Top 10 UserGuiding Blog Posts of 2020

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    What a year has it been. I honestly can't believe 2020 is over as much as I still can't believe it ever happened!

    It hasn't been the most pleasant year for most of us, hell, for the world; and we hope for a better year going into 2021. One thing's for sure, it wasn't at all what we expected!

    But not everything was affected by all the stuff happening in the world; like our passion to offer YOU the content you'd find valuable. In 2020, we've published over 150 articles on UserGuiding Blog, spending days on each content to ensure it is solid.

    With contribution from every team of UserGuiding: Anas from Sales, Mert and John from Growth, Alican and Ertugrul from Product, Suzan from Customer Success, and myself; we've put together a wide variety of great content that I find myself admiring from time to time.

    In this article, I'd like to walk you over the best of the best; the top 10 reader-favorite articles of 2020 on UserGuiding Blog.

    Starting with UX design:

    1- Good Examples of UX Design Every Designer Should See

    I've been a fan of UX design for a few years now, examining every interaction offered by different brands in different industries, to see how they perceive us, users.

    With this article, I went over what I think are some of the most beautiful examples of user experience, offered by big and small businesses starting with Google. If you're a product/UX designer, or interested in UX design; you should definitely see my collection of the best examples of UX.

    This article has been the most read UserGuiding Blog article of 2020, you can check it our here.

    2- Best Interactive User Manual Creating Software in 2020

    This was an old article that Mert did a re-work on; and it seems like that was long due!

    Throughout this article, Mert talks about the importance of User Education through user manuals and interactive guides. He highlights the fact that most users quit products because they don't know how to use them, so with an interactive user manual creating software you can educate users without a hassle.

    If you think you can do better in terms of user education, this one's a must-read. Check it here.

    3- Once again: Our Guide to Product Adoption and How to Increase it

    Another great piece by Mert, which has made the top-articles of the year list twice.

    I'll let Mert describe this one in his own words:

    "What’s your purpose when creating a product?

    A) creating the most beautiful product that solves users’ every problem,

    or B) creating a product that users actually use in their daily lives.

    I think we both know your answer, and I think you are here because you want to achieve B.

    Product adoption refers to the process that results in (if successful) a loyal user that loves and uses your product regularly.

    Interested? You are in the right place!"

    Read the rest here.

    product adoption

    4- Top 9 Books on Product Management in 2020

    I can't remember how many quotes from various books Ertugrul, who is a PM here, has made throughout the year!

    Especially after COVID outbreak, ever since #stayhome became a thing, he read a few dozen books for sure. So I had to ask him to make a list for us, or for those interested in product management.

    In this article, Ertugrul lists his top 9 Product Management books on the market, evaluating different aspects of each book in a detailed way. Read the article here.

    5- 7 Steps to a Successful Product Redesign and Launch

    Alican, who has managed numerous version and feature launches and redesigns here at UserGuding has shared his experience in an article:

    "To the inexperienced, a product redesign might seem like a simpler prospect than designing a new product.

    But while you certainly have a lot of advantages on your side when it comes to redesigning over creating a new design, this perception is to misunderstand the challenge.

    While it is true that when you are redesigning you are starting from a much more informed and stable base, working with an existing product and an existing user base has its own specific challenges.

    Let’s investigate exactly what those challenges are by going through the redesign process stage by stage, from the business case and user research to the final design launch."

    Read the article here.

    top articles 2020

    6- 13 Best Podcasts About Startups and Growth in 2020

    Mert has a great taste in podcasts, and video games...

    Although it would be great to have him write a list of his top places to farm gold pieces in World of Warcraft, we'll have to make do with his favorite podcasts!

    Not just any kind of podcasts, the ones about Startups and Growth which I'm sure you'd also be interested in. Check it out here.

    7- A Guide to User Feedback – How to collect and use it

    "Designing beautiful products and establishing a great business might sound easy from your perspective.

    But that isn’t the perspective that determines the success of your company, it is your users’. This is why collecting and using user feedback is a vital part of making progress."

    In this comprehensive guide, we go over the most important aspects of collecting and utilizing the user feedback. Read it here.

    2020 top articles

    8- Product Walkthroughs – 3 great examples and everything else you need to know

    Have you ever said to yourself, do we need a (better) product walkthrough on our product?

    In this comprehensive guide to product walkthroughs, I try to answer any questions you might have on the subjects, topping it all with 3 great examples.

    Read it here.

    9- How “Aha!” moment can help you make more revenue + examples

    "Aha!" moments are quite amazing bits of time that can actually determine the future of your business. In Alican's own words:

    "Do you remember the last time you said “So THAT’S how this works!”?

    Hold on to that memory, because that was an “Aha!” moment.

    In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this magical moment that can help you make more profits, for real."

    Profits? Sounds interesting, read it here.

    10- The Complete Guide to North Star Metrics for SaaS

    The light of the North Star is a treat to lost sailors.

    I can say it is the same for businesses during uncertain times, such as the COVID pandemic; however, your north star is a single (maybe two) metric that you need to follow whatever it takes.

    In this article, Mert explains what a North Star Metric is and how you can find one for your company.

    Read it here.

    Going into 2021

    No one knows how the business world of 2021 will look like, and the top-articles list of 2021 might be completely different than this one.

    Yet we hope to bring you the best content once again. Until next time!

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