WebsitePlanet Asked; Osman Koc Answered: The Latest UserGuiding Interview

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    Home / News / WebsitePlanet Asked; Osman Koc Answered: The Latest UserGuiding Interview

    Hey folks, we are back with exciting news!

    Our CEO and co-founder, Osman Koc, recently had an interview with WebsitePlanet and addressed some very interesting questions from the birth of UserGuiding to our value proposition as a SaaS solution.

    Let's take a quick look 👇

    What is WebsitePlanet?

    WebsitePlanet is an authority portal working in the field of web hosting, website development tools, and web marketing tools and services. Their main goal is to create a community that revolve around valuable advice in tech and to share honest reviews of tools and all things that would concern a web developers and internet marketers.

    And this time, UserGuiding was had the spotlight for WebsitePlanet's community 🌟

    So, how did it go?

    Here's a a sneak peek 🫣

    'Revolutionizing User Onboarding: Osman Koc’s Journey with UserGuiding' Interview with WebsitePlanet

    WebsitePlanet directed some pretty interesting questions to Osman and in a fun reminisce and a look forward, Osman shared his insights with the content team of the website.

    👉 Osman introduced UserGuiding as a Digital Adoption Platform that works to answer the needs of product people, especially those looking to enhance their porduct's in-app experiences and user engagement.

    👉 Osman then delved into the history and the origin story of UserGuiding; the commonplace problem with effective user onboarding and how it took them to the Silicon Valley and back, and the evolution UserGuiding experienced, from being simple idea to becoming a G2 leader in DAP.

    userguiding g2 leader DAP websiteplanet interview
    The G2 Grid

    Osman then laid out how UserGuiding stood out in the market with its features and abilities today while discussing our value proposition. The next questions asked Osman about UserGuiding's current mission and the vision for future.

    But hey, that's the juicy part 👀

    Here's the full interview on WebsitePlanet 👈

    Spoiler alert: in 2024, we are in it for the big fish, get ready to see more of UserGuiding 🚀

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