We were one of the top sponsors of LATAM's biggest tech event, SVWC 2022!

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    Home / News / We were one of the top sponsors of LATAM's biggest tech event, SVWC 2022!

    As a child, I had lots of memories of playing, watching, and talking about soccer, so Brazil was automatically an amazing country for me.

    Most of the successful soccer players back in the day were from Brazil, so I grew up dreaming of visiting the country to see real soccer with my own two eyes.

    Now, I've been using past tense because... I'm not interested in soccer anymore 🤷‍♂️

    I don't really know if Brazil still is the heart of soccer or not, but I know it is the heart of tech in South America, thanks to a certain event.

    Thanks to the SVWC 2022 event, I was able to travel to Brazil, and one of my childhood dreams came true!

    What is SVWC?

    SVWC is one of the biggest tech events in the world, and it is by far the biggest in LATAM. The event is organized by StartSe, and takes place in the business center of Brazil, São Paulo.

    After skipping the event due to Covid last year, thousands of people attended it, online and offline.


    And guess who else made it to the event this year?

    UserGuiding was one of the top sponsors of the event we had a chance to talk with almost everyone who attended it!

    A few thank you, and cool photos

    I want to thank the StartSe team for this great event.

    Everything went according to plan, and they were always very helpful with anything we needed.

    And, of course, our biggest thanks to each and every one of the event attendees who took the time to visit our booth and have a conversation with us.

    During the event, we gave away so many cool items - 500 socks, 340 t-shirts, 200 notebooks & pens, magnets, nostalgia games, Turkish coffee & Turkish delight, and of course, 2 Oculus Rifts! - that I came back home with an almost empty suitcase (of course, I had to fill it with some good coffee and some fancy Havaianas for my wife & family).

    Here's a closer look at some of the photos from our presentation, booth, and the team!

    Our Country Manager Gabriel Valandro's workshop presentation: How to Grow Faster with User Onboarding

    Apart from our overcrowded booth, we also had a workshop presentation that was overflowing with attendees. We couldn't be happier!

    Our country manager Gabriel Valandro walked us through the crucial concept of user onboarding, and why it matters, especially for SaaS businesses, and had some great examples in his arsenal.

    It truly was a great workshop, but you didn't miss it entirely!

    Here's a look at Gabriel's presentation:

    To Wrap Up

    SVWC, event attendees, and Brazil; thank you for having us!

    Hopefully, we will be able to meet tech enthusiasts at many other events as well. Until then, tchau!

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