Product-Led Growth: Alican Bektas Dives Deep in Kommunity Event

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    Home / News / Product-Led Growth: Alican Bektas Dives Deep in Kommunity Event

    This May, Istanbul had its fair share of PLG talks...

    One of the top discussions was led by our Head of Product here at UserGuiding, Alican Bektas.

    Alican joined Kommunity's event to talk about the importance of PLG in SaaS and where it's going in 2024.

    Here's the details ⬇️

    What is Kommunity?

    Kommunity is an events platform that helps companies and entrepreneurs build their very own communities by enabling them to create events.

    The platform offers different live event options, event tickets and payment services, and material hosting options.

    Now, it would be absurd if they didn't build their own community at Kommunity.

    And that's why the platform holds events like this one with Alican.

    Talking about Alican, let's take a look at his speech during the event and go through some highlights ⬇️

    Product-Led Growth: What It Is & What's Up Ahead for SaaS

    With a good crowd present, Alican discussed a wide range of PLG topics during the event.

    alican bektas kommunity event plg

    Alican first defined PLG and later talked about product-led distribution and activation. Product-led sales naturally popped up in the talk as well.

    Another interesting topic was the importance of retention cohorts and how to read into cohorts successfully. My personal favorite discussion topic, the relationship between feature usage and retention, made a quick appearance as well 🤭

    But the most important part of Alican's speech was...

    The PLG Trifecta: Next Stages of Evolution for PLG

    Alican devoted a good part of the event to a relatively new, but impactful concept:

    The PLG trifecta.

    Now, since we cannot go back and listen to Alican's talk live, here's a brief look at the concept.

    According to Pietro Bezza, who originally suggested the concept, PLG is composed of 3 elements.

    • Distribution,
    • Adoption,
    • Expansion
    the plg trifecta by pitro bezza
    From Pietro Bezza's article introducing the trifecta elements

    These elements impact different stages of the go-to-market and customer journey. And here is the trick: the full power of PLG comes when all three components multiply.

    That's what the PLG Trifecta is all about.

    Here is the full article by Pietro Bezza if you're feeling like a good read.

    If not, here's the gist:

    Though a super fresh framework, the PLG trifecta makes sense on so many levels. The original concept of product-led growth as we know it operates on one single loop.

    Which is quite a hardship on its own.

    The trifecta divides this loop into 3 different loops and automatically makes the operations easier and success more attainable.

    Wrapping Up

    Now, folks, that was basically the perspective Alican wanted to bring to his event about PLG.

    And take it from me, it was a killer event.

    Want to stay in the loop for our upcoming events? Make sure to follow Alican and UserGuiding on LinkedIn!

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