6 Customer Feedback Tools That Top Teams Use

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    • UserGuiding is a great fit if you're looking to send customized surveys to your target audience for better engagement,
    • Hotjar is your product if you're looking for session recordings that include feedback with visuals,
    • Jotform is your product if you want to create surveys with pre-built templates,
    • HubSpot Service Hub is your product if you're looking for your target surveys to be automated after each customer service,
    • SurveyMonkey is your product if you're looking for an easy-to-use interface,
    • InMoment is your product if you're looking for a tool that collects feedback from different channels.

    Customer insights enhance the customer experience if you lend them an ear to hear from customers' points of view.Your teams can visualize actionable insights through various channels using these customer feedback software.These tools are great to collect customer feedback regarding a product and service from customers.Here are the top 6. 👇🏻

    1- UserGuiding - Take it a step further than in-app surveys

    UserGuiding isn't just a survey platform.It's an end-to-end product adoption platform that

    • helps you collect user feedback and
    • use these user insights wisely to create better user interactions.

    This can be done through the in-app surveys feature that lets you create all types of surveys with various input options, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey like the example above to measure customer loyalty or any other type of survey to improve their experience with the answers you collect.

    ‎What's more, you can segment users based on their feedback and create more personalized responses in each campaign—paving the way for moreThink of the answers you can collect from an open-ended survey like the one above. You'll get to see the reasons for each user choosing a specific number that's attached to their experience with your product or service.

    ‎What's great about UserGuiding is that it enables you to segment your user base based on the answers you gather. As a result, you can utilize survey answers for the creation of customer engagement campaigns.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Easy to use
    • Customizable surveys
    • Real-time feedback
    • Integrations

    Cons 👍🏼

    • No off-app surveys and questionnaires


    Here is what UserGuiding pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

    • Basic Plan: $89/month for up to 2,500 MAUs.
    • Professional Plan: $389/month for up to 20,000 MAUs.
    • Corporate Plan: $689+/month for custom MAUs.

    2- Hotjar - Visualize feedback through session recordings

    Hotjar is a customer behavior analytics tool that is known for its ability to understand customer behavior through several elements.These elements include heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys—one of which is a key feature for delving deeper into customer feedback.Generally, forms and surveys are used to help businesses optimize their websites and improve user experience.But here, Hotjar allows agents to watch real-time recordings of user sessions on their website. That provides them with valuable insights into

    • how users navigate through the website,
    • where they encounter issues, and
    • what elements they find most engaging.

    Especially for negative feedback, this feature can be implemented as a resource to identify the pain point that the customer has. It will accelerate the process thanks to the visual feedback.Keep in mind that businesses can make necessary improvements to enhance the overall user experience by prioritizing feedback. Session recordings, in that sense, assists you to delve deep into customer preferences, pain points, and suggestions for improvement.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Heatmaps
    • Session recordings
    • Feedback polls
    • User surveys
    • Easy-to-use

    Cons 👍🏼

    • Limited free plan
    • Privacy concerns
    • Limited integrations
    • Limited customization


    Here is what Hotjar's pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

    • Basic Plan: $0 for up to 20 monthly responses.
    • Plus Plan: $48/month up to 250 monthly responses.
    • Business Plan: $64/month up to 500 monthly responses.
    • Scale Plan: $128/month up to 500 monthly responses (+funnels, tunnels, and a dedicated customer success manager).

    3- Jotform - Have survey templates ready for each case

    Jotform is an online form builder that creates customized forms for various purposes, including collecting customer feedback.Combining its power as both a survey builder and customer feedback tool, the best use case for Jotform is getting data regarding the customer journey with feedback forms.Thanks to ready-made templates for customer satisfaction, customer happiness, and customer effort score, these forms can dig deeper into how customer feel regarding your product or a specific feature.You can create these surveys from scratch but keep in mind that this tool has so many customizable templates for you to choose from.During survey customization, you can add different types of fields, such as:

    • multiple-choice questions,
    • rating scales,
    • open-ended text boxes.

    Jotform also offers advanced features like conditional logic, which allows you to show or hide certain questions based on a customer's previous responses.Once you share the feedback form you created with your customers via email, social media, or your website, all responses will automatically be collected and stored in a centralized dashboard. So, you can easily analyze the feedback and identify trends.For example, a restaurant can use Jotform to collect feedback from diners after their meal. By analyzing the feedback, the restaurant can identify popular dishes, areas for improvement in service, and overall customer satisfaction levels.This information can then be used to make changes to the menu, train staff, and enhance the overall dining experience.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Ease of use
    • Customization options
    • Integration with third-party applications
    • Mobile friendly
    • Secure

    Cons 👍🏼

    • Limited free plan
    • Learning curve
    • Limited design flexibility
    • Cost (with advanced features)


    Here is what Jotform's pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

    • Starter Plan: $0 for up to 5 forms.
    • Bronze Plan: $34/month up to 25 forms.
    • Silver Plan: $39/month up to 50 forms.
    • Gold Plan: $99/month up to 100 forms.
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom quote; please contact Jotform's sales team for more information.

    4- HubSpot Service Hub - Get real-time feedback after customer service interaction

    HubSpot is an all-in-one solution for your needs, and today's topic is its Service Hub.For customer feedback management, Service Hub can help you with gathering and analyzing real-time feedback from your customers so that you can improve your products and services by understanding what your customers like and dislike.Having ready-made survey templates for Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Customer Effort Score, Service Hub also enables you to create custom surveys.Moving on, the standout feature of HubSpot Service Hub as a customer feedback tool is gathering feedback after a customer support interaction.After a customer reaches out to your support team with a question or issue, you can use HubSpot Service Hub to send them a follow-up survey to gather feedback on their experience—what's best is that the process can be automated.These automated follow-ups can provide valuable insights into how your support team is performing and where there may be room for improvement in your customer service.Additionally, HubSpot Service Hub allows you to track customer feedback over time. This feature enables you to identify trends and patterns in customer sentiment on your own dashboard for a better customer service experience.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Automation
    • Knowledge base
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Integration with CRM
    • Free tools

    Cons 👍🏼

    • Cost
    • Learning curve
    • Customer support
    • Limited customization


    Here is what HubSpot Service Hub's pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

    • Free Tools Plan: $0/month for up to 5 users.
    • Starter Plan: Starts at $15/month per user.
    • Professional Plan: Starts at $90/month per user.
    • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $130/month per user.

    5- SurveyMonkey - Navigate through feedback via an easy-to-use interface

    SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform that you can use for customer feedback collection.With its user-friendly interface and robust features, SurveyMonkey has become a popular app to get a deep understanding of customers' needs and preferences.This customer survey tool is easy to set up, navigate, and utilize because it offers a wide range of survey templates and question types—making it easy for everyone to create customized surveys tailored to their specific needs.As it's easy to use, you'll benefit from the good features below through a user-friendly interface:

    • utilize survey creation capabilities
    • analyze and interpret the data collected from surveys
    • delve into real-time reporting
    • make use of data visualization
    • identify trends and patterns in customer feedback

    For example, a company in the hospitality industry can use SurveyMonkey to send out post-stay surveys to guests, asking them to rate their experience with the hotel facilities, staff, and amenities.By analyzing the feedback collected from these surveys, the company can identify areas where they are excelling and areas where they need to make improvements, such as upgrading outdated facilities or providing additional training to staff members.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Ease of Use
    • Wide Range of Question Types
    • Customization Options
    • Data Analysis Tools
    • Integration with Third-Party Apps

    Cons 👍🏼

    • Limited Free Plan
    • Costly Pricing for advanced features
    • Limited Question Logic
    • Limited Customer Support


    Here is what SurveyMonkey's pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

    • Team Advantage Plan: $75/month for at least 3 users.
    • Team Premier Plan: Starts at $15/month per user for at least 3 users.
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom quote; please contact SurveyMonkey's sales team for further information.

    6- InMoment - Collect customer experience data through interactions

    InMoment is a customer feedback tool that collects feedback through various channels such as surveys, social media, and online reviews, providing rich insights into customer preferences and behaviors.These channels are what make InMoment shine since this customer feedback platform collects customer reviews in multiple forms, including:

    • survey responses,
    • ratings and reviews,
    • chatlogs,
    • digital feedback,
    • call transcripts,
    • email threads,
    • operational metadata.

    With the categories above, whether you are looking to measure customer satisfaction, gather market research, or conduct employee surveys doesn't matter—InMoment will surely create a feedback loop for you.This customer review tool also enables you to engage with customers in a personalized and meaningful way by simply capturing customer feedback across multiple digital channels.This way, you can tailor their interactions with customers based on their preferences and past experiences, creating a more personalized and memorable customer journey.Don't forget that a personalized approach not only fosters customer loyalty but also drives repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals for business growth.

    Pros 👍🏼

    • Advanced Analytics
    • Personalized Insights
    • Actionable Recommendations

    Cons 👍🏼

    • Cost
    • Complexity
    • Data Security Concerns


    InMoment doesn't reveal its pricing plans; it's better to contact InMoment's sales team for more information.

    In Short

    Survey tools or not... there are several customer feedback platforms that you can use to create feedback surveys.What you should always look for is the elements you'll use to build a survey, such as:

    • customization
    • automation
    • easy dashboards
    • survey templates

    Keep user feedback at the core of your product strategy and outperforming your competitors will be something you do daily.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a customer feedback tool?

    A customer feedback tool is a software application that enables businesses, particularly customer success or customer experience teams, to efficiently collect, analyze, and manage feedback from customers.

    What are 3 ways to get feedback from customers?

    Three ways to get feedback from customers include surveys, emails, and interviews.

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