UserGuiding sponsored the Virtual Product Summit held on the 19th of March for the 2nd time!

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    Home / News / UserGuiding sponsored the Virtual Product Summit held on the 19th of March for the 2nd time!

    On March 19th, Product School organized the second-ever product summit with eight speakers that are industry thought leaders in product management.

    It was a 4-hour long straight product knowledge, covering essential product management topics like the latest in product analytics, tech trends in 50 years, and branding for PMs.

    Priorly, we, as UserGuiding, had the chance to collaborate with Product School on the e-book Product Phases and sponsored the very first Virtual Product Summit. And, for the second time, we have sponsored this great product event once again!

    If you're aspiring to become a PM or would like to hone your skills in product management, but missed the event, don't worry. Product school has shared all the slides used during the event.

    Also, you can watch the whole summit, which was published live on Product School's official YouTube channel

    product summit userguiding

    Let's take a look at what was discussed on the event and how you can access the slides:

    Talk #1: Product Management or Product Marketing: Which is right for you?

    Maureen Keating, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook and former PMM at Adobe, discussed the use cases with PM and PMM, and what KPIs of product life cycle drives revenue. 

    Here you can reach the slides used during Maureen's talk.

    Talk #2: How to Build Momentum At Work

    PayPal's Head of Product Paul Goel explained in detail how to build momentum as a PM at work and reminded once again the importance of taking initiative in the workplace, even small!

    Click here to get the slides.

    Talk #3: Product Analytics is Useless

    Don't let the title fool you. Matin Movassate is the founder of a product analytics tool named Heap. In his talk, Matin strongly emphasized that having the TOOL is not equal ACTION, and a successful product does not magically appear from simply gathering data. 

    Check out the slides of Matin's engaging talk here.

    virtual product summit 2020
    from the slides of Matin Movassate

    Talk #4: Let's Talk Marketplaces: Product & Growth 

    Pratik Shah, the Product Lead at Lyft and Ex-Growth PM at Airbnb talked about growth and product in marketplaces, how to measure whether a marketplace will be successful or not, and what makes a marketplace startup successful.

    You can find the slides here.

    Talk #5: How to Measure and Prioritize Growth

    Robbie Allan, the Senior Product Manager at Intercom, discussed how to measure and prioritize growth as a PM. He talked about the key differences between Core PMs and Growth PMs, and how Growth PMs are responsible for connecting existing customers with value in an existing product.

    Check out the slides here.

    Talk #6: The World in 50 Years - Eight Technology Trends, One Decade at a Time 

    Atlassian's former PM and the current VP of AutomationAnywhere Brendan Foley revealed the eight technology trends to watch and how it will affect product management.

    Brendan mentioned tech trends at play in 2020 from AI to 5G rollout and Biometrics, and how automation, self-driving cars, and digital assistance will shape our future. He concluded that technology will change our lives but won't fundamentally change who we are. 

    For the slides, click here.

    2020 virtual product summit
    from the slides of Brendan Foley

    Talk #7: OKRs for Product Teams 

    VP of Product at Eventbrite, Roshni Jain talked about the importance of setting the right OKRs for product teams and how they can help drive team alignment, focus, problem-solving, and eventually, the overall impact on users.

    Find the slides here.

    Talk #8: Branding for Builders

    Gibbson Biddle, the former VP of Product at Netflix, talked branding for builders and in product management, how important it is to build a unique product that is hard to copy. He also revealed the seven critical skills that he's looking for when interviewing PMs!

    Check out the slides here.

    2020 august product summit

    Next Product Summit

    Another exceptional product conference is coming on August 6th, 2020, with the participation of the most influential Product people in the tech scene. You can check out the details here. 

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