Happy New Year from UserGuiding: What We Did in 2023 & What to Expect in 2023

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    Home / News / Happy New Year from UserGuiding: What We Did in 2023 & What to Expect in 2023

    Happy New Year!

    We just had our annual new year's dinner with the UserGuiding team and had the chance to talk about the past, the present, and the future.

    Yep, exactly like in the movie 👴🏻🎄

    So while I'm at it, let me tell you a bit about what UserGuiding has accomplished and what's next for us 🤩

    But first, here's a cool photo of the team:

    userguiding new years dinner 2022

    What We've Done in 2022?

    It was a busy year for UserGuiding.

    But here's a look at some of the highlights of the year for us:

    ✅ We have grown our customer base exponentially,

    ✅ We introduced our new panel design and new integrations,

    ✅ We published over 360 blog posts,

    ✅ We earned 3 G2 badges in Spring 2022, 5 G2 badges in Summer 2022, and 6 G2 badges in Fall 2022, (14 badges, excluding Winter 2023)

    ✅ We were guests on webinars and podcasts,

    ✅ We were one of the sponsors of Brazil's biggest tech event SVWC 2022, where we also held an event for our customers in Brazil 🎉

    This then brings us to the present, our new year's dinner, where we had the chance to bring the team together and look forward to what we'll achieve in 2023:

    What does 2023 look like for UserGuiding?

    2023 is going to be an even busier year for UserGuiding!

    We are happy and very excited to start working on new projects, organize new events, and grow our customer base even bigger 🙌

    So be on the lookout for:

    👉 A better product with more advanced features and integrations,

    👉 An even better support experience,

    👉 More great people joining the UserGuiding family,

    👉 More valuable blog articles, social media posts, and YouTube videos,

    👉 Online and off-line events, and more resources for a better understanding of onboarding solutions,

    👉 And more!

    Meanwhile, we'll be expecting your continuous love and support for UserGuiding ❤️

    Once again, happy new year, and let's have a great year in 2023!

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