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    Are you looking for an alternative customer feedback tool to Sleekplan?

    A solution to detect customer needs, get and manage feedback, share a roadmap, and increase customer satisfaction by showing your customers that you listen and respond to their problems?

    If so, you're exactly where you should be!

    I meticulously analyzed product reviews of various user feedback tools across G2, Capterra, ProductHunt, and many other web forums so that you wouldn't need to.


    • UserGuiding - The all-in-one product adoption tool
    • UserVoice - The user research and feature prioritization tool
    • Productboard - The feedback centralization and roadmap tool
    • Beamer - The customer communication tool
    • ProdCamp - The feedback tool with the most inclusive freemium
    • Nolt - The collaborative, customizable, and organized feedback tool
    • ProductLift - The feedback tool with project management features

    What Sleekplan Does Well

    Sleekplan is an all-in-one user feedback tool. It enables companies to create satisfaction surveys and feature votings, collect feedback, organize it with feedback boards, and keep public changelogs.

    One of the hardest aspects of customer feedback management is the constant movement of information. You gather user feedback on one platform/tool, analyze it on another, allocate the necessary tasks on another, publish the updates, and inform the user again on another platform/tool...

    Sleekplan gathers all the infrastructure and the capabilities of separate customer feedback tools into one place.  

    With Sleekplan, you can:

    • Collect new feature requests and product ideas
    • Organize the feedback on the feedback board and plan your updates
    • Share new releases or upcoming updates on public changelogs
    • Assess the success of your releases with CSAT and NPS surveys
    • Analyze feedback widget interactions

    It enables users to provide feedback anonymously and/or without logging into their accounts, speeding up the process and creating motivation for the user.

    Plus, it has a very intuitive UI and layout for the end-user!

    But no product is flawless...

    Drawbacks of Sleekplan

    Here are some of the most common issues Sleekplan customers face 👇🏻

    Long set-up process

    All-in-one feedback tools are amazing because they help you handle many issues in one place, from feedback gathering to product roadmap management. But if you have tens of dashboards to control all aspects of the whole feedback loop, you will also have tens of dashboards to set up in the beginning.

    User Review

    "There are so many settings that it's not a super quick setup - but that's a small downside given those settings allow me to customize the software to my needs." (source)

    Limited customization

    Although many users are happy with the customization options for the main page, some users find the customization options for the in-app widget limited.

    User Review

    "I would like more customization in the feedback widget. It's beautiful as-is, but it would be nice to give it a little more flare to feel like it's designed as a part of the website." (source)

    Limited workspace/ domain

    On Sleekplan, you can assign one domain per workspace, which upsets some of the users.

    User Reviews

    "If I want to implement it as a website, I have a limited number of workspaces and that's the only thing I dislike about it." (source)
    "Out of the box, the plan supports just 1 domain. It would be nice if there was support for at least 5 domains in the basic plan." (source)

    7 Best Sleekplan Alternatives

    #1 UserGuiding - the all-in-one product adoption platform

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.6 (244)

    UserGuiding is a product adoption platform that helps product managers

    UserGuiding Features & Use Cases

    UserGuiding is an all-in-one product adoption tool that offers various features and use cases, changing from onboarding to user segmentation, and customization to feedback gathering.

    Here is what you can do:

    • Collect and analyze real-time user feedback with in-app surveys
    • Track your NPS score
    • Segment users based on their responses
    • Promote your new features with interactive guides
    • Communicate through announcement modals and tooltips
    • Gather all your educational material and announcements in one place: in-app resource center
    • Release your product updates in one place -You can collect feedback on your new releases in your changelog, too!

    Did someone say feedback collection? User interaction? Product changelog?

    Well, I've heard UserGuiding.  


    For 2,500 MAU:

    • Basic Plan: $89/mo (billed yearly)
    • Professional Plan: $249/mo (billed yearly)
    • Corporate Plan: custom pricing

    PLUS: 14-day free trial 🎉

    UserGuiding vs. Sleekplan

    UserGuiding Sleekplan
    Pricing $89 (Basic Plan) $13 (Starter Plan)
    Checklists Yes No
    Guides Yes No
    Segmentation Yes No
    In-App Surveys Yes No
    NPS Yes Yes
    CSAT Yes Yes
    Feedback Board No Yes
    Changelog No Yes
    Resource Center Yes No
    Product Updates Yes No
    Public Roadmap No Yes
    Integrations Numerous Integrations Available Numerous Integrations Available

    #2 UserVoice - the user research and feature prioritization tool

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.5 (234)

    UserVoice is a product feedback management system that helps companies engage with customers, collect feedback and valuable insights. It also enables product teams to prioritize product decisions with feature voting, and announce new features to the users who voted for it.

    Spreading and prioritizing feature requests throughout the product roadmap can be challenging. Should we prioritize tasks that are relatively smaller? The most requested ones? Those requested by long-term loyal customers? Or those requested by the highest-paying corporate customers?

    There are a lot of determinants, many of which are not visible on traditional feedback management tools.

    UserVoice includes all these important aspects of user feedback and feature requests in its dashboard, allowing companies to consider everything before starting a new project.

    For example:

    Here, it shows how many times a new feature idea is voted on by the users‎, which is standard for any feedback tool that enables users to vote. But what is additional here is the "Revenue" information.

    UserVoice enables companies to analyze users (accounts), their account status, revenues, and ideas to quantify the overall impact of each request.

    UserVoice Features & Use Cases

    Prioritizing feature ideas is a very central feature of UserVoice. However, it's not the only thing you can achieve with it.

    Here is what you can do with UserVoice:

    • Conduct user research with UserVoice Validation
    • Engage with customers: send early announcement notifications, reminders, and updates on the project
    • Ask for additional context/ clarification with Outreach
    • Create visualized and custom product roadmaps and reports


    • Essentials: $699/mo (annual billing + annual agreement)
    • Pro: $899/mo (annual billing + annual agreement)
    • Premium: $1,349/mo (annual billing + annual agreement)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing

    PLUS: 14-day free trial 🎉

    UserVoice vs. Sleekplan

    Although both UserVoice and Sleekplan are feedback management tools at their cores, they address different needs and different teams.

    The most visible difference between these two tools is the price. While Sleekplan's pricing varies between freemium and $38/mo, UserVoice's plans start from $699/mo -not a very affordable feedback solution.

    Their quotas for end-users are also quite different: with Sleekplan, you get unlimited end-user quota, even with a freemium account, whereas, with UserVoice, you get something between 200-5,000, depending on your plan.

    👉🏻 So Sleekplan is for quick feedback gathering from vast user bases and managing smaller projects. And UserVoice is for bigger customer research projects with a limited number of users.

    Depending on your use case, frequency, customer base, and budget, you can choose Sleekplan or UserVoice.

    #3 Productboard - the feedback centralization and roadmap tool

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.3 (238)

    Productboard is a product management platform that enables product managers to centralize user feedback from multiple channels into one place. It allows them to analyze this feedback with AI, prioritize what to build next from the backlog, and collaborate with the product team on the product roadmap.

    All feedback you gather through tools/ platforms like Gong, Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, etc., comes into one place for the product team to analyze and update the roadmap.

    Productboard enables collaboration not only within the product team but also across teams, guaranteeing company-wide alignment. Customer-facing teams, such as sales and marketing, stay up-to-date about the upcoming developments and are ready to convey the product vision.

    Productboard Features & Use Cases

    Similar to UserVoice, Productboard offers revenue-based analysis for user feature requests. What is additional here is that there's also efficiency and budget management-based analysis, too.

    With Productboard, you can also see the user impact breakdown of each feature request. Is it a very critical update? Or is it nice to have?

    Here is what you can do more:

    • AI summaries, searches, and prompting
    • Real-time roadmap collaboration
    • Create product and feature hierarchies
    • Develop launch checklists to monitor progress

    Productboard also has a very intuitive interface. If you've used any task management tool before, you can navigate through Productboard, too. You feel like you already know what's where!


    • Starter: free
    • Essentials: $19 maker/month (billed annually)
    • Pro: $59 maker/month  (billed annually)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing  (billed annually)
    • Productboard AI (optional add-on): $20 maker/month

    ⚠️ The AI features —such as summaries, positive/negative categorization, product spec drafts, and customer pattern recognition— for customer feedback are optional add-ons and are not included in the base product.

    Productboard vs. Sleekplan

    Although both Productboard and Sleekplan help teams manage customer feedback and prioritize tasks and feature releases, they work differently.

    Productboard centralizes feedback and valuable insights gathered across different channels, meaning it doesn't gather feedback directly. In contrast, Sleekplan uses an in-app widget to collect feedback, and it doesn't centralize feedback given on different channels.

    Also, Productboard is mainly a product management platform. So although it centralizes user feedback and offers analytics and summaries for feedback, its main functionalities and features are for product roadmap(ing). Whereas Sleekplan is mainly a feedback management tool. Thus, it offers many more functionalities and features for feedback management, such as public changelogs, public feedback boards, NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, etc.

    #4 Beamer - the customer communication tool

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.7 (18)

    Beamer is a customer communication tool that enables teams to announce new releases, collect feedback, and conduct NPSs.

    Beamer guarantees customer reach both within and outside of the product. You can send in-app notifications or push notifications, as well as in-app surveys or email surveys. Wherever your customers are, you're there too.

    Beamer Features & Use Cases

    With Beamer, you can:

    • Create in-app notification centers
    • Send targeted notifications
    • Get feedback (text and reaction) on your latest updates
    • Track your NPS over time and detect trends and patterns
    • Automatically update customers when a requested feature is live

    Beamer is a no-code tool with a quick set-up and a user-friendly interface. It also enables teams to send the collected feedback to different teams and platforms with various integrations!


    Beamer is not one platform with different tools/ features for all the use cases. Depending on your needs, you choose a different tool and a plan. Each tool has different price tiers.

    Changelog & Notifications: (billed annually)

    • Free: $0
    • Starter: $49/mo
    • Pro: $99/mo
    • Scale: $249/mo
    • Custom: $499/mo

    Feedback: (billed annually)

    • Free: $0
    • Pro: $99/mo


    • Free: $0
    • Pro: $99/mo
    • Scale: $199/mo
    • Enterprise: custom pricing

    Beamer vs. Sleekplan

    Both Beamer and Sleekplan enable companies to gather feedback and conduct NPS surveys to some extent, but they differ significantly in pricing and the capabilities included at each price point.

    Beamer offers its customers the flexibility to operate in various locations: whether in-app or outside of the app, you can communicate with your customers wherever they are and whenever you need to. Sleekplan also offers in-app communication (changelog and roadmap through in-app widgets), yet its capabilities outside the app are limited to the website, meaning it does not automate emails like Beamer.

    But Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback management tool, which means you can get feedback, conduct votings, keep a changelog, publish release notes, and send out NPS or CSAT surveys. With Beamer, you have to choose a product among three options (or pay for each of them).

    #5 ProdCamp - the feedback tool with the most inclusive freemium

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.7 (16)

    ProdCamp is a user feedback platform that enables product managers to create public roadmaps, send out NPS surveys, conduct feature voting, and publish release notes on product changelog.

    ProdCamp is actually a very similar service to Sleekpan in terms of core features and product capabilities. They both offer public roadmaps and changelogs, but ProdCamp additionally offers in-app announcements if you're ready to install and embed their changelog widget.

    ProdCamp Features & Use Cases

    ProdCamp is a mix-and-match of the tools we've seen so far. It gathers some of the most liked features of other customer feedback management tools in one platform.

    Here is what you can do with it:

    • Public AND internal roadmap
    • Standalone website changelog AND embeddable in-app changelog
    • Generate changelog records with AI
    • Feedback analysis with AI (sentence, semantics, and sentiment)
    • Feedback summaries with AI

    You can collect customer feedback through Intercom and use it on ProdCamp; however, feedback from user review websites, such as G2 and Capterra, cannot be used -yet, they say they're working on that!


    • Free: $0
    • Start-up: $99/mo
    • Business: $299/mo (annual commitment)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing

    ProdCamp vs. Sleekplan

    In terms of core features, Prodcamp and Sleekplan resemble each other very much. Yet, no matter how small they are, there are still differences between them.

    For example, Sleekplan has a more intuitive interface for the end user than ProdCamp. Both Sleekplan and ProdCamp can operate within the app (though they have very limited capabilities —especially ProdCamp— in comparison to other in-app tools, such as UserGuiding or Beamer). ProdCamp also has fewer integration options than Sleekplan.

    Yet, if we compare their free plans, we can say that ProdCamp offers more in its free plan. For example, neither roadmap nor NPS is included in Sleekplan's free plan, whereas they both are included in ProdCamp's free plan.

    #6 Nolt - the collaborative, customizable, and organized feedback tool

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.9 (17)

    Nolt is a collaborative feedback-gathering and roadmap-management tool. It allows teams to create custom fields and statuses for their internal and external notes. Additionally, Nolt provides public and private boards with various security, restriction levels, and filters.

    ‎What really sets Nolt aside from other feedback management tools that also offer public roadmaps, changelogs, or boards is the level of control the company still has over the public boards.

    You can disable new suggestions and encourage users to vote on already-existing suggestions, restrict access for specific domains, apply filters to check for spam and profanity, lock heated conversations and interactions between users, ban certain users, or empower them as online community moderators.  

    Anything for an organized, secure, and safe environment!

    Nolt Features & Use Cases

    Aside from all the product features ensuring security and safety, Nolt can help you:

    • Store internal notes with only team access
    • Pin posts on top of boards
    • Gather user feedback anonymously
    • Detect duplicates AND merge suggestions that are similar
    • Analytics for board interactions and user engagement
    • Track all the changes made to a post on the board
    • Follow and subscribe to posts/ discussions
    • Get weekly email reports on the boards


    • Essential: $29/mo (billed annually)
    • Pro: $69/mo (billed annually)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing

    PLUS: 10-day free trial 🎉

    Nolt vs. Sleekplan

    Both Sleekplan and Nolt offer public AND internal discussions to some extent. However, that extent differs drastically.

    Nolt ensures privacy, security, and safety with various product features, such as password protection, domain restrictions, filters, etc. Whereas with Sleekplan, although we can still create private notes, we do not get the same sense of privacy and security.

    Nolt provides more product features to keep the public boards organized and in order, compared to Sleekplan. Although both of them offer custom labels, statuses, and even merging options, Sleekplan doesn't offer many of the organization-related product features Nolt offers, such as post-pinning, change tracking, duplicate post-detection, etc.

    #7 ProductLift - the feedback tool with project management features

    🔸 G2 Rating: 4.8 (25)

    ProductLift is a product feedback tool that enables product managers to collect customer feedback and create roadmaps and changelogs, as well as to-do lists and scrum boards.  

    ‎So, it's not just a customer feedback management tool.

    It's also a project management software for product teams!

    ProductLift Features & Use Cases

    ProductLift offers all the basic features of a feedback management tool, such as vote-on-behalf, moderation, private and public boards, and more.

    Here's what else it offers:

    • Feedback summaries and sentiment analysis
    • Merge and split posts
    • Duplicate post-detection
    • Prioritization matrix
    • Webhooks and integrations
    • In-app knowledge base
    • To-do lists and scrum boards


    • Free Plan: $0
    • Basic Plan: $16/mo

    PLUS: Free trial 🎉

    ProductLift vs. Sleekplan

    ProductLift and Sleekplan share many similarities in terms of their roadmap and changelog tools. Their differences originate from their additional tools/product features: knowledge base, to-do lists, and scrum boards for ProductLift; and CSAT and NPS surveys for Sleekplan.

    Also, ProductLift doesn't offer any automated communication functionality after a product feature release, whereas Sleekplan automatically notifies users after their request is released —or even when the status of the post is updated.

    To sum up

    Sleekplan is a very useful user tool with features like feedback boards, public roadmaps, and changelogs. However, it's not "the ultimate tool". A different tool might be more suitable for you depending on your product/services, budget, and expectations.

    Do you want to in-app communication with your customers? Do you want a public roadmap or a product updates page? Are NPS and CSAT surveys enough for you, or do you need more options?

    Deliberate on them and feel free to come back anytime!

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