10+ Best AI Chatbot Software of 2024 (Top Features & Pricing)

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    Home / Product / 10+ Best AI Chatbot Software of 2024 (Top Features & Pricing)

    Welcome to the future where artificial intelligence meets the power of conversation!

    In this blog post, we're unleashing the ultimate chatbot extravaganza as we unveil more than 10+ best AI chatbot software.

    If you're as curious as we are about the world of chatbot software, you've come to the right place. 

    A laptop sitting on a white surface with a white background and a robot hand pushing a button on the laptop’s keyboard with only the hand visible.

    So sit back, and prepare to meet the best AI chatbots that will make you question if you're really chatting with a human or just getting lost in an AI wonderland. 

    Let’s begin!

    What is an AI Chatbot Software?

    An AI chatbot software is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to have conversations with people.

    It's like a smart friend on your computer or phone that can understand and respond to your questions, provide information, or assist with tasks.

    It's designed to mimic human conversation and gets better over time with learning.

    You might have come across chatbots on websites, social media platforms, or messaging apps.

    They can help with various things like customer support, providing recommendations, answering frequently asked questions, or even just having a friendly chat.

    10+ Best AI Chatbot Software with Top Features

    With a wide range of options available, we have curated a list of the 10+ best AI chatbot software, each offering unique features and capabilities.

    Now let’s see the top features of each and their pricing.

    1. Intercom’s Fin

    Fin is Intercom’s personalized AI bot for support.

    It brings a new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction to the support systems of businesses with just your help center URL and work email address.

    This way, Fin quickly analyzes your support content and delivers personalized answers to all questions.

    Intercom’s AI chatbot Fin’s homepage with a bold “Resolve 50% of support questions. Instantly.” and “Join waitlist” & “Try Fin” buttons in the upper right corner.

    Top Features:

    • Ability to comprehend and interpret clear and concise writing, similar to human understanding.
    • Easily organize your articles by breaking them down into smaller, digestible sections. 
    • Utilize lists and tables to visually present information in a structured manner.
    • Identify any information gaps in your help center articles by analyzing customer conversations and common questions
    • Generate new content to address those gaps effectively.

    Pricing: Fin's pricing is determined by the number of resolutions, which indicates the successful resolution of support tickets and confirmation from customers that the answer is satisfactory.

    Each “resolution” is priced at $1.90.

    2. LiveChatAI

    LiveChatAI is a GPT4-powered AI chatbot that offers to build your own AI chatbot assistant on your website to respond quickly to customer queries.

    It utilizes the power of ChatGPT to integrate with your website, enabling engaging conversations based on your uploaded documents or linked content.

    Plus, it even analyzes the provided screenshot to understand its context and provide valuable assistance to the user. 

    The homepage of LiveChatAI with the bold headline in the center as “GPT4 Powered AI Chatbot for your website” followed by a black “Join the Waitlist” button and G2 badges below.

    Top Features:

    • Ability to reach customers on multiple platforms such as Intercom, Slack, and Emails by deploying the AI agent.
    • By default, LiveChatAI uses ChatGPT 3.5, but you have the freedom to opt for the advanced GPT-4.
    • When faced with queries outside its knowledge scope, a smooth transition to a human representative ensures seamless support for customers.
    • You can easily incorporate LiveChatAI into your website with the provided embed script.
    • Utilize the trained data API to integrate and leverage the AI's learning capabilities within your existing systems.

    Pricing: The basic plan, which is suitable for personal use, costs $39/mo with 5.000 messages, 1 chatbot, 1 website, and 1 million character data import.

    You can also go for the Pro plan for $89/mo or the Expert plan for $389/mo.

    3. Jasper Chat

    Jasper serves as a branded AI platform tailored for businesses.

    It aids creators in overcoming creative obstacles, generating unique visuals, and transforming content into diverse formats, tones, and languages.

    Unlike many AI tools that produce generic outputs and are limited to specific platforms, Jasper Chat can be personalized to reflect your brand and seamlessly integrated across various channels, including email, social media, and websites.

    Jasper Chat’s chatbot answering the question “What is an AI chatbot?” in a light blue speech bubble on a white background.

    Top Features:

    • Possesses a wealth of knowledge on various niche and advanced topics, including information as recent as the Summer of 2021.
    • Features a familiar and accessible design that is user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for all individuals.
    • Remembers previous parts of the conversation, allowing it to maintain better context and provide more relevant and accurate responses.
    • Enables the rapid generation of useful, applicable, and unique content, catering to users' specific needs.
    • Has the capability to generate content in 29 different languages, ensuring its usability across diverse linguistic contexts.

    Pricing: A 7-day free trial is available if you want to try it out first.

    The creator plan costs $39/month, billed yearly with unlimited words generated by AI, 1 seat, and 50+ templates.

    4. LivePerson

    LivePerson goes beyond live chat, offering an all-in-one omnichannel messaging platform for businesses to engage with their customers across various channels.

    LivePerson offers a self-learning tool with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for accurate and intelligent interactions.

    You can gain valuable insights into customer engagement through features like engagement insights.

    Plus, with LivePerson's Conversational Cloud, businesses can create bots and design message flows without the need for coding expertise. 

    LivePerson’s homepage with a bold headline on a dark blue background followed by a blue “Schedule a guided demo.”

    Top Features:

    • Deliver personalized and tailored support to each customer, fostering more meaningful interactions and resolving issues effectively.
    • Stand out from the competition by offering real-time support that meets your customers' needs instantly.
    • Engage customers with intuitive voice interfaces that understand and respond to their needs
    • Provide end-to-end support for travelers, from planning their trips to on-the-go assistance.
    • Personalize interactions, offer tailored recommendations and enhance the overall customer journey in the automotive industry.

    Pricing: You can either pay as you go to only pay for what you use with unlimited agent seats or have an annual contract to get customer success and enhanced support services.

    To explore the capabilities of LivePerson, you can request a demo and reach out to the sales team for pricing information.

    5. Netomi

    Netomi's AI platform automates customer service ticket resolution across multiple channels with high accuracy.

    It can resolve over 70% of customer queries without human intervention.

    Plus, it integrates seamlessly with leading agent desk platforms, and Netomi works with various companies across diverse industries.

    Netomi chatbot’s homepage with a headline on the left followed by an orange “Book a Demo” button, and on the right, there is an image showing the number of tickets handled.

    Top Features:

    • Incorporates generative AI technology with administrative control, known as Sanctioned AI, allowing for advanced customization and oversight.
    • With the Conversation OS, users benefit from features such as intent narrowing, suggestions, and dynamic welcome menus.
    • Utilizes reinforcement learning techniques for ongoing optimization, ensuring continuous improvement in resolving customer queries and providing better experiences.
    • Incorporating sentiment analysis enables contextual understanding of customer emotions and suggests appropriate next best actions based on the analysis.
    • Automatically generates Q&As from various knowledge sources, such as knowledge bases and PDFs, providing accurate and relevant information to customers.

    Pricing: For information regarding pricing, please reach out to our sales team to inquire about specific details.

    6. Ada

    Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that offers cost-effective resolutions for your business.

    It helps you automatically resolve a wide range of customer service inquiries across multiple channels and languages, ensuring efficient resolution with minimal effort required.

    Homepage of the AI chatbot Ada “Revolutionize the customer experience with AI” headline in the center followed by “Request a Demo” and “Learn More” buttons.

    Top Features:

    • Integrates with your current business systems, effectively resolving intricate customer inquiries.
    • Automates tasks through prebuilt workflows or generative AI, ensuring efficient and proactive resolution of customer inquiries.
    • Captures and extracts pertinent conversation and customer information from diverse channels.
    • Multimodal capabilities allow you to share content and training across digital and voice channels.
    • You can integrate Ada with your knowledge base to automatically generate new intents by leveraging existing content.

    Pricing: There are three plans that Ada offers: Core, Advanced, and Pro.

    You can contact the sales and get a quote according to your needs.

    7. Claude

    Claude, an AI assistant product developed by the AI research company Anthropic, is equipped with chatbot capabilities.

    Its primary goal is to provide assistance and ensure a positive user experience while engaging in conversations.

    To utilize Claude, interested users must request access and join the waitlist.

    Claude AI chatbot’s homepage with a bold “Meet Claude” headline in the center followed by a short text and two buttons as “Request Access” and “Try Claude in Slack”.

    Top Features:

    • Special emphasis has been placed on training Claude to manage difficult or unpleasant discussions effectively.
    • Customizable personality, tone, and behavior of Claude's chatbot to meet specific needs
    • Seamless integration via standard APIs for easy implementation
    • Versatile application in various use cases, including customer service, search, back-office tasks, sales support, and coaching
    • It relies on a proprietary model and ongoing training to ensure trustworthiness as an AI chatbot

    Pricing: Claude offers a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing structure for its services. There are two versions available: Claude Instant and Claude-v1.

    • Claude Instant: The prompt cost is $1.63 per million tokens, and the completion cost is $5.51 per million tokens.
    • Claude-v1: The prompt cost is $11.02 per million tokens, and the completion cost is $32.68 per million tokens. 

    For more information about pricing and specific details, it is recommended to get in touch with the sales team.

    8. Tidio

    Tidio provides a live chat solution featuring chatbots aimed at enhancing customer support for businesses.

    Along with its live view feature, it enables businesses to identify visitors to their websites in real-time, enabling proactive customer service. 

    Tidio's chatbot platform incorporates conversational AI chatbots and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

    Additionally, users can leverage the visual builder interface and pre-designed chatbot templates provided by Tidio to easily construct and develop their chatbots as they receive input from customers.

    ALT: Tidio’s homepage with the bold headline on the left followed by a short piece of text and “Get started for free” and “Book a demo” buttons; on the right, there is a female sitting on the floor working on a laptop with speech bubbles on the image.

    Top Features:

    • Easy installation process and user-friendly interface.
    • Tidio bots offer 16 different triggers to customize their behavior.
    • Free live chat functionality on mobile devices, allowing you to engage with customers while on the move
    • Advanced NLP technology for enhanced understanding and response capabilities.
    • Integrates with various platforms, such as MailChimp and Zapier.

    Pricing: There is a free plan that allows users to access certain features at no cost.

    For more advanced features, users can choose the Communicator plan, priced at $19 per month, or opt for the Chatbots plan, available at $49 per month.

    9. Snatchbot

    Snatchbot is a platform that comes with NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Machine Learning technologies.

    The conversations can be simple, multiple-choice, or based on action buttons.

    Plus, it is possible to embed your bot on 10 different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

    You can create two versions of chatbots: bots and bot/human hybrids.

    Snatchbot’s homepage with a headline followed by text and two buttons as “Watch The Video” and “Download Brochure”; on the right, there are two phone mockups with some text messages on each.

    Top Features:

    • There is no limit to the number of available bots.
    • You can get notifications for incoming messages.
    • It might look complex initially, but no coding knowledge is required to use Snatchbot.
    • Bots and bot/human hybrid versions provide versatility.
    • Multiple integration options with Hootsuite, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

    Pricing: There is a free plan available with a limit of 2000 messages per account.

    The starter plan costs $99 per month with 10,000 messages and the removal of SnatchBot branding.

    10. Aivo

    Aivo is an AI platform that provides multilingual chatbots with extensive customization options for you to personalize the chatbots according to your preferences.

    The platform offers multiple dashboards that allow for visualizing statistics, facilitating data interpretation.

    This feature enables businesses to analyze customer responses and make improvements to the bot's replies for future interactions.

    Aivo’s homepage with the headline on the left followed by a piece of text and “Book a demo” button; on the right, there is a phone illustration with colorful connection lines going to different places with images and icons on each.

    Top Features:

    • Conversational AI has the ability to comprehend various customer communication styles, such as the use of emojis and different modes of expression.
    • Seamlessly integrate with your current technology infrastructure to ensure smooth compatibility.
    • Every conversational journey activates automated queries that deliver immediate and tailored solutions.
    • You can utilize an analytics dashboard to access detailed real-time reports, enabling measurement of the effectiveness of conversational journeys.
    • You can streamline the optimization process by scheduling recurring reports.

    Pricing: There is a free 30-day trial to explore and evaluate the platform's features.

    The Starter plan is available at a monthly cost of $99, offering a comprehensive set of functionalities.

    You can upgrade to the Advanced plan for an enhanced experience, priced at $449 per month.

    For Business and Enterprise plans, you can get in touch with the sales team of Aivo.

    11. Genesys DX 

    Genesys DX is an AI-powered chatbot platform that assists sales and customer support teams by providing valuable insights into customer interactions and order history.

    With customizable features and mobile-specific rules, businesses can create a personalized and seamless user experience.

    Genesys DX offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing chatbot operations and improving customer engagement.

    Genesys’ homepage with the headline bold in the center followed by “Learn more” and “Register for Xperience 2023” buttons with product-related buttons below.

    Top Features:

    • The platform's SDK tool enables easy integration of chat functionality into iOS and Android apps. 
    • Offers a dynamic search bar, resource management capabilities, a knowledge base, and smart routing to maximize the creation of chatbots.
    • AI-driven integrated natural language understanding (NLU) identifies customer goals and intent, enhancing customer interactions.
    • An intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder to create smart bots.
    • Omnichannel deployment to let customers engage with your brand wherever.

    Pricing: Genesys Cloud CX 1 costs $75/month with limited features. You can contact the Genesys DX sales team for the pricing plan that fits your needs.

    12. Drift

    Drift is an AI platform especially suitable for B2B businesses to enable customer engagement through conversational marketing.

    It offers a range of tools and features, such as live chat, chatbots, email marketing, and video communication.

    Drift's platform is designed to help businesses generate leads, nurture customer relationships, and drive growth through conversational interactions.

    Drift’s homepage with a bold headline on top followed by a yellow text box with a neon blue “Get Started” button; and on the right, there is a male sitting and a female standing looking at a laptop happily.

    Top Features:

    • It’s a no-code chatbot platform, so there is no need to hire someone for details.
    • Real-time visibility into performance with metrics like CSAT score, deflection rate, and time-to-resolution
    • You can enable human support when needed by utilizing custom routing rules, templates, and response timers
    • Provides immediate answers to customers through self-service options.
    • It reduces the need for customer support by leveraging self-service deflection.

    Pricing: The Premium plan is designed for small businesses, with prices starting at $2,500 per month on an annual billing cycle.

    For Advanced and Enterprise plans, you may contact Drift’s sales team.

    13. Pandorabots

    Pandorabots is an artificial intelligence platform that specializes in the development and deployment of chatbots and conversational agents.

    It provides a comprehensive set of tools, technologies, and APIs to create, train, and deploy chatbots for various applications and industries.

    The core technology behind Pandorabots is AIML, which is a scripting language used to define the behavior and responses of chatbots, so you need coding knowledge to use Pandorabots.

    Pandorabots’ purple homepage with the title bold in the center followed by “Sign Up Free” button and trust badges and numbers below.

    Top Features:

    • AIML script allows you to develop conversational agents that are context-aware, enabling more natural and engaging interactions.
    • AIML script platform caters to both developers and CX designers.
    • It offers features like continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), version control, and chatlogs.
    • You can deploy your AIML scripts to various messaging or voice channels.
    • You have the freedom to write AIML scripts in any natural language of your choice, ensuring accessibility and ease of development.

    Pricing: There is a free plan that is available to get started with the platform.

    The Developer plan is priced at $19 per month, offering affordable access to the platform's features.

    You can upgrade to the Pro plan for enhanced functionality, available at a monthly cost of $199.

    For Enterprise plans, you can contact the sales team to discuss custom solutions and pricing options.

    Why Should Businesses Use AI Chatbots?

    There are many reasons why an AI chatbot can be the best thing that could happen to your business.

    Below we’ll cover some of them. Let’s see if you can relate!

    Always Available, Never Tired

    Surprised? We’re not. One of the most obvious advantages of AI chatbots is their round-the-clock availability.

    Unlike human agents, who need rest and breaks, chatbots tirelessly serve customers 24/7 (sounds cruel?).

    Answering frequently asked questions, guiding users through product selection, or even processing orders, none of these matter for AI chatbots.

    They ensure your business is always accessible, eliminating customer frustrations caused by delayed responses or limited availability.

    Instant and Efficient Customer Support

    Speed is the name of the game in today's competitive business landscape.

    With AI chatbots, businesses can provide instant responses to customer queries, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

    Let’s admit: Chatbots can quickly access information from vast databases, providing accurate and relevant answers in a matter of seconds.

    Personalized Interactions

    AI chatbots are not just efficient; they are also capable of delivering personalized experiences. 

    Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, they can analyze customer data and tailor responses based on individual preferences and past interactions.

    Consequently, this personalized touch can make customers feel valued, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business, we know that hiring and training customer support representatives can be a costly endeavor.

    Compared to human agents, AI chatbots provide an affordable alternative, allowing businesses to automate routine tasks and allocate human resources to more complex and specialized roles. 

    By reducing the need for a large customer support team, chatbots help optimize costs while maintaining high service quality.

    Scalability and Consistency

    As your business grows, so does the volume of customer queries. AI chatbots can effortlessly handle an increasing number of conversations without compromising quality or response time. 

    They offer consistency in their interactions, ensuring that every customer receives the same level of service, regardless of the time or channel through which they reach out.

    For some businesses, it is very important to maintain a coherent brand voice and adhere to established guidelines to reinforce your business's identity.

    And that’s exactly what chatbots help you achieve easily.

    Valuable Customer Insights

    Beyond customer support, AI chatbots can gather valuable data and insights about customer behavior, preferences, and pain points.

    By analyzing these insights, businesses can identify patterns and trends, enabling them to make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement.

    Chatbots are an invaluable source of real-time customer feedback, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

    Before You Leave…

    The AI chatbot software landscape this year has been nothing short of amazing. We've explored the top options available, and they all offer unique features and capabilities.

    With advancements in natural language understanding and deep learning, we can expect even more sophisticated and personalized chatbots that handle complex interactions seamlessly.

    Exciting times lie ahead as technology continues to evolve, and we eagerly await the next wave of innovations in this exciting field.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Future of AI-Based Chatbots?

    The future of AI-based chatbots is super exciting! They're getting smarter thanks to advances in natural language processing and machine learning. Integrating voice assistants and virtual reality adds a personal touch and immersive experience. Chatbots are expanding into healthcare, finance, and education. Get ready for an incredible future where chatbots become even more awesome in our daily lives!

    Which Language AI is the Best?

    Popular languages for AI include Python, Java, C++, and R. Python is often favored for its simplicity and extensive libraries. However, the choice of language should align with your project requirements and your own familiarity and comfort level. Feel free to explore different options and find the one that suits you best!

    Can AI Write Code?

    Yes, AI can write code, but human review is still necessary for quality assurance.

    How do Chatbots Work?

    Businesses frequently incorporate chatbots into their websites to interact with customers.

    These chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend human language and provide appropriate responses.

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