Paddle's Born Global Series Out: Starring Osman Koc 🌟

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    Home / News / Paddle's Born Global Series Out: Starring Osman Koc 🌟

    Have you been on LinkedIn lately?

    If you follow our CEO and co-founder Osman Koc on LinkedIn, you might have seen one of his latest posts that looks a bit like this:

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    And we're proud to announce that our very own Osman Koc appeared in Paddle Studios' series, Born Global, on an episode dedicated to him!

    Here's a closer look:

    What is Paddle Studios?

    If there were a SaaS counterpart of Netflix, it would be Paddle Studios.

    Paddle, the company, however, is a SaaS platform that provides payment processing, subscription and billing management, and compliance services for software companies.

    What gave us the Born Global series is also probably that Paddle handles the legal and financial responsibilities of selling software globally.

    Back to Paddle Studios, the SaaS content platform has a set of cool web series and podcasts, making it a perfect hub for SaaS enthusiasts.

    Among those web series, Born Global is one of the most popular ones. ‎

    What is it about, you ask?

    Born Global: The Paddle Web Series

    Born Global is a limited web series by Paddle Studios. In each episode, entrepreneurs discuss their journey and the challenges they have faced on the path to success.

    The series has hosted the stories of a good lot so far, from Misfit founder Biro Florin to Stefan Smulders, the guy on everyone's LinkedIn feed.

    And recently, Osman Koc, in his very own episode, looked a bit like...

    From the Stanford of Turkey to Global Tech Dreams: Osman's Episode

    A little context for this episode of Born Global: it's super inspirational 💫

    In a mere 8-minute runtime, Osman tells us about his childhood in central Turkey. How he got to go to the best science high school in the country and the "Standford of Turkey" and realized that being an entrepreneur was the road ahead for him.

    Osman then shares with us what this road ahead has been like in Silicon Valley,  through failed businesses and with co-founders, including his very old friend and co-founder, Muhammet Enginar.

    But if you want to find out his top advice for newcomers into the entrepreneur space, you might just want to take a look at the full episode.

    What's on the horizon for Osman and UserGuiding?

    As Osman mentions in the series, UserGuiding is always looking to evolve and grow, no matter the circumstances.

    And if you're interested in Osman's story with UserGuiding moving on, don't forget to follow Osman Koc and UserGuiding on LinkedIn!

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