How Interactive Guides Help Customer Service

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    Customers, especially paid ones, want to reach their goals as quickly as possible. They want to have a magic wand that can turn SaaS into the desired result by clicking a single button. However, in reality, they should first understand how your product is working in general, then they should learn the features they want to use.

    Although you, as a SaaS provider, invested a lot of time and effort in the usability of the product, FAQ, and tutorial videos, your customers insist on asking the same questions. Indeed, they tend to apply for customer service even before reading the FAQ or watching videos to find an answer to the question.

    Today, modern user's onboarding tools give an opportunity to create interactive walkthroughs, supporting customer step by step. We previously mentioned customer service in my previous blog post in "Benefits of User Onboarding".

    Let’s look at how interactive guides can help your customer service solutions in detail.

    Interactive walkthroughs help customer service in 3 ways

    Providing 24/7 support for your saas company

    First of all, because customer service is a significant cost for any SaaS company, most are online from 9am to 6pm, according to local time zone. That means you cannot to give timely support to customers living different time zones or using your product outside of regular office hours. However, when you create interactive guides, your customers from all over the world can access your support 24/7.

    Easy to use interactive product tours increase engagement

    Okay, I might blame customers for not watching FAQ and video tutorials. However, it is understandable since they are usually long, out-of-date and tedious. Your customers have enough problems to solve and; materials to read in their daily business lives, so don’t give them more than what is relevant to your product. Moreover, interactive guides are not dull. They are easy to use, and they do not require much effort.

    Better conversion rates than product tutorial videos

    Lastly, since tutorial videos include much unnecessary information, they do not offer a quick and efficient solution. Customers need to open them in a new tab and switch tabs several times. Remember that your customers’ time is as precious as yours. They do not want to spend hours and hours on any SaaS. Interactive guides are the best way to provide results-oriented solutions in the same tab.

    On my next post, I'll be focusing on "Essential Trigger Types in User Onboarding".

    Stay tuned for better User Onboarding!

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