15 A/B Testing Tools to Find Out the Best of Everything for your Business

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    Home / UX / 15 A/B Testing Tools to Find Out the Best of Everything for your Business

    You’ve heard it before: “you can’t know what works unless you test it.” 

    And that’s true! 

    “But how do I test?”

    You find the right tools and use them wisely.  

    “But how do I find the right tools?”

    Well, by reading this blog post. 

    In this article, we will go over 15 A/B testing tools that cover everything from website design to email marketing, so you can figure out which one is best for your business.

    What is A/B testing?

    A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a randomized experimentation process in which two or more versions of a variable (web page, page element, etc.) are shown to different segments of website users at the same time to see which version has the most impact and drives business KPIs.

    What is A/B testing?

    A/B testing, in essence, removes all of the guesswork from optimization allowing you to achieve data-driven decision making. 

    • The ‘control’ or original testing variable is referred to as A.
    • B stands for 'variant,' which is a new version of the original testing variable.

    The ‘winner' is a version that improves your business metric(s). Using the adjustments from this winning variant on your tested page(s) / element(s) will help you improve your website and boost your business's ROI.

    After all, each website has its own set of conversion metrics. It may be the selling of products in eCommerce, or it may be the generation of qualified leads in B2B.

    Why do you need A/B testing software?

    Why do you need to A/B test?

    Individuals, teams, and companies can use A/B testing to make small changes in their user experiences.

    They collect data from this experience so they can form hypotheses about why particular aspects influence the behavior of users.

    More than just answering a one-off question or settling a disagreement, AB testing can be used consistently to continually improve a given experience, or a single goal like conversion rate, over time.

    For example, a B2B technology company might want to increase the quality and number of its leads that have been generated through campaign landing pages. 

    The team would try A/B testing changes to the headline, visuals, form fields, call to action, and general layout of the web page so as to achieve that goal.

    Testing one change at a time allows them to determine which changes had an impact on the behavior of their visitors and which did not. They can combine the effects of several winning changes obtained from the tests over time to demonstrate a measurable improvement of the new experience.

    This method of adding changes to a user experience also allows the experience to be optimized for a desired goal, which can improve the effectiveness of each part of a marketing campaign.

    Marketers can learn which form of ad copy draws the most clicks by putting it to the test.

    They can figure out which layout converts people to buyers the best by testing the new landing page. And if the parts of each stage operate as efficiently as possible to gain new consumers, the entire cost of a marketing campaign can be reduced.

    Product developers and designers can use A/B testing to illustrate the impact of new features or changes on a user experience.

    A/B testing can be used to improve product onboarding, user engagement, models, and in-product experiences, as long as the goals are clearly specified and a hypothesis is established.

    Top 15 A/B Testing Tools to Find Out the Best of Everything for your Business

    Here are 15 best A/B Testing Tools available on the market today:

    1. Google Analytics & Google Optimize

    A/B Testing Tools google

    Google Analytics and Google Optimize are two of the best data collection and A/B testing tools available, with almost everything you need available for free.

    Enterprise brands may want to sign up for more advanced services such as the Google Analytics 360 suite, but just so you know, the free version has a lot of features and you can do a lot with it without having to pay anything for it at all.

    There isn't much you can't accomplish with Google's offerings in terms of features.

    In fact, if you have engineers on board who know how to set up advanced tracking, these two tools can do considerably more than the other tools on this list.

    The Google solution has one major disadvantage: You need to understand the platform and how to get the most out of it, which may be too technical.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • A/B/n testing for multiple versions of a page
    • Multivariate testing for multiple elements on the same page
    • Redirect tests
    • Server-side experiments
    • Personalisation


    Free versions available

    2. Optimizely

    A/B Testing Tools optimizely

    Optimizely is one of the top CRO systems in the market, with a complete array of CRO tools that should cover you no matter how big your company becomes.

    Optimizely has a number of products, but the A/B testing and other features for optimizing web pages are provided by Optimizely Web. You can take this a step further with Optimizely X Personalisation, which allows you to send personalized messages to different audience segments.

    With Optimizely, you have some pretty strong tools at your disposal, and they're all simple to use without needing any technical expertise that Google Analytics and Optimize need.

    Pricing is available on request, and keep in mind that Optimizely aspires to be an enterprise-level solution with competitive pricing, so don't expect bargain bucket rates.

    Without revealing too much, the lower-to-mid plans will cost you at least five figures each year.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multi-page testing
    • Visual editor for building variations without any code
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Full Stack for optimising mobile apps and digital products

    Pricing: Available on request

    3. Convert

    A/B Testing Tools convert

    Convert is a cutting-edge testing platform for agencies and CRO experts aiming to improve their customers' websites and digital products. This is evident while using the program, which has the feel of a tool built for real professionals.

    Yes, you can use the visual builder to create variations without writing any codes, but you can always add custom code or use developer shortcuts like choosing containers, selecting child components, and hiding things with a right-click.

    Convert gives you more freedom to create your own variations and tests while also providing tools like the visual builder to help speed up the process.

    Most other A/B testing solutions will feel too limited after you get used to the flexibility of Convert, if you have the CRO and developer expertise to make the most of it.

    The Kickstart plan, which is created for companies just starting out with A/B testing, starts at $699 per month (paid annually). This still gives you unlimited testing for up to 500,000 people per month across five domains - not bad for a starter package.

    Pricing for up to three million users per month across unlimited domains is $3,499, and if you expect to surpass that number, you'll need to contact the company for an enterprise quotation. 

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Split testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Multipage experiments
    • WYSIWYG editor for building code-free experiments
    • Unlimited tests & variations
    • Extensive integrations

    Pricing: Starts at $699/mo

    4. HubSpot

    A/B Testing Tools hubspot

    If all you need is an A/B testing tool, HubSpot is not the tool for you. This is a four-product marketing software suite.

    The CRM is for maintaining customer data, while the Marketing Hub is for producing content, landing pages, managing leads, and performing A/B testing, among other things.

    HubSpot also has a Sales Hub that includes a variety of specialized tools for improving and automating your sales processes, as well as a Service Hub that assists your team in providing better customer service.

    HubSpot's software is all industry-standard, so you don't have to be concerned about its quality.

    To use HubSpot's A/B testing features, you'll need to sign up for the Marketing Hub's Professional plan, which costs at least $800 per month for 1,000 CRM contacts, plus a $3,000 onboarding charge and an extra $50 per month for each additional 1,000 CRM contacts -  yearly expenses may quickly add up.

    HubSpot is a pricey choice, but you get a lot of features built into a single system, which means you spend less time switching between different platforms.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • CRM
    • Lead management
    • Email marketing
    • Live chat
    • Marketing automation

    Pricing: Starts at $800/mo

    5. VWO

    A/B Testing Tools VWO

    VWO seeks to deliver a comprehensive suite of CRO tools, similar to Optimizely, but at a lower cost.

    Extensive testing tools for A/B, multivariate and split URL experiments, a visual editor for creating variations without coding, and powerful targeting and segmentation options are all included.

    VWO's behavioral segmentation enables you to target audiences in a way that many more expensive tools do not.

    Another enterprise feature VWO offers is asynchronous coding, which enhances the speed of your tests by avoiding the slower loading times and flickering that many A/B testing software programs suffer from.

    In essence, VWO is the first tool to try if you're seeking a nearly-enterprise CRO system for a cheaper price.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Split URL testing
    • Visual editor for building variations without any code
    • Widgets for testing/adding popups, banners and other prompts to generate leads
    • Behavioral segmentation
    • Asynchronous code reduces loading times while tests run

    Pricing: Starts at $199/mo for plans with A/B testing

    6. Kameleoon

    A/B Testing Tools Kameleoon

    Kameleoon is an AI-powered A/B testing and personalization tool that helps you optimize user experience.

    You can create personalized experiences based on the conversion probability of each visitor, which is determined in real-time and based on user actions.

    With the Kameleoon CRO tool, you can design and create tests in a user-friendly environment. This enterprise software is both intuitive and easy to use so that any member of your team will be able to get started right away without needing some specialized skills or training.

    Although Kameleoon's website does not include prices, they are reasonable at this level.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • AI personalisation
    • Visual editor
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Client-side for web and mobile sites
    • Full-stack for testing web, mobile apps and digital products

    Pricing: Available on request

    7. Omniconvert

    A/B Testing Tools Omniconvert

    Omniconvert offers a range of software tools to assist digital businesses in transforming data into growth strategies. Explore is the name of Omniconvert's conversion optimization platform, and it's described as "the CRO tool for developers" because of several unique features that come with it.

    The unlimited CSS and JS editor, which allows you complete control over how your variations are created, is the first of the features that you'll definitely notice.

    Developers not only have complete control, but they can also optimize their code to keep load times as low as possible while tests are running.

    Explore also has a CDN cache bypass, so you can make sure your tests run live right away, rather than having certain visitors see older cached versions of your site, which is terrible for data reliability.

    Another useful tool is stacked testing, which sets the winning variation from a test as the default so you can keep performing the same test to collect more data and ensure your results are accurate.

    Aside from A/B testing, Omniconvert offers great personalization features, advanced segmentation, web surveys, and triggered overlays, as well as the ability to integrate with Omniconvert's other software tools for analytics, automation, and customer experience.

    Pricing ranges from $167 per month for up to 50,000 tested visitors to $4,658 per month for up to five million tested users. The pricing model for Omniconvert couldn't be simpler, and features aren't restricted to any of the plans — you simply pay for the amount of visitors you test each month.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Split URL testing
    • Stacked tests
    • Personalisation
    • Overlays & popups
    • Unlimited CSS & JS editor
    • CDN bypass
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Experiment debugger

    Pricing: Starts at $167/mo

    8. Freshmarketer

    A/B Testing Tools freshmarketer

    Freshmarketer is a marketing automation and conversion rate optimization tool from Freshworks, which also offers a full suite of marketing and sales tools in different software packages that work together seamlessly.

    Freshmarketer's WYSIWYG editor and reporting interface make it easy to create A/B tests and split URL tests.

    While this isn't the most sophisticated testing platform available, it is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective.

    Heatmaps and session replays are also included to assist you in diagnosing UX issues and determining what needs to be tested on your website. You can use funnel analytics to analyze visitor drop-offs and determine where conversions are being lost.

    This provides you with all the fundamental tools you'll need to identify problems with your website and perform experiments to evaluate potential solutions.

    Freshmarketer is a great option for newbies or small companies looking to get started with conversion optimization.

    You'll also get some basic personalization tools, such as surveys and triggered messages, to gather customer feedback. Finally, even though you get some decent automation tools,  you'll need to link them with Freshworks' CRM (Freshsales) or another customer relationship management software to get the most out of them.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Split testing
    • Visual editor
    • Personalisation
    • Dynamic heatmaps
    • User feedback
    • Email marketing
    • Marketing automation
    • Integration with Freshworks apps

    Pricing: Starts from $49/mo (free version available but it doesn’t include A/B testing)

    9. Oracle Maxymiser

    A/B Testing Tools Oracle Maxymiser

    Oracle Maxymiser is a testing and experience optimization system that's part of Oracle Marketing Cloud.

    This was one of the first platforms to allow non-programmers to test, and it continues to offer some of the most cutting-edge conversion optimization and personalization features.

    At the same time, Oracle has a history of failing to stay up with industry standards by not upgrading its interfaces and key functionality. 

    The visual builder, for example, might need an update, and the machine learning algorithms' recommendations are rather basic, but they do help you grow.

    Having said that, Oracle's technology is reliable where it counts. Most importantly, client-side loading times are quick, so tests don't slow down the website, and you shouldn't notice any flickering or broken content while they're running.

    Also, the test length calculator does an excellent job of calculating how long your tests should run until statistical significance is reached.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Funnel optimization
    • Personalization
    • Predictive analytics
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Heatmaps
    • Extensive analytics & reporting

    Pricing: Available on request

    10. Monetate

    A/B Testing Tools Monetate

    Monetate offers retail companies a suite of marketing tools that include AI product suggestions, hyper-personalization, customer data management, and more.

    Its testing and optimization software has some advanced features that can help busy retail businesses in optimizing their online platforms without affecting the user experience. 

    The platform's dynamic testing engine sends additional traffic to winning variations automatically, allowing you to keep performing tests while hitting more targets.

    The platform also has its own technology to eliminate flicker, maintain loading times as short as possible, and prevent content breaks during your tests.

    The price reflects the fact that Monetate is primarily an enterprise platform. Unfortunately, the company does not publish prices on its website, thus your monthly/annual rates will be determined only on the basis of your application.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Dynamic testing allocates more traffic to winning variations
    • One-to-one personalisation
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Audience insights
    • Smart recommendations

    Pricing: Available on request

    11. Adobe Target

    A/B Testing Tools Adobe Target

    Adobe Target is a powerful software for enterprise personalization that's designed to make A/B tests run easily and quickly.

    You'll also get automated personalization, mobile app optimization, and suggestions based on your customers' data and behavior.

    The software walks you through a three-step experimentation process, in which you build your variation, select your audience segment, and then customize your test goals and settings.

    The UI isn't as appealing or as simple as Optimizely and VWO, but it's the Target self-learning algorithms that make this a popular platform among business companies.

    Target adjusts itself constantly and automatically to form associations between visitor behavior and content in order to provide you with the best possible results, adjusting your content in real-time to match user needs.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Visual editor
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • AI automation
    • Omnichannel personalisation

    Pricing: Available on request

    12. Evergage

    A/B Testing Tools Evergage

    Evergage was one of the leading providers for A/B testing tools and now is part of the SalesForce

    For those who want an easy-to-use interface with visualizations that provide intuitive insights into how people are responding to their products or services, they can’t go wrong here!

    Evergage offers the ability to customize customer experiences across various platforms to meet their unique needs and expectations.It relies on machine learning to analyze the data, track user actions, and automate optimizations based on these patterns.

    With this tool, you receive a comprehensive set of A/B testing features, as well as a lot more.

    This is one of the most advanced testing, personalization, and optimization tools available; the only question is whether you need them all in one place.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • CRM
    • AI Personalisation
    • Behavioural tracking
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Smart recommendations
    • Analytics & attribution

    Pricing: Available on request

    13. AB Tasty

    A/B Testing Tools AB Tasty

    AB Tasty is the affordable and simple side of the conversion optimization tool.

    The software shines at A/B testing, offers other attractive features like heatmaps, page flow reports, and basic personalization.

    The standard A/B, split, and multivariate testing options are made available, as well as an interesting funnel testing tool that allows you to experiment with changes across multiple pages.

    The drag-and-drop editor is the best part of AB Tasty, and it's what makes the platform so enjoyable to use.

    Sure, there are lots of similar editors coming onto the market currently, but AB Tasty's editor just works without interfering with your workflow.

    AB Tasty is another firm that does not publish prices on its website, although its monthly costs are regarded as fairly reasonable. However, don't be surprised if the asking price runs into four figures, which is actually well worth it for the quality it gives you.

    It's worth noting that several more complex testing tools are only accessible on the mid-tier and higher plans.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • A/B/n testing
    • Split testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Funnel testing
    • Advanced testing & segmentation
    • AI-powered personalisation
    • Dynamic widgets
    • Extensive analytics & reports

    Pricing: Available on request

    14. Apptimize

    A/B Testing Tools Apptimize

    Apptimize is a mobile-centric A/B testing tool. 

    Apptimize is customized to your testing needs if your business depends on mobile apps and sites that prioritize the mobile experience.

    You can easily perform cross-platform tests, personalize experiences, roll out new products and features, and release new versions and upgrades.

    Apptimise's data system ties all of these features together by collecting insights from different platforms so you can see how mobile behavior influences web decisions – and vice versa – or how server-side changes affect the front-end mobile experience.

    Apptimize's website doesn't include pricing, but you can expect it to come in the low four figures each month as a starting point. The price is quite fair for a specialized piece of software like this one.

    Key features:

    • Cross-platform A/B testing
    • Phased rollouts for experiments
    • Holdout experiments to exclude groups
    • Personalisation
    • Feature flags for controlling feature testing & rollout
    • Instant updates for rolling out updates without app store delays

    Pricing: Available on request

    15. Zoho PageSense

    A/B Testing Tools Zoho PageSense

    Zoho PageSense is a two-in-one conversion optimization and personalization tool with some of the most affordable entry prices in the market.

    Zoho's plans aren't price-capped, so you have full access to all the platform has to offer, and your fee is determined by the number of monthly visitors you have.

    Prices start at a low $17 per month for up to 10,000 monthly visits, and the Enterprise plan tops out at $599 per month, which is still less than many of the tools mentioned in this article.

    There aren't many choices at this price point for smaller businesses that offer the same set of features as Zoho's PageSense, so this has to be one of my top suggestions for SMEs and new startups.

    Key features:

    • A/B testing
    • Split URL testing
    • Visual editor
    • Advanced targeting & segmentation
    • Flexible reporting
    • Heatmaps
    • Funnel analysis
    • Personalisation

    Pricing: Starts from $17/mo

    Which one should you choose?

    I’ve listed the top 15 A/B testing tools for just about any need you might have in this list, from free options to full-enterprise solutions and the most user-friendly optimization tools available right now.

    Hopefully, this blog will serve as a guide to the best testing products, and we believe that making an informed decision will be much easier for you now that you've read it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you perform an AB test?

    You put 2 different versions of a feature live, and expose random end-users to it, to see which version works better. The people that are exposed should totally be random and not certain groups.

    What is the goal of an A/B test?

    The goal of A/B testing is to see which version of an update will work better. You can conduct an A/B test even if you are thinking of changing the color of a button.

    How long should you run an AB test?

    While the amount of time required to get the best results differs from one product to another, the test should stay live for at least a couple of weeks.

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