The Easiest Way to Turn Your Users Into Champions

Create in-app experiences with the most straightforward product adoption platform — quick implementation, lasting
user engagement.

Traditional solutions are too time-consuming and inefficient for companies ready
to grow and thrive.

UserGuiding helps you create and improve in-app experiences that drive adoption and product strategy, without coding.

Effortlessly create user
onboarding experiences

Use the UserGuiding Chrome Extension to build whole onboarding flows right on top of your web app.

Update and publish your content with just a few clicks; easy as that.

15-min one-time setup
Preview instantly, go live within minutes
One-click publish to update all content
Create Your First Guide in 5 Minutes

Breathe life into new or
unused features

Execute efficient feature adoption campaigns. Use UserGuiding’s in-app modals, tooltips, and hotspots to bring unused features to the spotlight.

Improve product-wide adoption
Increase usage rates
Streamline feature rollouts
Build a Feature Adoption Campaign

Scale your support with
in-app self-service help

Create your own Knowledge Base and streamline your in-app help delivery process with a Resource Center.
Improve both customer engagement and satisfaction through consistent and accurate support.

Offer self-service help
Make support resources available in-app
Reduce support load and costs
Build a Knowledge Base

Take the guesswork out of
your product strategy

Use UserGuiding’s product usage analytics and in-app surveys to generate the insights you need to create a data-driven product strategy.

Then execute it using the segmentation and personalization features.

Analyze user behavior
Collect real-time user feedback
Personalize in-app experiences
Deploy a Survey Now

Your success story next

Join 1000+ teams
driving product success at speed

14-day free trial, no coding needed,
30-day money-back

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see

how exactly it works:

Quick set-up in minutes
Embed UserGuiding container code on your web app or website and download our Chrome extension. The whole setup takes just a few minutes.
Create your first element
Using our Chrome extension, you can create, edit, and test experiences on top of your own product, real-time.
Share it with the world
Decide on when and where you want your first element to appear and who you want to show it to, then hit that publish button, and voila!
Analyze, iterate, repeat
Create more in-app patterns to engage, educate, or collect feedback. Analyze user behavior and understand how they’re utilizing your in-app elements with UserGuiding’s analytics and user activity dashboards.

Take their words, not ours

UserGuiding is quickest and easiest solution to implement.
UserGuiding was the easiest to technically implement compared to other onboarding tools.
It took us literally 2 minutes to add new feature to our initial product tour as step.
Showing the benefits of the product listed out in the UserGuiding checklist was enough to do the trick.
Today, our product team has autonomy thanks to UserGuiding.

Integrate with your tech stack

UserGuiding integrates with your tech stack to make your life easier and your in-app experiences better. See our available integrations.
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How UserGuiding can help you more

Discover our features to get the most out of Userguiding

Security in UserGuiding

UserGuiding employs an end-to-end approach for data security, privacy, and control. Our infrastructure ensures the safety of your data, instilling confidence in your operations.
Check out the Trust Center

Join 1000+ teams
driving product success at speed

14-day free trial, no coding needed, 30-day