How Zakeke improves Conversion Rate through user-tailored onboarding processes with UserGuiding







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Zakeke is a visual product customizer that uses UserGuiding to improve their conversion rates through user-tailored onboarding, interactive onboarding material, and user segmentation.

“Very easy to install, very easy to use.”

Merchants and e-commerce owners integrate Zakeke with their stores and use it to make their products customizable.

End-users can personalize products in 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality (AR) before purchasing them. It is a cloud-based scalable tool that works with any product and any store.

Help the right users, at the right time, with the right features

Zakeke serves shop owners from various platforms, that have different needs.

Yes, the end-purpose might be to add customization options to their products, but the steps taken for this purpose are different on each platform. With a one-fits-all approach as their User Experience, Zakeke was likely to have a low conversion rate due to unsatisfied and poorly onboarded users.

But they were aware of the problem, knowing that they needed to go further and evaluate different scenarios for different user segments, especially during their onboarding.

To make the initial onboarding process as convenient as possible for users, they had to make sure each user is onboarded according to their needs. As the Chief Operating Officer of Zakeke, Carlo Dalessandro says:

“We needed to make it easy for users to onboard; find the right features they need and give the right help in the right moment.”

Sounds like a few-weeks long job for the development team, right?

Not really.

Creating user onboarding experiences is traditionally the product of UX and development departments, yet it shouldn’t be.

With the advancements in no-code technologies, you are no longer dependant on developers. That’s why, in recent years, companies, including Zakeke, prefer no-code user onboarding platforms such as UserGuiding, where they can create entire user onboarding processes in minutes, over in-house development.

They’ve found UserGuiding

After a brief search for a user onboarding solution, Zakeke adopted UserGuiding in hopes of creating better onboarding processes that result in higher conversion rates.

They have been using UserGuiding for 6 months and utilizing different features to get the most out of it.

First off, with UserGuiding’s User Guides and In-App Messages, they were able to create interactive user onboarding processes for different types of users. Through UserGuiding’s User Segmentation feature, they grouped different segments of users to have them go through experiences tailored for them.

Here’s what Zakeke’s onboarding process looks like, from the perspective of a Shopify Store owner:

  • Here is Zakeke’s initial product tour with UserGuiding:
  • Here is a tooltip they’ve used on the “3D preview and AR” feature, on the sidebar with UserGuiding:
  • Here is a hotspot where they transmit important information about the functionality of a feature with UserGuiding:
  • Here is an app-message where they explain a few points about Printful Integration with UserGuiding:

And they do all this, without any coding.

At Zakeke, any of the material you’ve seen above are created without any coding thanks to UserGuiding.

Visible Growth with UserGuiding

After adopting UserGuiding, Zakeke has seen improvements in their Conversion Rates, and they hope to see further increase as they analyze and improve their onboarding processes.

On the side, they see benefits such as decreases in support tickets related to the functionality of the product.

UserGuiding is the perfect product for both technical people that want to save time and non-technical people trying to get things into their own hands while creating the best interactive onboarding processes possible.

With UserGuiding, you can create interactive product walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, hotspots, feature highlights, NPS surveys, and interactive help centers easily. Also, whenever there is a new feature or an update, you can change your onboarding elements with a few clicks.

Interesting, right?

You can improve user onboarding with UserGuiding as well.


  • Zakeke is a product that can be utilized by a diverse customer base, where every user needs to take different steps to get value from the product.
  • Because of this, they needed a way to onboard every user according to their needs and motives.
  • Also, since their development team was always swamped up, they needed to do this without coding.
  • They’ve used UserGuiding’s no-code guides and segmentation feature to onboard each user in a tailored way, without any coding.

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