editing their work and share it at the end.

In the end, UserGuiding stood out by being the quickest solution to pick up and implement, which was what Flowla needed with an urgent launch coming up.

UserGuiding, as a no-code user onboarding platform, gives you the power to eliminate the need for developers in creating interactive content that boosts user engagement and conversions.

In a matter of minutes, UserGuiding lets you can create:

  • interactive product tours,
  • tooltips,
  • hotspots,
  • user onboarding checklists,
  • in-app resource centers,
  • and NPS surveys.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself.

Increased user activation rate
We started using UserGuiding to guide the users and display them how they could create their first flow. Even that alone improved our activation rates.”

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