The Elements of a Good Onboarding Flow: UserGuiding at the Onboarding Summit Brazil

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    Home / News / The Elements of a Good Onboarding Flow: UserGuiding at the Onboarding Summit Brazil

    Hey SaaS people, here's some cool news from the UserGuiding team...

    Our very own Régis Zangirolami, LatAm Marketing Manager and all-around cool guy, just rocked the stage in one of the hottest CS events in Brazil, the Onboarding Summit Brazil, organized by CLG Educação. A.K.A. one of the biggest CS communities in Brazil 🇧🇷

    And guess what? We couldn't be prouder!

    The Lowdown on the Summit

    Why are we so proud?

    Because one, like I just said, CLG Educação are the rockstars of CS in Brazil. They've got a massive online community where they share all sorts of wisdom about customer success. And two, the event was a place to be, with a huge crowd in participation - I'm talking over a thousand views!

    Régis in the Spotlight

    Régis stepped up with a talk titled "The Elements of a Good Onboarding Flow." And let me tell you, it was user onboarding 101 and mastering the art of onboarding classes packed into 40 minutes. He covered the basics, introduced the main concepts like retention and adoption, and then dived into how to make it all work out with a few adjustments.

    If you're a Portuguese speaker like Régis, here's the full event recording ⬇️

    But if you don't speak Portuguese, don't worry. We've got the slides and the highlights of the talk ⬇️

    The Cool Bits from His Talk

    👉 Régis opened up with the what and the why of user onboarding - Samuel Hulick has a nice, simple definition that he touched upon.

    👉 Quick reminder from Régis: you cannot afford not to have a continuous and conscious onboarding in 2024.

    👉 The tripod of a good onboarding flow was next: conversion, adoption, retention. AKA, your onboarding goals, ideally in this order.

    👉 Now that you know your goal, what's your approach? PLG and good onboarding go hand in hand. So, you might wanna check out product-led growth as a general business approach but definitely as an ideal user onboarding enabler as well.

    👉 And how do you make sure your onboarding is scalable and user-friendly? Automation and interactivity. You're in luck since both can be found in product adoption tools like UserGuiding with automated flows, segmentation, analytics, and interactive elements like checklists, resource centers, and interactive guides.

    Here's the slides for insights ✨ 👇

    Keynote in PDF

    Wrapping It Up

    After Régis’ knockout session, we’re buzzing with ideas. And so are you, we hope 🌟

    We’re super excited to see how our approach to user onboarding will echo through the SaaS and CS world. Stay tuned for more cool updates!

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