Most Popular UserGuiding Blog Articles of 2019

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    Ah, 2019... What a year it was, for UserGuiding! We have raised seed funding, became the 22nd most loved product of the year on ProductHunt, and published over 60 articles on our blog.

    Do you wonder which of these 60 articles were the most popular? Well, we did, and we wanted the share the results with you. So here are the top 10 most popular UserGuiding Blog articles of 2019.

    1- User Onboarding 101 for Product Managers

    In the most popular article of 2019, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, the CEO of Product School, thoroughly explained especially to product managers out there what user onboarding is, why it matters and how a decent user onboarding is built.

    This 6-minute article sums up everything you need to learn on user onboarding if you are a product manager.

    2- Top UX Designers to Follow

    UX design is a field where you might crave desperately for inspiration at a point. Aimed to help UX designers that needed inspiration or an idol to follow, we have listed the most famous UX designers one can follow. We are sure you already heard of at least one of these 11 designers!

    ux designers

    3- Best Practices for Displaying an Empty State

    An “Empty state” or empty screen or zero-data state is the moment in which the regular content of a page can’t be displayed to users. Most UX designers struggle in dealing with these motivation-killing situations.

    In order to help those fellow designers out there, our Product Manager Alican Bektas suggested these 3 good practices of empty state displays.

    4- What is Product Adoption and How to Measure and Increase It for a SaaS Product

    Although the SaaS product trend is growing exponentially, there is one big problem every SaaS businesses have: “Customer Retention Rate”.

    In order to achieve industry-high rates on retention, you must have every new customer adopt your product. In this article, we explain what product adoption means, how it's measured and increased on SaaS products.

    5- The Best UX Tools and Their Pricing

    Being a UX designer means cutting corners and saving time just as it means to design products. One of the best ways to save time is by using tools to help you do certain tasks faster.

    So what do you think are the tools that are indispensable to a UX designer, whether it is a design or a collaboration tool? We shared our answers with our readers in this article.

    ux tools

    6- How to Successfully Launch on Product Hunt

    Launching your product on Product Hunt is perhaps the most convenient way of getting early attention. You might even become a top product and end up being boosted by your position. UserGuiding V2 was launched on Product Hunt on the 16th of April 2019 and it became the top product of the week. Just entering 2020, we were notified we were the 22nd Most Loved Product of 2019!

    In this article, we shared how we prepared in order to achieve the maximum success out of Product Hunt.

    7- Bad UX Examples You Should Avoid

    A humble life of a user is filled with dangers everywhere they go. Entering a website to read an article, downloading a new app, or even updating Whatsapp; you might be attacked by a bad UX design.

    If you, as a designer, want to stay away from forcing your users into torture chambers, you can read and learn what users dislike. In our article, we go over 6 terrible UX examples that every designer avoid.

    ux examples

    8- Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers

    Do you have a startup that you just can't find a way to grow? Your growth hack that will launch your company to space is out there among the many.

    Everything can be a growth hack in 2020. In this article, we listed the tools that might end up being your growth hack.

    9- What is an "Aha!" Moment and How to Find It

    An "Aha!" moment is where your user understands how your product works and the value it offers. In order to increase activation and conversion rates, and turn your free trial users into loyal customers, users should be pushed to their "Aha!" moments as soon as possible.

    In this article, we explain what an "Aha!" moment is and how it is found, with a way to integrate it into your business.

    10- User Persona Examples for SaaS Products

    How do you start designing a product? By first learning who you are designing it for.

    User personas act as a guiding star for UX designers. Learning the demographics of your users, their needs, what they want to achieve, and their story help design optimized and flawless products. In our popular article, we give you an idea of what a user persona might look like by providing you with 3 user persona examples, including a one that we use for UserGuiding.

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