UserGuiding Launched Knowledge Base for Revolutionizing Support Delivery

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    Home / News / UserGuiding Launched Knowledge Base for Revolutionizing Support Delivery

    At UserGuiding, we've always been proud promoters of self-serve support.

    But we've realized that to be the number one supporter of a cause, you must first adopt it yourself.

    That's why our newest innovation is a milestone for the DAP industry and us.

    UserGuiding proudly presents...

    UserGuiding Knowledge Base: a new dimension to self-service

    Our new Knowledge Base feature is now live 🎉

    We've designed the UserGuiding Knowledge Base feature to meet a specific but important need:

    Streamlining self-service help.

    userguiding knowledge base home page
    The home page of a Knowledge Base made with UserGuiding

    ‎It is way too often that companies offer immaculate customer support but no means for self-service.

    And it is not a good look when research by Harvard Business Review says 81% of people will look at self-serve materials before reaching out to a rep.

    So, in the SaaS industry where we need to be the pioneers of tech, we couldn't turn a blind eye to more accessible self-service.

    Here's what the Knowledge Base feature is capable of 👇

    What's the Merit in a UserGuiding Knowledge Base?

    Our new Knowledge Base solution is beyond a feature; it is a tool of its own that has 3 main offers:

    • More centralized support materials for your users and customers,
    • Better internal and external information infrastructure for your support teams,
    • A more consistent user experience, in-app and externally, for your product

    So, basically:

    You can gather all your resources in one place, ‎create an in-app widget that leads to your standalone Knowledge Base, and track the performance of each support article.

    userguiding knowledge base editor
    UserGuiding Knowledge Base support article creation

    But let's talk about what it can do for you specifically 🫵

    Top 5 Use Cases for the UserGuiding Knowledge Base Solution

    There is a good set of use cases for the Knowledge Base feature. Here's a list of the top 5 ways it can benefit you ⬇️

    1- Centralizing Support Content

    The number one value and use case of the Knowledge Base is to centralize support content.

    Many SaaS businesses suffer from a vast amount of good help content that is scattered across different platforms and even inaccessible.

    A good knowledge base solution can be your vault for internal and external users looking for support materials.

    And UserGuiding Knowledge Base can be the perfect candidate.

    You can create new support content or migrate your old materials to your new UserGuiding Knowledge Base with ease now.

    2- Increasing Support Efficiency

    Cool stat: 67% of users would rather self-serve than talk to a rep, and 73% of users specifically do that on the product's website, not via chatbots or social media.

    That means a knowledge base you can direct your users to within your website is a valuable asset.

    This can easily increase support efficiency since you will be offering your users another medium of support that they actually prefer using.

    3- Improving Support Consistency and Accuracy

    It is hard to run support operations when you need to update information on your social media, user manuals, internal resources, and other media.

    A knowledge base that is centralized properly can help with that.

    By offering knowledge from one reliable source, you can easily improve your brand's consistency and accuracy in customer support.

    4- Achieving Better User Engagement

    UserGuiding Knowledge Base gives you the chance to build a standalone hub for a knowledge base and integrate it with your in-app elements for a smooth UX.

    For example, a user in need on your platform can easily access your UserGuiding Knowledge Base via a resource center.

    userguiding knowledge base reports page
    UserGuiding Knowledge Base reports page

    ‎Moreover, the Knowledge Base reports page helps you figure out how to better engage users with each help article. You get to see how many views an article gets and which keywords have been searched the most.

    5- Reducing Support Load

    Here's another cool stat: 91% of users say they would use a knowledge base if it met their expectations.

    This means that with the right knowledge base solution, you can greatly reduce your support load and relieve your support team of some of the burden.

    And that right solution might just be the UserGuiding Knowledge Base 🤫

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