UserGuiding sponsored the Virtual Product Summit held on the 24th of October!

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    Home / News / UserGuiding sponsored the Virtual Product Summit held on the 24th of October!

    The Virtual Product Summit by Product School was held last Thursday on the 24th of October. Over 25 thousand people attended online to the event where valuable talks on product by some of the most famous product people happened.

    After collaborating with Product School on the e-book Product Phases, we, as UserGuiding, wouldn't miss the opportunity to contribute to such a valuable event. So we became one of its sponsors!

    virtual product summit 2019 userguiding

    Attendees learned valuable insights, practices, and tactics on product from these expert speakers. But did people who didn't attend the live event miss on the opportunity to learn about all these?

    The answer is no... Product School shared all the slides used during the talks. Here are the talks with links to the slides used during.

    Talk #1: How to Create a Winning Value Proposition for Your Product

    Dan Alson, the author of The Lean Product Playbook who also is a product consultant to Facebook, Microsoft, box and many other known companies explained the creation process of a product that stands out from the crowd with its value proposition.

    You can access the slide by clicking here.

    Talk #2: How to Choose Product Roles Between Small vs Medium vs Large Companies

    Currently the co-founder of Early Stage Startup, former Head of Product at Apple Ishan Mukherjee discussed the distinction between small, medium, and large companies and explained the roles of product in each type of company in his talk where he used the slide you can access by clicking here.

    Talk #3: How to Effectively Collaborate as a PM

    The Senior Product Manager of Twitch Namisha Balagopal explained how much it meant for the internal teams of a company to communicate and collaborate to offer customers the best products possible in her talk. She also discussed the role of the Product Manager in the relations between departments and gave tips on how to effectively collaborate as pms.

    Click here to access the slide she has used during her talk.

    Talk #4: How to Build AI Products for the Enterprise that Customers Love Forever!

    Srinivas Ramani, who is the Director of Product Management at Oracle, told the attendees about how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping every industry. He explained the exact way to implement AI into your products so that you have your users go through top-notch experiences. To access the slide Ramani used, click here.

    Talk #5: How to Measure Growth (and what to do next)

    Intercom's Senior Product Manager Robbie Allan spoke about the metrics of growth measurement and the improvement of these numbers during his talk. He used real-life examples from big companies and engaging models to explain "making things people want" is the only way to experience real growth.

    Access the slide Allan used here to learn all about it.

    Talk #6: 3 Key Biases in Product and How to Avoid Them

    Clemence Tiradon is the Director of Product Management at eBay. At the talk she made during Product Summit, she claimed that every product manager can be biased during the decision-making process. To avoid doing so, she talked about 3 key biases and explained what to do to avoid them. Access the slide she used right here.

    Talk #7: Branding for Builders

    Former Vice President of Product at Netflix Gibson Biddle shared key insights with product leaders during his Product Summit talk. He discussed the importance of branding with real-life examples and explained why it is important to do effective branding and marketing. Access his slide by clicking here.

    virtual product summit 2020

    This wasn't the last...

    Virtual Product Summit on the 24th of October wasn't the last one to be held. Product School is planning to do it all again with different speakers and different topics on the 19th of March, 2020. If you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, check out the details of the event and grab your free ticket today!

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