UserGuiding Is Now Bridging All The Gaps - Localization Feature Launch

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    Home / News / UserGuiding Is Now Bridging All The Gaps - Localization Feature Launch

    Just as we closed the first quarter of the year, we have some great news! 🥳

    As UserGuiding, we always knew how important it is for your business to be inclusive of all languages, and as far away as possible from all barriers.

    And as a digital enablement and adoption platform, we provided ways to add and create guides, checklists, and resource centers in different languages.

    But the process could be smoother for you.

    And we started working on this important feature a while ago:


    Now it is easier than ever to automatically get your guides translated with UserGuiding.

    Provide Easier Customization and Segmentation To The End-Users

    According to research, more than 25% of people work remotely now, which means that the demand for online resources and the use of online alternatives for everything is more essential than ever to stay connected with people from all around the world.

    That's why it is important that you provide all those people with the material in their own language. 

    Also, did you know that 40% of people won't make a purchase online if there is no content in their language available, even if they do speak your language?

    UserGuiding eliminates the need to manually duplicate guides and translate them within the tool, helping you achieve success more quickly.

    How Does The New Localization Feature Work?

    In order to create easy localization for your preferred languages and segments, follow these steps:

    1. Get to the guide you would like to localize and go to the guide settings,
    2. Click on "Localization" and "+ Create a Language",
    3. Define the segmentation criteria and choose which segments you wish to show the localized content,
    4. Save and download the current content CSV,
    5. Once you translate the CSV file, simply upload it to the newly added languages.
    6. See your engagement and adoption rates become higher than ever! 🚀

    The Localization feature is live now on your panel, and we’re excited for you to discover it and supercharge your onboarding with advanced segmentation!

    Head to UserGuiding now and get started 👇

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