Presenting our Senior-Friendly Onboarding Strategies to Google

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    Home / News / Presenting our Senior-Friendly Onboarding Strategies to Google

    This April, UserGuiding had the opportunity to present findings on the topic of senior-friendly user onboarding to a team from Google. The presentation focused on senior users’ relationship with technology, and how innovative user onboarding strategies can help.

    What are some of the challenges associated with onboarding older users?

    How do seniors perceive technology and what obstacles get in the way of their adoption?

    Why do we believe elderly users can benefit from a solid onboarding experience?

    Those are some of the questions we tackled in an article dedicated to Senior Friendly Technology Onboarding a few months ago. 

    The post caught the attention of a team at Google, and we were invited to hold a presentation, showcasing our findings and engaging in a conversation on the topic.

    Needless to say, we were stoked.

    Seniors, Technology and User Onboarding

    In order to help contextualize the conversation and address the questions from the team at Google, the presentation revolved around three axises:

    • Seniors and Technology
    • Senior-Friendly User Onboarding
    • Conversation and Q&A

    Seniors and Technology

    Seniors are the great untapped market of tomorrow, with the number of 65+ years old projected to reach 1B by 2030. Seniors are adopting technology at a higher rate than ever, but they still lag in broadband in broadband use, breadth of apps used and time spent online.

    The digital divide is still strong, and potentially even more disabling than 20 years ago.

    In the presentation, we went over the reasons behind the lack of engagement from seniors (it’s not as easy as it seems), backed by research. We then introduced user onboarding as one of the solutions, and explained how seniors can benefit from it.

    Senior-Friendly User Onboarding 

    From defining user onboarding to introducing the basic principles of the field, we provided the team at Google our introduction to user onboarding as we know it. This included our own approach at UserGuiding but also examples of materials from other sources and best practices to keep in mind.

    We identified what sets seniors specifically apart when it comes to user onboarding, and how to cater to them specifically with tips to keep in mind when crafting an onboarding experience.

    senior-friendly user onboarding

    Conversation and Q&A

    As we expected, the Google team came forward with challenging questions and valuable insights. 

    User onboarding is different for each company, and it was a great confirmation in our mission to see that Google, one of the greatest companies out there, considers it a priority and is willing to sit down to discuss it with us as experts.

    The Presentation

    You might not work at Google, but we love you all the same. As a proof of that, we’re giving you access to the slides we’ve used in our presentation, including sources and data to our research: 

    A big thank you to the Google team for having us on and engaging on a topic we’re passionate about.

    We’re looking forward to more opportunities to engage with fellow user onboarding enthusiasts. If you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out!

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