Top 13 Product Experience Platforms for Product and Growth People

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    As growth teams and product teams, I know you already have A LOT on your plates.

    You want to ensure that, throughout their customer journeys, your customers have a seamless experience with your product and services at each and every touch point.

    From product onboarding to the post-purchase processes and beyond. 

    That's why you need organized work environments where you can find all the digital assets, user feedback, and customer demands, and where you can control different digital channels as well as all customer & product data, from feature engagement scores to conversion rates or other product adoption KPIs. 

    A.K.A., product experience platforms specifically tailored to meet your needs.

    Here are the top 17 product experience platforms that can help you streamline workflows, gather actionable insights, track user behavior, personalize user experiences, and run A/B tests!


    • Bloomreach - For tailored recommendations and personalization
    • UserGuiding - For personalized in-app guidance and engagement
    • Adobe Experience Manager - For content and asset management 
    • Qualtrics - For understanding market trends and customer experience
    • OpenText Experience Platform CXM - For customer journey touchpoints analysis
    • Liferay Digital Experience Platform - For digital portals and intranets
    • Heap - For user behavior analytics and dashboards
    • Salsify - For digital asset management
    • Productboard - For tracking trending topics/segments and creating live roadmaps
    • On24 - For organizing webinars, product demos, virtual seminars, and stakeholder meetings
    • Ruptive - For dynamic user personas and live journey maps
    • Optimizely - For feature experimentation and A/B tests
    • Netcore Cloud - For e-mail marketing and behavioral analytics

    1- Bloomreach

    bloomreach product experience platform

    Nowadays, everyone's talking about the importance of personalization for customer loyalty

    The more a company tailors their recommendations, from blog content to product, according to the users' previous searches and purchases, the more likely it is to get positive customer feedback. 

    ⚠️ According to recent market studies, 66% of organizations believe that personalization decreases Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). 

    Here's where Bloomreach comes in! 

    Best Features 

    ➡️ AI-driven product discovery -a.k.a. personalization engine- allows companies to offer highly relevant and engaging customer experiences.

    ➡️ With Bloomreach's robust analytics and reporting capabilities, companies can measure the effectiveness of their digital channels and optimize their strategies accordingly.

    ➡️ Bloomreach enables teams to schedule the launch of individual pages as well as campaigns so that everything goes online at the perfect time. 

    bloomreach product experience software


    ✔️ Real-time data processing 

    ✔️ Plug and play use cases 

    ✔️ Omnichannel experience management 


    ➖ The platform requires a certain level of technical expertise to operate and maintain a system.

    ➖ Some users state that the implementation can be time-consuming. 

    ➖Depending on the number of customers and the size of the product catalog, it can be costly. 


    Bloomreach offers different prices based on the needs of their customers, there are no fixed pricing plans. You need to request pricing info from them. 

    2- UserGuiding -For personalized in-app guidance and engagement

    UserGuiding is a powerful no-code product adoption tool that enables you to improve your users' onboarding experience and drive more engagement to your new features.

    You can create interactive product tours, tooltips, onboarding checklists, resource centers, NPS surveys, and more, all with advanced analytics and customizable user segments.

    userguiding product experience tool
    Here's a product walkthrough created with Userguiding!

    UserGuiding Best Features

    ➡️ With UserGuiding's brand-new localization feature, you can now easily provide onboarding materials in different languages. 

    ➡️ Analytics dashboard shows which onboarding elements work best and which ones do not get much interaction, thus making it possible for you to understand customer tendencies and optimize your onboarding processes accordingly. 

    ➡️ Not all users are the same. UserGuiding helps you to use these differences for your favor with its segmentation feature: You can create different onboarding flows based on your user personas. 

    ➡️ You can announce new features, policy updates, special deals, black Friday campaigns -or any other information you want to share with your users- by using announcement modules.

    When it comes to certain things, relying on fate is not an option, or in this case, relying on user actions. 

    product experience platform userguiding
    Here's an example announcement message created with UserGuiding.


    ✔️ A user-friendly UI, much easier to navigate around compared to other products available in the market. 

    ✔️ Real zero-coding experience -all you need to do is to install a Chrome extension!

    ✔️ Offers free migration services to minimize switching costs. 

     P.S. There's a 14-day free trial period, too. 


    ➖ Doesn't support native mobile apps at the moment. 

    ➖ As it's mainly an onboarding tool, the analytics features and integrations with other analytics platforms can be limited for some enterprises. 


    (Billed Yearly)

    • Basic Plan: $89/Mo
    • Professional Plan: $389/Mo
    • Corporate Plan: $689+/Mo

    3- Adobe Experience Manager 

    Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful and versatile content management platform that enables companies to create, manage, and deliver content across multiple channels.

    adobe experience manager best product experience platforms

    Best Features

    ➡️ With Adobe's award-winning learning management system (LMS), you can not only engage your customers but also educate your partners and employees. 

    ➡️ The platform offers a unified and cloud-based solution; therefore, it eliminates the need for separate vendors and separate tools. 

    ➡️ Adobe Experience Manager's analytics and reporting features provide insights into customer behavior, content performance, and marketing effectiveness, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and improve their ROI.


    ✔️ It offers various features for content management and digital asset management.

    ✔️ Adobe Experience Manager integrates with other Adobe Marketing Cloud products, such as Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, and creates a smooth and compatible work environment. 

    ✔️ Adobe Experience Manager's form features offer end-to-end digital enrolment and communications in one solution.


    ➖ It has a complex structure and UI.

    ➖ It's expensive 💸💸

    ➖The platform can be overwhelming to new users, but training resources are available.


    Adobe offers different prices based on the needs of their customers, there are no fixed pricing plans. You need to request pricing info from them.

    4- Qualtrics XM Platform 

    qualtrics xm platform best product experience platforms

    Qualtrics is an experience management platform that helps product managers to understand market trends and track competitors so that they can prioritize product features and updates accordingly. 

    Best Features

    ➡️ Qualtrics enables product managers to segment their users and analyze how each group reacts to products and messages separately. 

    ➡️ With the concept testing feature, you can test new features in real time. 

    ➡️ Qualtrics enables users to create custom surveys and questionnaires.

    ➡️ The platform's reporting features provide customizable dashboards and visualizations. 


    ✔️ Simple drag-and-drop user interface.

    ✔️ Qualtrics offers additional services such as engineering services and customer success services if needed.

    ✔️ Powerful integration options with 3rd party tools and platforms. 


    ➖ It can be had to get the hang of it in the beginning.

    ➖ The logic systems in the survey feature can be messed up real quick. 

    ➖ Reporting capabilities are limited to graphs. 


    Contact the sales team to learn more about the pricing. 

    5- OpenText Experience Platform CXM 

    opentext experience platform cxm product experience tool

    OpenText Experience Platform CXM is the perfect DXP if you want to track, manage, and resolve customer issues while also gathering actionable user insights. 

    The platform provides a customizable and scalable solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, as well as integrations with 3rd party tools and platforms. 

    Best Features

    ➡️ The platform offers a comprehensive set of features for case management, knowledge management, and agent productivity.

    ➡️ It provides a comprehensive set of analytics and reporting features that make it easy to track and measure customer service performance and identify areas for improvement.

    ➡️ It provides single-source data for all customers across all engagement touchpoints. 

    ➡️ It offers archive and retrieval services for transactional or marketing data. 


    ✔️ The platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. 

    ✔️ Their partnership with Google for an expanded cloud platform, big data, analytics, and personalization capabilities can come in handy.

    ✔️ Users state that the platform is beneficial for handling large volumes of data.


    ➖ Some customers experience longer wait times for customer service to solve a problem.

    ➖ There's a lot of room for customization, but the development effort it requires is very high.

    ➖ The platform doesn't have very detailed documentation and education materials available to new customers. 


    Contact OpenText to learn more about pricing; there are no fixed pricing plans.

    6- Liferay Digital Experience Platform 

    You feel ready for the digital transformation but don't know how to start?

    Don't worry, Liferay got you.

    Liferay DXP is a platform where you can create intranets, various digital portals, as well as personalized content. 

    liferay digital experience platform product experience platform

    Best Features

    ➡️ You can encourage additional purchases with the smart recommendations feature. 

    ➡️ With partner portals, Liferay enables companies to offer automated approval workflows to their partners

    ➡️ You can create customer portals, such as knowledge bases and customer forums, enabling customers to find solutions to their problems much faster. 

    ⚠️ According to Liferay's research, 81% of customers try to solve their problems on their own before asking for help. 


    ✔️ Perfect for mobile design.

    ✔️ Liferay provides a lot of additional resources, such as e-books, articles, and white papers about digital transformation. 

    ✔️ It's an open-source platform.

    P.S. It also offers a 30-day free trial!


    ➖ It's costly 💸💸

    ➖ Requires a certain level of technical expertise.

    ➖ Some integrations and features do not have enough documentation. 


    Contact Liferay sales reps to get up-to-date info about the pricing. 

    7- Heap 

    heap product experience platform

    Be a product manager or the VP of growth, you cannot take a step without fully understanding your customers' journeys.

    You want to improve conversion rates, decrease churn, and keep your customers loyal to you?

    You need to find out what makes them happy and what pushes them away. 

    And with that, Heap can help you!

    Best Features

    ➡️ Heap collects user data not only from your website but also from your mobile app; thus, it eliminates blind spots. 

    ➡️ The platform offers user behavior analytics to understand customers and their decisions. 

    ➡️ You can replay a user's session and see what went wrong during their shopping experiences. 


    ✔️ Visual analytics and dashboarding. 

    ✔️ Excellent customer service. 

    ✔️ They offer training sessions. 


    ➖ As the platform records every action of every customer, data storage can be tricky. 

    ➖ It's hard and a little bit time-consuming to set up in the beginning. 


    Heap offers 4 different plans to their customers: free plan, growth plan, pro plan, and premier plan. 

    Get in contact with the sales team to learn more about the professional plans' prices. 

    8- Salsify 

    salsify product experience platform

    Salsify is a Product Experience Platform (PXP) that enables its customers to manage and optimize their digital assets, products, and online content. 

    Best Features

    ➡️ You can apply formulas to customize content at a larger scale. 

    ➡️ Salsify offers onboarding solutions for suppliers.

    ➡️ With Salsify, you can monitor external market changes and respond quickly. 


    ✔️ Reduces time to market

    ✔️ Inventory management. 

    ✔️ Great to store all product content, visuals, and information. 


    ➖ The platform sometimes lags.

    ➖ Some users state that the GUI is outdated and slow to navigate around. 


    Contact the sales reps to learn more about the pricing options.

    9- Productboard 

    productboard product experience platform

    Productboard is an excellent platform for Product Managers (PMs) and product teams that are willing to incorporate customer feedback a little bit more into the product roadmap and upcoming feature planning processes!

    Here's what you can do with it 👇 

    Best Features

    ➡️ Productboard offers companies actionable insights about their customers -it uses AI to transform user feedback into valuable and usable data. 

    ➡️ You can create interactive and live product roadmaps. 

    ➡️ Productboard enables its customers to track trending topics, features, and segments. 

    ➡️ It collects all the customer feedback in a single platform. 

    ➡️ With Productboard, you can send notifications about new features and/or beta invitations to customers who requested them before -it's time to close the feedback loop!


    ✔️ Productboard provides excellent e-books and webinars. 

    ✔️ They take security seriously! Check out their security standards. 

    ✔️ Instant customer support. 


    ➖ Some users state that due to the platform's UI and structure, it can be hard to understand who specifically gave you the feedback.

    ➖ Doesn't have integrations with a wide range of tools in the market, only the most popular ones like Jira and Trello. 


    • Starter: Free
    • Essentials (Team): $20/month (billed yearly) 
    • Pro (Team): $80/month (billed yearly)
    • Scale (Organization): Custom 
    • Enterprise (Organization): Custom

    P.S. Productboard offers a 15-day free trial period too!

    10- On24 

    on24 product experience platform

    Product experience management doesn't end with the product features or landing pages. 

    In order to ensure a fully connected experience for your customers and users, you need to meet them outside of the product, too.

    I mean, virtually 💻

    On24 is a DXP that enables product managers, customer success managers, and growth experts to organize engaging webinars, virtual seminars, product demos, and group discussions with stakeholders or business partners.

    Best Features

    ➡️ With the On24 engagement score feature, you can measure and analyze individual users' engagement across their online experiences, such as visited content, attended webinars, etc. To get an overall score, the program analyzes the user's participation, attentiveness, and interactivity

    ➡️ After each webinar, you can get audience reports to analyze your audience's response to the content you presented. 

    ➡️ On24 enables you to share data/statistics/presentations, and organize forum chats during your webinar. 

    P.S. The system gathers information on users who participate actively in the forum, such as those who raise their hands and frequently leave reactions and comments, which can be used later on to create a pool of reliable leads that can be contacted by your sales team. 


    ✔️ Custom form-fills, event information, and speaker bios. 

    ✔️ Hassle-free document sharing -bye-bye "Can you see my screen, now?" anxiety! 

    ✔️ Simu-live feature where you can pre-record the webinar and put it forth as a live event


    ➖ Editing an old webinar (e.g., trimming/shortening the video, etc.) can be hard. 

    ➖ Some users stated that they experienced lags and delays during a webinar. 

    ➖Customization works fine but offers limited options. 


    You need to contact sales and get a quote, there's no pricing info available. 

    11- Ruptive 

    ruptive product experience platform

    Most PMs update their user personas and journey maps monthly. 

    But it's hard to detect the differences and changes in customers' preferences and tendencies -and group them to create consistent personas... 

    Ruptive helps product people to create living journey maps and dynamic user personas. 

    Here's what you can do more with it!

    Best Features

    ➡️ Ruptive allows teams with members from different geographic locations and time zones to collaborate and coordinate in workshops, during which they can vote and provide feedback on journey maps or customer personas.

    ➡️ You can update journey maps instantly, store the old versions and retrieve them whenever you want. 

    ➡️ With Ruptive, you can segment your personas based on their pain points, customer stages, and more. 

    ➡️ Personas, touchpoints, pain points, product capabilities, business strategies, and future projects are not valuable only to product teams but to the whole company if a company aims to align everyone's goals. Ruptive enables teams to access all the key information related to customers and the product from a single platform. 


    ✔️ They offer a 90-day free trial period! 


    ➖There's not much user feedback for the product. 


    P.S. Ruptive is an exclusive service provided by Indigo Slate, a Zensar company; thus, you need to contact them to learn more about the services as well as their pricing policies. 

    12- Optimizely 

    optimizely product experience platform

    It's impossible to find the perfect layout for your webpage on the first try. 

    Every PM needs their A/B tests and optimization processes. 

    Optimizely is a tool that helps you to experiment with your web designs, gather user insights, and optimize your projects accordingly. 

    CTA button positioning is not a nightmare anymore! 

    Best Features

    ➡️ It's a WYSIWYG kind of tool, which saves a lot of developer time and makes room for imagination and free design. 

    ➡️ Feature experimentation tool enables engineers to merge & deploy the code according to their own guidelines, which means higher quality releases, safer tests, and no surprises! 

    ➡️ Real real-time data, the data platform refreshes data every 90 seconds!

    ➡️ You can segment your customers and choose who sees which version of the A/B test. 


    ✔️ The company is receptive to end-user feedback.

    ✔️ They offer great customer support services.


    ➖ Filters and segmentation features are powerful but hard to understand at first. 

    ➖ Because it's a relatively new product, it still needs improvements for some of its features. 


    Optimezly offers 6 different products/plans under 3 different categories: Orchestrate, Experiment, and Monetize, as well as some enhancements, such as Data Platform and Digital Asset Management. Because they have so many different plans and products, you had better contact them and learn what solutions would cover your needs.

    They promise to get back to you with a quote within 24 hours!

    13- Netcore Cloud 

    netcore product experience platform

    Netcore Cloud is a product experience platform where marketing teams, product teams, and growth teams can work on their projects together. 

    While marketing people manage their e-mail marketing campaigns, product people can work on their product's onboarding experiences and growth people can unify customer data across multiple channels and work on it to increase retention and improve user engagement across different platforms. 

    Best Features

    ➡️ Netcore's Raman AI Engine analyses campaign pages and keeps performance and user data to predict churn rates, as well as user segments that are likely to make a purchase in the next 30 days. 

    ➡️ You can create onboarding flows, nudges, and walkthroughs. 

    ➡️ With the behavioral analytics feature, you can get a clear view of the conversion funnel and see where people tend to drop off. The platform offers funnel analysis, cohort analysis, RFM analysis, and user path analysis.


    ✔️ The platform is good for data visualization. 

    ✔️ Responsive support team. 


    ➖ Hard to set up and integrate with the existing tools/platforms. 

    ➖ The UI of the platform is not very user-friendly. 


    • Startup Plan: Free (10000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) Per Month)
    • Business Plan: Contact the sales for a price (100000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) Per Month)
    • Enterprise Plan: Contact the sales for a price

    To Wrap Up...

    Remember, choosing the right PXP/DXP is crucial for delivering the best possible experiences to your users, and there are thousands of options out there to explore.

    Nevertheless, you've already met the top ones 🎉

    Good luck on your journey toward creating the most exceptional product experiences!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Product Experience Platform?

    A Product Experience Platform (PXP) is a digital tool that offers various features, tools, and technologies to improve the users' experience with a certain product. Some of the aforementioned features can be product analytics, content personalization, user segmentation, and product onboarding. 

    What is an example of a DXP?

    A DXP is a tool that helps companies to improve their users' overall digital experiences, from website and social media interactions to in-app interactions. Some good examples are UserGuiding, Adobe Experience Manager, and Heap.

    Is user onboarding considered a digital experience?

    Digital experiences have various forms, but basically, they are interactions that happen between a customer and a company in digital environments. Thus, yes, user onboarding is a digital experience, and a rather important one, actually. According to surveys, 80% of users say they’ve deleted an app because they didn’t know how to use it.

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