14 Best In-app Survey and Feedback Tools of 2024

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    Home / Product / 14 Best In-app Survey and Feedback Tools of 2024

    According to study, out of 362 companies, more than 80% of companies believe that they offer superior experiences to their customers compared to their competitors in the market. But only 8% of customers confirm this statement. 

    Interesting, right? 

    We trust our customer services, onboarding flows, product features, UI... 

    But the unsettling truth is that we remain uncertain about whether our users truly find our product "that" unique and amazing.

    How can we close this knowledge gap?

    How can we learn if our users love the new UI, what new feature they want to see next, and what problems they face while using our product? 

    Well, embrace in-app feedback tools, and communicate with them directly within your product, ask them about their opinions precisely when they explore new features or visit specific dashboards.

    Seize the opportunity and enhance your user experience like never before!


    👉 UserGuiding for interactive onboarding experiences that guide users through key features and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

    👉 Survicate for conducting research and capturing responses even from partially completed surveys. 

    👉 UserVoice for sharing prototypes and wireframes to get customer validation. 

    👉 Qualaroo for targeting customers based on various actions. 

    👉 Hotjar for visualizing user behavior through heatmaps, session recordings, and conversion funnels to optimize website usability. 

    👉 Delighted for collecting and publishing user testimonials. 

    👉 SatisMeter for zooming into different steps of the user journey.

    👉 Instabug for collecting bug reports and feedback directly from mobile app users.

    👉 Usersnap for capturing visual feedback through annotated screenshots.

    👉 for user sentiment analysis. 

    👉 PollFish for conducting targeted mobile surveys on user preferences, behaviors, and market trends.

    👉 UserReport for creating simple feedback/ survey widgets. 

    👉 Wootric for data visualization and custom metric filtering. 

    👉 GetFeedback for real-time alerts to close feedback loops. 

    Top In-App Survey and Feedback Tools 

    There are tens of in-app survey tools available in the market. 

    Let's examine all the best ones in detail 🔎🔎

    1- UserGuiding

    UserGuiding is an onboarding tool that helps SaaS businesses create interactive onboarding experiences for their users. With UserGuiding, you can create checklists, product tours, resource centers, AND IN-APP SURVEYS!!

    in app survey tools userguiding

    Your users get lost among the many features/ tools your product offers? You lose so many trial users due to confusion? Can't you show your product's value to your users and get them to their "AHA!" moment before they churn? 

    Don't worry; UserGuiding got ya!

    As well as creating interactive walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, hotspots, and tooltips, you can create NPS surveys, star ratings, emoji ratings, and many other in-app surveys to gather valuable feedback. 

    userguiding dashboard in app survey tools

    Here's what you can create with UserGuiding:

    ➡️ Star Rating

    ➡️ NPS Rating

    ➡️ Number Ratings (both 1-5 and 1-10)

    ➡️ Emoji Rating

    ➡️ Thumbs Up/Down

    ➡️ Multiple Choice

    ➡️ Written Feedback

    Best Features:

    🔥 You can trigger surveys both from the resource center and checklists. 

    🔥 You can target different user segments and get contextual insights. 

    🔥 You can close the gap between your onboarding flow and surveys and start getting insights about your onboarding experience, too. 

    🔥 UserGuiding comes with a full stack of features: product tours, onboarding checklists, resource centers, segmentation, analytics, customization, in-app surveys, tooltips, hotspots, announcement modals...


    ✅ Templates for various use cases. 

    ✅ No learning curve! No coding background is needed! 

    ✅ Advanced customization options. 

    ✅ Budget-friendly 🫶🏽

    ✅ 24/7 customer support


    ❌ The analytics feature might not be enough for some companies, as userGuiding's main focus is onboarding. 

    ❌ Though it can be used for employee training, as well, the employee engagement features might not meet some companies' needs. 


    Billed Yearly: 

    • Basic Plan: $89/Mo 
    • Professional Plan: $389/Mo 
    • Corporate Plan: $689+/Mo

    Billed Monthly: 

    • Basic Plan: $129/Mo
    • Professional Plan: $499/Mo
    • Corporate Plan: $999+/Mo

    2- Survicate

    Survicate is a friendly and versatile survey and customer feedback tool designed to help businesses gain valuable insights from their customers and website visitors. With its array of features, including in-app surveys, website surveys, and email surveys, Survicate empowers businesses to engage with their audience and gather feedback effectively.

    in app survey tools survicate

    Survicate provides a variety of question types, such as NPS, rating scales, and text answers, giving you flexibility in gathering feedback. To increase completion rates, Survicate allows you to personalize survey logic based on user responses and create a more customized survey experience for your users.

    Best Features:

    🔥 Captures survey responses even from partially completed surveys

    🔥 Advanced targeting feature show surveys when users are most likely to answer, thus ensuring a high response rate

    🔥 Event-triggered surveys 

    🔥 Continuous bug reports


    ✅ Freemium plan with unlimited responses and unlimited users!!

    ✅ Real-time analytics dashboard 

    ✅ Straightforward interface 

    ✅ 125+ free templates 


    ❌ API functionality can be buggy 

    ❌ Documentation is not very user-friendly 

    ❌ Paid plans are expensive 


    • Freemium 
    • Feedback Starter: $99/mo
    • Advanced Researcher: $149/mo
    • Feedback Automation: $199/mo
    • Team Insights: $299/mo
    • Customizable plan: starts at $299/mo (billed annually) 

    3- UserVoice

    Founded in 2008, UserVoice has established itself as a powerful feedback software in the industry. The company offers a comprehensive feedback management platform that helps businesses effectively collect, analyze, and prioritize customer feedback.

    in app survey tools uservoice

    What makes UserVoice stand out from other feedback tools is its dedication to fostering meaningful customer engagement and collaboration. It empowers businesses to actively interact with their customers, responding to their feedback and keeping them informed with updates. This approach creates a friendly and transparent environment where customers feel heard and valued.

    Best Features:

    🔥 Voting system allows customers to upvote or downvote feedback items, which helps product teams to prioritize updates. 

    🔥 Ticketing system enables businesses to track and manage customer inquiries and support tickets and save a lot of time. 

    🔥 You can share prototypes, wireframes, and other information and get real-time feedback from customers while still product researching. Hallelujah, customer validation!


    ✅ Powerful analytics and reporting tools

    ✅ Customizable feedback forums

    ✅ User-friendly interface


    ❌ Some users face confusion and uncertainty when differentiating between internal and public feedback submissions.

    ❌ The product offers a wide range of features and extensive customization options; users may experience a learning curve in order to fully utilize and navigate all its capabilities.

    ❌ Way too expensive 💰💰


    👉 21-day free trial period

    • Essentials: $699/mo (annual agreement)
    • Pro: $899/mo (annual agreement)
    • Premium: $1,349/mo (annual agreement)
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing 

    4- Qualaroo

    Qualaroo is a customer feedback tool that assists companies in targeting customers across various channels to gather contextual insights. 

    in app survey tools qualaroo

    With Qualaroo, you can simplify the process of surveying targeted users in real-time and capture their feedback while they interact with your product, service, or brand. The platform provides actionable insights about user satisfaction based on various factors, such as the visitor's location on your site, demographic information, purchase history, and more.

    For instance, you can use Qualaroo to ask for pricing feedback when a visitor is browsing the pricing page or for feedback on content when visitors scroll and read a page. 

    Best Features:

    🔥 Targeted surveys and contextual user feedback.

    🔥 Exit surveys help companies to understand every part of the customer journey, even when customers are leaving. 

    🔥 Multi-channel feedback collection from websites, mobile apps, and emails. 

    🔥 Survey logic and branching capabilities for more valuable feedback. 


    ✅ Robust reporting and analytics features -a.k.a. instant feedback! 

    ✅ Easy-to-use templates

    ✅ Automatic language translation (multi-language support)


    ❌ Dashboard can be hard to navigate due to the lack of filtering and sorting options available 

    ❌ There is a lack of diverse data export options


    👉 15-day free trial period

    • Essentials: $69/mo (billed annually)
    • Premium: $149/mo (billed annually)
    • Business: $299+/mo (billed annually)

    P.S. Qualaroo offers distinct plans for contextual surveys and email surveys separately. However, there is also a comprehensive plan available that combines both of them into a single package. These plans are for only contextual surveys. 

    5- Hotjar

    Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool that offers various services, such as heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and feedback polls. 

    Who says only and solely customer feedback is important? 

    in app survey tools hotjar

    Best Features:

    🔥 Feedback button gives a chance to collect real-time suggestions and/or customer insights. 

    🔥 Side-by-side benchmarking helps companies to compare feedback scores on different pages. 

    🔥 Hotjar AI generates summaries and reports for open-ended questions. 


    ✅ Easy to use drag and drop survey builder 

    ✅ Unlimited surveys on paid plans 

    ✅ Great customer support service


    ❌ Free plan is very limited.

    ❌ There's a learning curve for advanced features. 

    ❌ Some users have reported a decline in website performance after installing the tracking code.


    • Basic: €0/ forever
    • Plus: €48/ month
    • Business: €64/ month
    • Scale: coming soon (there's a waitlist) 

    6- Delighted by Qualtrics

    Delighted is a self-serve experience management platform that helps companies to collect detailed feedback both from customers and employees. 

    in app survey tools delighted

    Best Features:

    🔥 You can add follow-up questions after ratings and add up to 10 additional questions. 

    🔥 Intervention to prevent over-surveying the same people. 

    🔥 Automated surveying with the scheduling feature. 

    🔥 Testimonial feature makes the whole testimonial collecting and publishing process easier. -Yet it's an additional service. 


    ✅ Optimized to work on desktop, mobile, and across channels (email, web, kiosk)

    ✅ Easy integration with 3rd party tools 

    ✅ Excellent customer service 


    ❌ Reporting dashboard is complex and crowded. 

    ❌ Customizations take time and effort. 

    ❌ Cannot respond to customers directly from the tool. 


    • Free Plan
    • Premium: $224/mo (billed yearly)
    • Premium Plus: $449/mo (billed yearly)
    • Enterprise: contact sales 

    7-  SatisMeter by Productboard

    Satismeter is a Czech software company that enables SaaS companies to collect customer feedback throughout the customer journey using NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, CES surveys, and PMF surveys. 

    in app survey tools satismeter

    With SatisMeter, you can zoom into different steps of the user journey and get insights about your users' feelings towards your product. 

    Best Features:

    🔥 Advanced targeting: Tailor your survey audience, page placement, and timing with precision. 

    🔥 Product Market Fit (PMF) survey helps to gauge your customers’ dependency and fondness of your product. 

    🔥 Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys help to gain insights about the onboarding experience of users and optimize the onboarding process accordingly. 

    🔥 Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys help to measure customer satisfaction and happiness. 


    ✅ Quick set-up 

    ✅ Nice and clean dashboard 

    ✅ Easy-to-use software


    ❌ Lacks integrations with some 3rd party tools

    ❌ Limited question type 

    ❌ The reporting lacks capabilities 


    • Free plan (Up to 25 responses)
    • Growth: $199/month (Up to 1000 responses)
    • Enterprise: custom pricing 

    8- Instabug

    Founded in 2014, Instabug is an Egyptian software company that provides crush/bug reporting and app performance monitoring services, as well as in-app chats and surveys for mobile apps. 

    in app survey tools instabug

    It provides a seamless in-app user experience for mobile app users, allowing them to easily capture and report bugs, provide feedback, and suggest improvements directly within the app. 

    Looking for a feedback portal to use during beta testing?  

    Instabug has got your back throughout the whole product development process! 

    Best Features:

    🔥 Instabug allows feedback attachments, which means users can attach screenshots, screen recordings, or other files to provide contextual feedback. 

    🔥 Centralized feedback management system helps product development teams to collaborate easily. 

    🔥 Through the in-app chat feature, developers can directly contact feedback providers/ testers to foster effective communication and enhance the overall product experience. 

    🔥 You can run targeted and scheduled survey/ feedback campaigns for different user segments to gain detailed insights and improve your customer experience. 


    ✅ Easy integration 

    ✅ Great feedback filtering and tagging 

    ✅ Super clear reporting 


    ❌ It's a developer tool, it might require some coding background 

    ❌ Too expensive for too few seats 💸💸


    👉 14-day full access free trial period

    • Standard: starts from $240/mo (Increases with session limit)
    • Premium: custom pricing

    9- Usersnap

    Usersnap is a feedback platform that helps companies collect user insights for various purposes, such as testing issues, conducting in-app product research, and performing user testing.

    in app survey tools usersnap

    With Usersnap, you can get recordings/ screenshots, see trends and topics over time, target different user segments, and engage with all of your user base -not just active users or regular users. 

    Best Features:

    🔥 Flexible targeting. You can launch CSAT, NPS, or any other survey by user events, URL paths, or time on your webpage and follow up with open-ended questions to gather qualitative feedback. 

    🔥 Feature request board. Customers can now see and vote on each other's requests, helping product teams to analyze the needs of their customers and prioritize feature updates accordingly. 

    🔥 Tech teams can use it for bug reporting and beta testing, while product teams can use it for product validation. 


    ✅ Amazing dashboards with labels, graphics, and statistics

    ✅ Integrations with 3rd party tools

    ✅ Low-tech effort 


    ❌ Admin panel can be hard to navigate

    ❌ Some users reported that they encounter occasional bugs or challenges related to the loading of screenshots.


    👉 15-day free trial period

    • Start-up: starts from $69/month
    • Company: starts from $129/month
    • Premium: starts from $249/month
    • Enterprise: Custom 

    10- is a user-friendly feedback widget solution that makes collecting user feedback a breeze. It integrates with websites, web applications, and mobile apps. With its easy-to-use feedback button, users can effortlessly share their thoughts and ideas -and even attach screenshots.

    in app survey tools doorbell io

    Best Features:

    🔥 Collaboration features. You can assign conversations or share internal notes within the team.

    🔥 Automatically generated screenshots help product/ support teams understand the issue better and improve the app experience for users. 

    🔥 User sentiment analysis assists product/ support teams in distinguishing between positive and negative feedback, enabling them to prioritize and address different categories of feedback accordingly.


    ✅ Works smoothly with applications and doesn't slow them down

    ✅ Mobile-friendly dashboard 

    ✅ Whitelabel/ custom domain functionality 

    ✅ Fully customizable 

    ✅ Budget-friendly 


    ❌ Old design and UI

    ❌ Sentiment analysis algorithm still needs some improving 


    • Free Plan (Up to 2 team members)
    • Start-up: $29/month (Up to 5 team members)
    • Business: $49/month (Up to 10 team members)
    • Enterprise: Starting at $99/month

    11- PollFish

    This time, we're gonna analyze a different type of in-app survey tool. 

    It'll still be in-app surveying, but this time, not in your app. 

    Here's Pollfish! 

    in app survey tools pollfish

    Pollfish is a unique DIY market research provider that offers a complete end-to-end solution with a strong emphasis on mobile usage. With access to a vast network of over 250 million real consumers worldwide, Pollfish delivers real-time responses. Additionally, they provide services such as A/B testing and advanced questionnaire logic. 

    Pollfish primarily gathers responses from consumers across various mobile apps and websites rather than specifically targeting users within your app. Thus, it ensures a larger and more diverse pool of respondents, providing valuable insights from different perspectives and demographics.

    Best Features:

    🔥 AI-generated questions ensure a neutral and professional voice 

    🔥 Dynamic and organic sampling makes sure you get authentic answers and high-quality quantitative feedback 

    🔥 AI-driven fraud detection eliminates bot responses, increasing the accuracy of your data 

    🔥 High response rate even with narrow and specific customer segments 


    ✅ 24/7 global support with 51+ supported languages 

    ✅ User-friendly interface

    ✅ Diverse and relevant demographic targeting 

    ✅ Flexible pricing 


    ❌ Limited use-case

    ❌ Data visualization could be better 

    ❌ Not really suitable for collecting qualitative feedback 


    Pollfish offers custom pricing based on your needs. Check their pricing page here

    12- UserReport

    UserReport is the perfect tool for those who don't like complicated platforms with a lot of additional features. It's also ideal for newcomers to the world of feedback survey collection as it's based on 2 widgets: a feedback widget and a survey widget.

    in app survey tools userreport

    While the widgets may appear simple, don't underestimate their capabilities. UserReport allows you to create a wide range of surveys and forms, including NPS surveys, demographic surveys, customer feedback forms, and much more!

    Best Features:

    🔥 Feedback forum enables customers to vote on feature requests/ updates. -And it's customizable!

    🔥 The Kits (a premium feature) help you define and segment certain user groups based on their demographics and see which of your media excels at reaching that group of audience. 

    🔥 The tool helps you improve your blog website with premium publishing features. 


    ✅ Quik and simple installation

    ✅ Easy-to-understand UI 

    ✅ Google Analytics integration 


    A limited feature set compared to other tools in the market. 

    Reporting and analytics features are not advanced. 

    ❌ Depending on your needs and growth plans, scalability might be a concern. 


    • It's a free tool. For the premium plan, contact sales. 

    13- Wootric

    Wootric is a customer experience and feedback management platform for digital apps and B2B SaaS companies. 

    in app survey tools wootric

    With Wootric, you can collect valuable insights from your customers throughout their customer journey using NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys, and take actions to increase customer loyalty, retention, and overall satisfaction. 

    in app survey tools wootric buyer journey

    Best Features:

    🔥 You can tag topics and sentiments to organize/ categorize your qualitative feedback using machine learning features. 

    🔥 You can work with different teams (success, product, support, sales, etc.) or engage with your stakeholders with custom dashboards. 

    🔥 You can automatically trigger surveys based on completed events on your product. 


    Multi-channel feedback gathering: email, in-app, SMS, Intercom messenger, Link, or QR code

    Custom filters to analyze Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)

    ✅ Various data visualization options 


    ❌ System is not very responsive. Logic filters can be buggy

    ❌ Cannot compare data between graphs 


    • Custom pricing, contact sales. 

    14- GetFeedback by Momentive 

    GetFeedback is a customer-centric feedback management platform that empowers businesses to gather, interpret, and leverage customer insights in a personalized and impactful way.

    in app survey tools getfeedback

    Best Features:

    🔥 You can personalize surveys with your customer data on Salesforce.

    🔥 You can turn positive feedback into app store star ratings without asking your users to leave the app and go to the app store. 

    🔥 Real-time alerts and 3rd party tool integrations make it easy to close the customer feedback loop.


    ✅ Integration with Zendesk 

    ✅ A lot of tutorials and help articles 

    ✅ The logic tool is easy to figure out 


    ❌ It can be glitchy 

    ❌ Not the best analytics tool 

    ❌ There's a learning curve, it's not a plug-and-play tool 


    👉 14-day free trial period (Including Salesforce integration!)

    In Short...

    With so many options out there for creating in-app surveys, it's natural to feel a bit overwhelmed.

    But fret not! Just focus on your specific needs and budget.

    Take some time to try out different tools, get familiar with their platforms, and see how they work for you. Don't rush the decision-making process.

    Take it easy and trust that the right tool will reveal itself to you in due time, maybe even in your dreams... 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any tools that allow you to ask users questions in your app?

    Certainly! In-app surveying is a powerful method that allows you to ask users questions directly within your app, and gather valuable feedback as well as user insights. It helps you understand user preferences and pain points, improve overall user experience, and make data-driven decisions. There are various tools available in the market that facilitate in-app surveying, such as UserGuiding, Survicate, Delighted, Qualaroo, etc. 

    What is the in-app feedback mechanism?

    The in-app feedback mechanism is a system/ process that enables users to provide feedback within an app itself. It eliminates the need for users to exit the app or use external channels to share their feedback. This mechanism can take different forms, including in-app surveys, feedback forms, rating prompts, or chat interfaces. Its purpose is to gather actionable insights about the user experience, identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall app experience. 

    How do I get user feedback on an app?

    You can integrate 3rd party survey tools or software into your app and start collecting real-time user feedback instantly! Start by designing your survey to focus on specific aspects of the app or user experience. Then, strategically position the survey at key moments, like after completing tasks or interacting with specific features. And finally, to foster higher response rates, make sure the survey is user-friendly, concise, and easy to complete. 

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