8 Experrto Alternatives to Try for Better Onboarding

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    Home / SaaS / 8 Experrto Alternatives to Try for Better Onboarding

    A tool called ”Experrto” might sound like it's professional, right?

    Not this one, though.

    Although it is a capable tool, I didn’t really feel the ‘’expertise’’ while I was trying Experrto out, and I wanted to share my experiences with you.

    So in this article, I will:

    • Discuss why you might need an alternative to it,
    • Talk about the best alternatives to Experrto,


    • UserGuiding - Product adoption tool with many features to support onboarding. No-code, offers customization, and adjustable MAU pricing.
    • Intercom - Customer service platform with onboarding capability. Has an AI assistant.
    • Appcues - Product adoption-focused features like onboarding, hotspots, and tooltips. Provides mobile app support, too.
    • Whatfix - Digital adoption platform for web, desktop, and mobile. Has an AI assistant.
    • Pendo - Focuses on product analysis with an in-depth analytics section. Has an AI assistant.
    • Userlane - Has a user-friendly interface and close features. Focuses on onboarding.
    • Intro.js - Open-source library for a lifetime subscription. Offers product tours and guides.
    • Shepherd Pro - Open-source application with product tours for monthly subscriptions.

    What Experrto Does Well

    1- Editor

    Experrto allows you to enable them through Google Chrome as an extension, and it comes with its own benefits.

    For example, it makes it easier to use as you can see your changes and test them out live.

    Via the editor, you can check the elements you want to configure, select them, add onboarding materials, and create a sequence for your users to follow.

    2- Statistics

    Experrto has a statistics section that displays the key scales that measure the effectiveness of your onboarding.

    This dashboard includes the number of impressions, completed steps, and conversions.

    You can check these detailed statistics to see the ups and downs in impressions, understand why users leave some steps undone, and prepare a better roadmap based on these findings.

    Drawbacks of Experrto

    1- Language

    Experrto is an onboarding tool whose origins are in Russia, so it's not shocking that all of its content is in Russian.

    On its global website, this tool offers screenshots for in-app elements, yet the complications start as only a limited amount of images show an English UI.

    Deducting from the fact that it doesn't have an English knowledge base with help articles, its customer support team might not provide help in English for a global audience.

    2- Reliability

    Just like Experrto lacks English content, there is one more aspect that it falls short: reliability.

    Experrto isn't on any of the software websites that you know; no G2, Trust Radius, or Capterra accounts...

    In addition to having zero reviews that you can check and no authority online, it stopped publishing release notes at the beginning of 2022.

    In other words, Experrto might already be an outdated tool.

    8 Best Experrto Alternatives

    1- UserGuiding - best for those looking for a product adoption tool with more diverse and powerful features

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.7/5 (51 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (227 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.2/10 (4 reviews)

    UserGuiding is a product adoption platform that enables you to take it to the next level.

    With features that enable you to understand user behavior and positively impact user experience, this tool aims to increase customer loyalty and company revenue.

    UserGuiding Features

    • Onboarding Checklists
    • Product Tours
    • Resource Centers
    • Segmentation
    • Analytics
    • Customization
    • In-App Surveys
    • Knowledge Base
    • Tooltips
    • Hotspots
    • Announcement Modals
    • NPS Surveys
    • Product Updates


    UserGuiding enables you to adjust the number of MAUs. The pricing plans on a yearly basis for 2,500 MAUs entail:

    • Basic: $89/month.
    • Professional: $249/month.
    • Corporate: Custom quote.

    UserGuiding vs Experrto

    Experrto's onboarding materials include only tooltips and popup windows. Meanwhile, unlike Experrto, UserGuiding has a wide range of features, from product tours to hotspots, to guide users through any process without any difficulty.

    Experrto has a statistics section that allows you to examine crucial onboarding numbers. UserGuiding's analytics dashboard takes this one step further and empowers you with actionable insight on completion, view, and abandon rates based on the performance of your onboarding content.

    Even though Experrto has some features to back up your users throughout onboarding, it doesn't have all of the features and benefits that UserGuiding does. For example, it lacks segmentation, goal tracking, and A/B testing, forcing you to use a third-party tool for your customer engagement needs.

    In terms of pricing, UserGuiding has a scalable approach with adjustable MAU (Monthly Active Users) pricing, starting from $89 for 2,500 MAUs. Experrto, on the other hand, has a limited free plan for 500 MAUs, requires $163 for 5,000 MAUs, and has a custom-quoted plan for unlimited MAUs.

    Feature Experrto UserGuiding
    Pricing (MAU) Free (<2,500) $89
    G2 Rating Not available 4.6
    Guides No Yes
    Hotspots No Yes
    Tooltips Yes Yes
    Checklists No Yes
    Resource Center No Yes
    NPS No Yes
    Surveys No Yes
    In-App Announcements No Yes
    User Activity Feed Yes Yes
    Segmentation No Yes
    In-App Localization No Yes
    Product Analytics No Yes
    Product Updates Page No Yes
    Integrations Few Integrations Available Numerous Integrations Available

    2- Intercom - best for those looking for a customer service tool with onboarding ability

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (1,055 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.5/5 (2,998 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 8.8/10 (657 reviews)

    Intercom is a customer service platform for delivering excellent customer experiences.

    In addition to this aspect, this tool has an interactive user onboarding ability to guide users the right way.

    Intercom Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Checklists
    • Resource Center
    • NPS
    • Banners
    • In-App Announcements
    • Knowledge Base
    • AI Assistant
    • A/B Testing


    Intercom's pricing plans on a monthly basis entail:

    • Essential: $39/month per seat.
    • Advanced: $99/month per seat.
    • Expert: $139/month per seat.

    Intercom vs Experrto

    Between Intercom and Experrto, Intercom is a tool with more features that you can use for various use cases, including customer messaging. For example, this tool has features like an inbox, help center, and workflows, which are mediums for use cases other than onboarding and adoption.

    Of course, a tool with this many capabilities comes with a price. Intercom offers its services for a higher price than Experrto, as it accepts monthly payments for each seat, while the latter allows unlimited users if you're on a paid plan.

    Neither of these tools passes with flying colors for onboarding elements since Experrto has only two components: tooltips and pop-up windows. Meanwhile, Intercom allows you to utilize product walkthroughs, tooltips, hotspots, and banners, which are less than what other onboarding tools offer.

    3- Appcues - best for those looking for an easy-to-implement tool with mobile app support for onboarding

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.8/5 (102 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (305 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.1/10 (27 reviews)

    Appcues is a product adoption platform that serves your onboarding needs as well.

    Through personalized onboarding, this tool aims to increase conversions, improve adoption, and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Appcues Features

    • Drag-and-Drop Builder
    • Guides
    • Checklists
    • Tooltips
    • Hotspots
    • Product Tours
    • A/B Testing
    • Segmentation
    • Events Explorer


    Appcues' pricing plans on a yearly basis entail:

    • Essentials: $249/month (2,500 MAU).
    • Growth: $879/month (2,500 MAU).
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Appcues vs Experrto

    Starting with the pricing, Appcues is more expensive than Experrto, as it requires $299 for 5,000 MAUs on its basic plan. Meanwhile, Experrto is $164 for the same amount of users on its standard plan.

    In terms of onboarding materials, Experrto has only a few features you can use to onboard users to your platform: tooltips and popup windows. Appcues, on the other hand, has features like guides, hotspots, and checklists.

    What's more, Appcues has an Event Explorer feature that allows you to analyze user events and create dashboards for tracking, covering the reporting and analytics aspects altogether. Meanwhile, Experrto only has a statistics section for onboarding process metrics.

    4- Whatfix - best for those looking for a digital experience tool for web and mobile applications

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.6/5 (77 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (328 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.4/10 (36 reviews)

    Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that shows your users around on the web, desktop, and mobile.

    Capable of creating interactive guides and personalized onboarding, this tool facilitates the process of product adoption.

    Whatfix Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Tooltips
    • Product Tours
    • Onboarding Checklists
    • In-App Announcements
    • AI Assistant
    • Product Analytics
    • Surveys
    • NPS


    Whatfix has three plans with custom MAUs (Monthly Active Users); please contact Whatfix's sales team for further information.

    Whatfix vs Experrto

    Whatfix enables you to create interactive product walkthroughs that display the main points you want to highlight, while Experrto allows you to build an onboarding process with limited elements. Whatfix can engage users more effectively than Experrto.

    While Whatfix offers exquisite customer support by coming up with tailored solutions, it's vague whether Experrto offers customer service in English (or any other language than Russian) on the spot.

    Comparing the features that these tools have, Experrto has a limited amount of features, while Whatfix has more diverse features for simplifying the read, write, and do practices, such as an AI Assistant.

    5- Pendo - best for those looking for an application experience tool with great product analytics capabilities

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.6/5 (77 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (328 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.4/10 (36 reviews)

    Pendo is an application experience tool that excels at product analytics thanks to its comprehensive analytics section.

    With Pendo, you'll be able to get valuable insights on each crucial metric throughout users' digital experience and accelerate your decision-making process.

    Pendo Features

    • Analytics
    • In-App Guides
    • Session Replay
    • Feedback
    • Roadmaps
    • Pendo AI


    Pendo has four plans with custom MAUs (Monthly Active Users); please contact Pendo's sales team for further information.

    Pendo vs Experrto

    Starting with pricing, Pendo doesn't have transparent pricing. Compared to Experrto, which has a free plan for up to 500 MAUs, you could try it along with Pendo's free trial to understand which one fits your onboarding needs better.

    What Pendo has, but Experrto lacks, is in-depth analytics, which allows you to collect data, segment your users, and assign onboarding materials based on the segments you create.

    Another feature that Experrto doesn't have, but Pendo does, is surveys (which are important for user satisfaction). These surveys help you improve the product experience based on the responses you get from your users.

    6- Userlane - best for those looking for a user-friendly platform with more onboarding elements

    • Capterra ⭐ 4.5/5 (47 reviews)
    • G2 ⭐ 4.6/5 (391 reviews)
    • TrustRadius ⭐ 9.9/10 (5 reviews)

    Userlane is a digital adoption platform that focuses not only on users but also on employees.

    For example, this tool enables you to support your employees by providing them with proper training.

    Userlane Features

    • Guides
    • Hotspots
    • Checklists
    • In-App Announcements


    Userlane doesn't have transparent pricing; thus, please contact Userlane's sales team for further information.

    Userlane vs Experrto

    Userlane and Experrto have something in common: Both offer a limited amount of features. While Experrto offers tooltips and popup windows for onboarding, Userlane also includes guides and checklists.

    In addition to onboarding materials, Userlane has in-app announcements to communicate information and push feature adoption. Experrto, on the other hand, only includes features for onboarding activation.

    On being user-friendly, Userlane has a robust UI that first-time users can easily set up and create their interactive tours. The same aspect is a little unclear since it might not even support some instructions in English, as the product was first introduced to the Russian audience and then localized.

    7- Intro.js - best for those looking for an easy-to-use open-source solution for product tours and guides

    • GitHub ⭐ 22.6K
    • Capterra ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • G2 ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • TrustRadius ⭐ It isn't on the platform.

    Intro.js is an open-source application that supports your onboarding efforts.

    Through the JavaScript library, you can build, design, and maintain custom onboarding tours for your users.

    Intro.js Features

    • Product Tours
    • Guides


    Intro.js' pricing plans for lifetime entail:

    • Starter: $9.99
    • Business: $49.99
    • Premium: $299.99

    Intro.js vs Experrto

    The biggest difference between Intro.js and Experrto is their source codes, as the former is open-source while the latter is closed-source. Naturally, using Intro.js means that developers can edit, add elements, and customize them freely. Experrto, as a closed-source application, won't allow you to code it but will let you use the platform as it is.

    What they share is that both tools have limited features for onboarding. For example, Experrto has tooltips and popup windows to use for onboarding, while Intro.js has product tours and guides for the same concept.

    Another difference is regarding the pricing: Intro.js offers its services for a lifetime when bought, while Experrto requires monthly or yearly subscriptions.

    8- Shepherd Pro - best for those looking for an open-source platform to build product tours that are highly customizable

    • GitHub ⭐ 12.9K
    • Capterra ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • G2 ⭐ It isn't on the platform.
    • TrustRadius ⭐ It isn't on the platform.

    Shepherd Pro is an open-source library that enables you to build product tours to familiarize your users with your product.

    As a tool that enables you to change the source code, you can make any changes to your product tours via coding.

    Shepherd Pro Features

    • Product Tours


    Shepherd Pro's pricing plans entail:

    • Alpha: $0/month.
    • Enterprise: Custom quote.

    Shepherd Pro vs Experrto

    Shepherd Pro and Experrto have one distinct element: Shepherd Pro is an open-source library that you can customize, while Experrto is a closed-source application that you can utilize.

    As an open-source library, Shepherd Pro requires a developer to maintain the platform; however, this also gives you the freedom to build a product tour and customize it however you wish. It isn't the same case for Experrto, as it allows you to customize the onboarding process within the options it displays.

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