G2 Winter 2023: UserGuiding earned 6 Badges (and more!)

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    Home / News / G2 Winter 2023: UserGuiding earned 6 Badges (and more!)

    It's time, SaaS folks!

    If you are in the SaaS industry, G2 is probably your go-to platform to check before making any purchases for a B2B app, or even before starting to use a freemium.

    And for SaaS business, it sure is a thrilling time because:

    The G2 Winter 2023 reports just rolled out and we couldn't be more excited 🎉

    This quarter UserGuiding earned a total of 6 badges and some impressive assets as well.

    So let's take a look 👀

    G2 Badges

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding high performer badge

    Our first and probably most important badge is high performer in the digital adoption industry.

    We missed being leader on the grid by a millimeter...

    ...But we managed to get the leader badge elsewhere 👇

    We've earned a badge as a leader in the small business grid.

    Though we are a high-performer overall, small businesses seem to like UserGuiding more 😎

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding small business leader badge
    g2 winter 2023 userguiding high performer mid-market badge

    Mid-market also loves us!

    We have earned a badge as high performer in the mid-market for digital adoption.

    UserGuiding was also a high performer in Europe this winter.

    And it's not hard to guess why:

    You can easily switch to an EU server (learn more here 👈)

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding europe high performer badge
    g2 winter 2023 userguiding best relationship small business badge

    I already said small businesses love us ❤️

    But why?

    Simple: We have great relationships with our customers!

    Our last badge for the quarter: we have earned the Easiest To Do Business With for mid-market!

    Shout out to our sales and support teams 🙌

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding easiest to do business with badge mid-market

    What else? Social Assets!

    Badges weren't our only assets for the report 😉

    Some of the highlights from the social assets rankings of UserGuiding are:

    🥇 Rated #1 for Behavior-responsive Messaging in mid-market

    🥇 Rated #1 for Ease of Use in mid-market

    🥇 Rated #1 for User Segmentation in mid-market

    🥇 Rated #1 for Audio-visual Walkthroughs in mid-market

    🥇 Rated #1 for Text Bubble Walkthroughs in mid-market

    🥇 Rated #1 for Survey Implementation in small business

    And a lot more!

    But for now, let's take a look at my favorite part of G2 this winter:

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding reviews

    Here's someone who knows the worth of an easy solution! Thank you Catriona ❤️

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding review

    Our customer support is really all that 🙌  Thank you Marcus!

    g2 winter 2023 userguiding review

    We are even more excited to have you as a customer, Swapnil ❤️

    To Wrap Up...

    It's been an exciting and rewarding winter for UserGuiding, and I'm not even talking about seeing our G2 report results!

    The biggest reward of them all is having customers who really get your value and know your worth.

    Here's to more quarters and reports where we'll have the best digital adoption product, the best customer support, and the best customers in the world ☀️

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