14 Best Customer Engagement Software of 2024

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    Welcome to the future of customer engagement!

    In this exciting journey through the digital landscape, I'll unveil the 14 Best Customer Engagement Software that revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audience.

    From powerful analytics tools that decipher customer behavior in real time to cutting-edge platforms that create personalized experiences, get ready to explore the latest and greatest customer engagement solutions that will supercharge your customer relationships.

    So buckle up and get ready to discover the future of engagement like never before!

    Top 14 In-App Engagement Software for You

    1- UserGuiding

    To enhance customer engagement for your web product with minimal effort, UserGuiding comes to the rescue for those dying to save some time rather than deal with coding and maintenance non-stop.

    customer engagement software userguiding

    UserGuiding means no code, no fuss, and is always rooting for ease of use, setup, creation, and customization!

    With UserGuiding's user onboarding tool, you can effortlessly -and instantly- set up guides, and create interactive walkthroughs, tutorials, and tooltips – all without writing a single piece of code.

    You can mix UserGuiding’s advanced features and turn your user onboarding flows into brilliant processes that will activate and engage your users.

    customer engagement software userguiding features

    Here’s a list of things it provides to make you stand out:

    Interactive Guides

    customer engagement software userguiding interactive guide

    In-App Messages

    customer engagement software userguiding in app messages

    The platform lets you display different messages to numerous groups of users, which are triggered by custom events.

    This kind of personalized experience is always ready for you to reach the right user at the right time.

    Onboarding Checklists

    customer engagement software checklists

    You can be a part of UserGuiding for FREE and benefit from the amazing interactive experiences that will make life easier for your users!


    14-day free trial (no credit card required)

    Basic Plan: $89/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU

    Professional Plan: $389/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides

    Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies


    Interactive Product Tours,

    ✅ Tooltips and Hotspots

    User Onboarding Checklists,

    ✅ Resource Centers,

    ✅ Customer Surveys,

    ✅ Easy Localization,

    ✅ Advanced Analytics with User Activity Feed,

    ✅ Custom user segments,

    ✅ Material Tagging and Easy Targeting,

    ✅ No-code customization,

    ✅ Advanced integrations.


    ❌ Dependency on internet connection.

    2- Appcues

    customer engagement softwarr appcues

    Appcues allows businesses to create interactive onboarding experiences, feature announcements, and user guides within their applications.

    It helps guide users through the app and deliver relevant messages at the right time.


    The Essentials Package of Appcues starts at $249/month when billed annually with 2500 MAU.

    The Growth Package of Appcues starts at $879/month when billed annually, again at 2500 MAU.

    The Enterprise Package of Appcues doesn’t have public pricing, so you need to get a custom quotation.


    ✅ Analytics and Insights

    ✅ A/B Testing

    ✅ Segmentation

    ✅ User Onboarding

    Customizable and No Coding Required


    ❌ Cost

    ❌ Limited Integration

    ❌ Limited Offline Support

    3- WalkMe

    customer engagement software walkme

    WalkMe provides on-screen, step-by-step guidance for users while navigating an application. It assists users in completing tasks, learning new features, and understanding app functionalities.


    WalkMe doesn’t have public pricing, but most users agree on pricing plans that vastly change in the 5-figure range.

    The average pricing for the small teams seems to be around $10,000/year, but since WalkMe is an enterprise solution that specializes as a DAP for large organizations, you might have to multiply the alleged numbers.


    ✅ Feature Discoverability

    ✅ User Onboarding and Adoption

    ✅ Contextual Support

    ✅ Data-driven Insights

    ✅ Customization and Personalization


    ❌ Learning Curve

    ❌ Cost

    ❌ Implemantion Complexity

    4- Pendo

    customer engagement software pendo

    Pendo offers product analytics and in-app messaging to help businesses understand user behavior and engage with them in-app through targeted messages and surveys.


    Pendo’s pricing is feature and usage-based, and it possibly scales with how many users you have like other analytics platforms.

    Pendo has a free plan called “Pendo Free“. Pendo free allows up to 1,000 monthly active users for one web and one mobile app.

    For more extensive plans, Pendo doesn’t have set pricing.


    ✅ Customer Feedback Collection

    ✅ Segmentation and Targeting

    ✅ Integration and Collaboration

    ✅ Product Analytics


    ❌ Overwhelming Data

    ❌ Implementation Time

    ❌ Learning Curve

    5- CleverTap

    customer engagement software clevertap

    CleverTap provides in-app messaging, push notifications, and other engagement tools to improve user experiences and drive app retention and conversions.


    Pendo’s pricing starts at a base rate of $99/month with an MAU tier of up to 5,000 users.

    As your business scales, you can also access more features as free or paid add-ons.


    ✅ Multichannel Engagement

    ✅ Marketing Automation

    ✅ User segmentation

    ✅ A/B testing


    ❌ Data privacy concerns

    ❌ Integration complexities

    Multi-Platform Customer Engagement Platforms

    6- ActiveCampaign

    customer engagement software activecampaign

    ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that offers email marketing, CRM, and automation tools. It helps businesses engage with customers through personalized emails, SMS, and social media platforms.


    For Marketing, there are four plans available: Lite (from $39/month), Plus (from $70), Professional (from $159/month), and Enterprise (from $279/month).

    For Sales, you can choose between Plus (from $19/month), Professional (from $49/month), or their Enterprise plan.


    ✅ Robust Automation

    ✅ Email Marketing

    ✅ Lead Scoring and Segmentation

    ✅ CRM and Sales Automation

    ✅ Integrations


    ❌ Limited Landing Page Builder

    ❌ Email Deliverability

    7- Pardot

    customer engagement software salesforce pardot

    Pardot, a part of Salesforce, is a B2B marketing automation platform. It includes email marketing, lead nurturing, and social media management features, enabling businesses to engage with prospects and customers effectively.


    Pardot Pricing Plans vary from $1,250/month to $15,000/month based on advanced functionality settings and contacts you want to engage with.


    ✅ Integration with Salesforce

    ✅ Lead Nurturing

    ✅ Robust Automation

    ✅ Advanced Segmentation


    ❌ Limited Native Integrations

    ❌ Customization

    8- Marketo

    customer engagement software adobe marketo

    Marketo, another marketing automation platform, allows businesses to engage with customers across various communication channels through email marketing, personalized content, and social media campaigns.


    Marketo offers three standard pricing tiers, at $895, $1,795, and $3,175 per month.

    Each tier unlocks different functionalities, which means that it might cost an additional $900 – $1,400 per month for just a handful of extra features.


    ✅ Comprehensive Marketing Automation

    ✅ Advanced Lead Management

    ✅ Reporting and Analytics

    ✅ Comprehensive Marketing Automation


    ❌ Complexity of Implementation

    ❌ Support and Resources

    ❌ Learning Curve

    9- Intercom

    customer engagement software intercom

    Intercom is a messaging platform that enables businesses to engage with customers through targeted emails, in-app messages, and social media. Intercom is also a product walkthrough software.

    It allows personalized communication based on customer behavior and preferences throughout the entire customer journey.


    Product Tours: $199 per month for video and guided tours

    Advanced Support Automation: $249 per month for Resolution Bot

    Advanced Lead Generation: $499 per month for Clearbit Reveal & Marketo integrations

    Advanced Customer Engagement: $499 per month for push messages and multi-channel campaigns


    ✅ Powerful for cross-channel messaging and data tracking

    ✅ Unique marketing features like product tours and A/B testing

    ✅ Ability to create custom-built apps for Intercom Messenger using API


    ❌ Missing some basic live chat features like message sneak peek

    ❌ One of the most expensive solutions on the market

    ❌ Lacking customer support availability

    10- Sprout Social

    customer engagement software sprout social

    Sprout Social is a social media management platform that helps businesses engage with their audience on social media channels.

    It allows scheduling and publishing posts, responding to messages and comments, and analyzing social media performance.


    Standard Plan for $249 per month

    Professional Plan for $399 per month

    Advanced Plan for $499 per month


    ✅ User-friendly interface

    ✅ Scheduling and automation

    ✅ Team collaboration

    ✅ Customer support & training


    ❌ Limited reporting on lower-tier plans

    ❌ Limited social listening

    Analytics and Customer Behavior Analysis Software

    11- Google Analytics

    customer engagement software google analytics

    Google Analytics is a widely-used web and mobile analytics tool that provides valuable insights into user behavior, website/app traffic, and conversion tracking. It allows businesses to track user interactions within the app and analyze user journeys.


    Google Analytics has two price plans: free and 360.

    The cost of Google Analytics 360 starts from $12,500 per month and $150,000 per year.


    Comprehensive Data

    ✅ Free to use

    ✅ Integration with other Google services

    ✅ Customizable reports

    ✅ E-commerce Tracking


    ❌ Complex interface for beginners

    ❌ Data sampling

    ❌ Dependency on Google

    12- Kissmetrics

    customer engagement software kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics provides behavioral analytics to track individual user interactions and journeys across multiple devices and touchpoints. It offers insights into user engagement, conversion funnels, and customer retention.


    Silver Package for $199/mo

    For small businesses looking to grow

    Gold Package for $499/mo

    For mid-sized businesses looking to scale


    ✅ Customer-centric analytics

    ✅ Funnel and cohort analysis

    ✅ Customer Lifetime Value tracking

    ✅ Integration with other tools


    ❌ Pricing

    ❌ Limited real-time analytics

    13- Hotjar

    customer engagement software hotjar

    Hotjar offers heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys to understand how users interact with the app and identify areas for improvement. It provides visual representations of user behavior and engagement.


    The basic plan starts at $29 per month.


    ✅ Heatmaps,

    ✅ Session recordings,

    ✅ Dashboard & reporting,

    ✅ Survey customization options,

    ✅ Funnel analysis, and

    ✅ User behavior insights.


    ❌ Limited key features in lower-tier plans,

    ❌ The complex learning curve for advanced analytics.

    14- Woopra

    customer engagement software woopra

    Woopra is a customer analytics platform that tracks user behavior across different channels and touchpoints, including in-app interactions and off-app activities like marketing emails and social media.


    Core plan For Learning & Experimenting Purposes for Free

    Pro Plan for $999/monthly


    Real-time Analytics

    ✅ Customer Profiles

    ✅ Integrations


    ❌ Data privacy concerns

    ❌ Implementation complexities

    ❌ Limited customer support

    Wrapping Up

    Remember, choosing the right customer engagement software solution is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

    All customer engagement tools come with their own unique strengths and features, tailored to cater to diverse business needs. I encourage you to reflect on your specific requirements, organizational goals, and budget to make the best-informed decision for your venture.

    While my list encompasses some of the finest solutions available, the customer engagement landscape is dynamic, with new innovations on the horizon.

    Stay curious, stay adaptable, and always be open to embracing cutting-edge technologies that can elevate your engagement strategies to new heights.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a customer engagement software?

    Software for customer engagement is a technology solution designed to foster customer satisfaction & meaningful relations between businesses and their customers’ interactions.

    It serves as a centralized platform that enables businesses to engage with customers across various digital channels, such as email, social media, mobile apps, and websites.

    👉🏼 By leveraging customer engagement software, businesses can personalize connections with customers, deliver relevant content, and track customer communication, ultimately enhancing customer experiences and building stronger relationships with their target audience.

    What is the difference between CRM and a customer engagement platform?

    The main difference between a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and a customer engagement platform lies in their focus and scope of functionalities.

    A CRM system is primarily designed to manage and maintain customer data, interactions, and relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

    On the other hand, a customer engagement platform goes beyond data management and focuses on actively engaging with customers across various messaging channels.

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