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Main Problems with Using User Onboarding Tools

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    Home / User Onboarding / Main Problems with Using User Onboarding Tools

    All the user onboarding tools out there (including us) are promoting code free user onboarding. But to succeed on user onboarding you absolutely need to configure custom data tracking and build custom triggers on your own need.

    If you think user onboarding is nice to have, you better not to have it. A smooth user onboarding requires continuous observation and dedicated effort.

    Below you can find some of the main issues compiled of feedbacks we got from our customers.

    Timing & reusability of onboarding guides

    Most of the onboarding tools display user guides only once when a user first started to use a product. You need to be careful about when you show the product walkthrough to users.

    The untimely display of guides bothers your users and negatively affects the user experience ⛔️

    In UserGuiding, we are trying hard to solve this issue with on-demand guides feature. With this feature, users will be able to go through guides when exactly they needed. Our customers accomplished an increase in their guide views over %60 and about %20 in guide complete rates just using reusable guides.

    Mobile user onboarding is hard to perfect

    As a user onboarding tool developer, I can honestly say that mobile responsiveness is an absolute pain in the neck. Using JavaScript a lot makes it really hard for walkthroughs to work on mobile browsers in an expected way. You need to make quality assurance tests on different mobile browsers before making guides public.

    The regular health check is a must

    Because your web design is always changing or you are adding new features, you gotta make sure your guides are totally working. Even if you try hard to be careful there is always something missing and causing your product tours broke. So you need a solution which provides regular health check and breakdown insights.

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