Rocketlane vs GUIDEcx - Which platform is better for customer success teams?

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    Home / Product / Rocketlane vs GUIDEcx - Which platform is better for customer success teams?

    Rocketlane is a customer success platform that helps you create smooth user experiences and decreases the burden on your customer success team's shoulders. But… It doesn’t deliver everything that it promises.

    That is where GUIDEcx comes in.

    GUIDEcx is an amazing customer success software that provides a 360-degree angle on all projects and delivers promises.

    So which one is better for you?

    Which one of these tools is the one that is the better fit for your needs and goals?

    To help you find an answer to those questions, I will:

    • Introduce Rocketlane and talk about the tool’s cons and pros,
    • Introduce GUIDEcx and talk about the tool’s cons and pros,
    • Compare those tools side-by-side for you to have a better overview.

    What is Rocketlane?

    Rocketlane is a Collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform that provides a customer portal for you and your clients to be on the same page.

    rocketlane gif dashboard

    The best thing about Rocketlane, and what makes it stand out from competitors, is the fact that you can create unlimited projects, and you will have to pay by the user rather than the number of projects.

    The tool gives you a 360-degree of view your project, where each stakeholder stands, and what progress has been made.

    According to Rocketlane, it enables you to:

    1. Hold your customer accountable,
    2. Deliver a consistent experience,
    3. Bring all your project activities into one space,
    4. Give crystal clear visibility across teams,
    5. Get insights that help you improve consistently,
    6. And increase the productivity and throughput of your team.

    Pros 🤩 Rocketlane is good for:

    ✅ "I really like the Presenter mode, which allow me to show my customers what the project is going to look like, within a synthetic view."

    ✅ "Rocketlane allows us to control our branding and onboarding experience better than competitors."

    Cons 😮‍💨 Rocketlaneisn’t good for:

    ❌ "It´s still missing a few features. I would for example, like to order tasks in the project board by drag and drop."

    ❌ "Rocketlane does not have a social sign-in feature yet and I also feel that the UI can be simplified to have a richer user experience."

    Rocketlane Pricing

    • Essentials Package: $19/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Standart Package: $49/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Premium Package: $69/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Enterprise Package: Starting from $99/member/month on annual payment, a minimum of 5 team members

    What is GUIDEcx?

    GUIDEcx is a client onboarding and implementation software that helps you with customer engagement and implementation projects.

    what is guidecx

    GUIDEcx is a customer relations-oriented tool, and the list of features it provides leans more towards project success between multiple parties rather than being an internal training tool.

    So unlike ClickUp or Smartsheets, this tool really puts the focus on every one that is included in your external projects.

    So if you are struggling to keep track of actions that are being taken by your team or external stakeholders, then using GUIDEcx could be a literal lifesaver for your time and projects.

    Also, you can create your own templates for workflows and projects within the tool to keep all projects consistent, and easier to follow.

    The biggest downside of GUIDEcx is, though, the fact that there is so much to do that you may get lost in the details. Customers have reported that the UI of GUIDEcx is difficult to uncover, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get used to it.

    Pros 🤩 GUIDEcx is good for:

    ✅ "Their sales team was incredible. They know what they're doing, and they're excellent at bringing in senior executives to help close the deal."

    ✅ "Personally i like alert notifications which gives you notifications about your tasks allocation. It's very easy to use this tool."

    Cons 😮‍💨 GUIDEcx isn’t good for:

    ❌ "The software was very buggy and did not have basic functionality that we have grown accustomed to in many other systems."

    ❌ " Need more integration points. Would love to be able to tie into our home baked solutions."

    GUIDEcx Pricing

    • Starter Plan: $100/month/license, a minimum of 4 licenses required.
    • Professional Plan: Custom quotation available via sales demo.
    • Premium Plan: Custom quotation available via sales demo.
    • Advanced Plan: Custom quotation available via sales demo.

    Rocketlane vs GUIDEcx

    GUIDEcx Comparison Point Rocketlane
    $100/month/license, a minimum of 4 licenses Pricing $19/member/month, minimum 5 team members
    4.7 ⭐️ Rating 4.8 ⭐️
    👎 Tasks for Project Management Software 👍
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    👎 Onboarding Setup for Client Onboarding Software 👍
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    👎 Management for Workflow Management Software 👍
    👎 Task Management for Task Management Software 👍
    👎 Project Tracking for Client Onboarding Software 👍
    👎 Resource Management for Project Management Software 👍
    👎 Customer Engagement for Client Onboarding Software 👍
    👎 Project Monitoring for Project Management Software 👍

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