Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2024

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    Welcome to our blog, fellow growth hacker ?

    Looking for some awesome growth hacking tools for your startup? You are at the right place.

    Let's think of a scenario that you establish a startup. Your team is great, your idea is unprecedented and your business model fits everything that a startup needs. However, you have also another vital need which can assist you to increase your product adoption rate, lead acquisition, customer experience, and brand awareness.

    For such newly established startups, finding relevant growth hack tools to boost sales is a particularly important process.

    Don't worry! We are here to help. We prepared a list to help you find your next favorite growth hacking tool.

    Artboard Studio - Product Mockups without Any Installation

    Artboard Studio comes with a lot of templates to let you showcase your products and services. But most importantly, it works on your browser so you don't have to download any other software or use Sketch, Photoshop, etc.

    With every product review being positive, Artboard Studio deserves to be one of the best mockup tools. Oh, it's also easily integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail Chimp and also social media sharing tools to make everything even easier for its users.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Artboard Studio

    Artboard Studio pricing information

    Whether you are a freelance designer or an enterprise, Artboard Studio has an affordable pricing plan that fits your budget. Also a forever free plan for startups with no marketing budgets.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Artboard Studio Pricing

    What are the primary features of Artboard Studio?

    • Create amazingly beautiful social media posts of your products and services,
    • Boost your social media marketing with more engagement,
    • Don't waste your designer's time by creating social media visuals.

    Krisp - Noise Cancellation App 

    It's time we say bye to the background noise in all the conference calls and we can use Krisp to do it. 

    growth hacking tools krisp

    It's a brand new innovative noise canceling app that removes background noise during calls on both ends, so neither you nor the others will hear a single drop of noise. Krisp is the ultimate app for remote professionals and teams, as well as streamers, podcasters, and remote teachers.  

    The app is compatible with all conferencing apps, microphones, speakers, and headset, so you will have no trouble setting up.

    Krisp also has an addition called Krisp for Teams, allowing team admins to centrally manage team members by adding/removing seats through a user-friendly dashboard. 

    Krisp Pricing

    Krisp has 2 current pricing plans. The free plan allows you to mute the noise on your side only, while the Pro plan mutes noise from both you and other participants. 


    Krisp has bi-directional noise removal allowing you to mute both the incoming and outgoing noise. You can use the app simultaneously on 3 devices and set it up with your preferred desktop calling software in minutes. 

    MentorCruise - A mentorship platform for people in Tech

    For those who are breaking into tech and amplfying skills, MentorCruise is a great platform. There are lots of talented and experienced mentors here to answer questions, give career advices, prepare you for your interview or enterprise sales meeting, review your work or CV. - Growth Hackers Tools for Startups

    Around 50% of the mentors are offering service for FREE. So just go there, find someone who you believe can help you, and ask your questions. No need to

    Feedier - Collect Valuable Feedback the Right Way

    This amazing feedback tool helps you to collect worthwhile feedback by giving a reward to your customers. It provides a unique gamified experience. It is a mutually win-win situation for you and your users.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Feedier

    Feedier pricing information

    All plans include unlimited feedback (responses), custom branding (your logo, cover and, color), complete reporting, and API access.

    And feedback gathering tool has a forever free plan with limited features. (Growth hackers of early-stage startups, you'll love it ?)

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Feedier Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Feedier?

    • Lets you get in touch with your customers directly through their email and your own CRM.
    • Powerful analytic set for every feedback: the device used, browser, time graph, answers, satisfaction.
    • A complete report is built for any feedback so you can understand any customer in one click.

    Wavo - White Label Cold Email Platform

    Wavo is a cold email platform that helps you predictably generate client leads. Specially created for lead generation agencies, Wavo lets you find clients that are related. As they say: "Growing your lead generation agency doesn’t have to be a guessing game".

    Tools for Startup Growth Hackers 1

    Wavo pricing information

    Wavo's pricing starts from $29/month for new agencies, and the price you pay increases as you grow and add new accounts. For bigger companies, Wavo has an unlimited Agency Plan for $199/month.

    What are the primary features of Wavo?

    • Send cold emails at scale,
    • Import contacts in a single click
    • Customize sending times
    • A/B testing - Marketing Automation Platform with Robust Tools, Including free CRM and Live Chat

    While there is a great tool to get a specific job done, one may worry just how many different tools she uses in a day. And it gets harder and harder for teams to collaborate because their workplaces are not synchronized.

    Well, no more with

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - - Free CRM and Live Chat helps companies get one source of truth about their users and customers and integrate all communication channels in one place. pricing information has 4 different pricing options, suitable to all companies with different stages from startup to enterprise:

    • Forever Free: Includes CRM, live chat, knowledge base and Google Calendar integration. Amazing option for startups that haven't raised any investment yet, or for individual use.
    • Personal: Starts from $49/mo - includes everything from the free plan and powerfull automation, event tracking up to 50k contracts. The best option for growing startups.
    • Business: Starts from $249/mo - includes everything from the personal plan and an unlimited number of automation, call center, mobile SDK and advanced email marketing. The best option for mid-size companies.
    • Professional: Starts from $1349/mo -  includes everything from a business plan and dedicated account manager to unleash the full power of The best option for enterprise companies.

    What are the primary features of

    • Visitor tracking,
    • Live chat,
    • Email automation,
    • CRM,
    • Call center,
    • Pop-ups,
    • Mobile SDK.

    Visme - Presentation & Infographics Software with AI-Based Rendering

    Built for designers and non-designers alike, Visme is a browser-based tool that centralizes all team activities and allows users to quickly create a variety of visual projects (i.e. presentations, infographics, web content, and more).

    It combines the best and the most powerful parts of different kinds of software by offering a platform that keeps your projects organized and helps you collaborate more efficiently with your team.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Visme

    Visme pricing information

    Visme has three subscription options, each with three plans: Individual (ranges from $0 to $39/month), Business (starts at $39/month), and Education (starts at $30/semester).

    The basic plan, which is forever free, is a great suit for growth hackers of small startup teams.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Visme Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Visme?

    • Create amazing presentations with ease, with the help of 1000+ templates and slides.
    • Visualize your data with beautiful infographics,
    • Create stunning social media graphics in minutes.

    Omniconvert - Website Conversion Optimization at Its Best

    Omniconvert is actually more suitable for fast-growing startups with some funding & profit. While it is not a cheap product, Omniconvert delivers what it promises to do: Boosts your conversion rates to the sky.

    The powerful segmentation engine allows you to improve your UX, test product features and increase engagement & conversions. You can mix and match any of the 40+ segmentation parameters that show you who your visitors are.

    Omniconvert has two kinds of business model:

    • "Do it for me" is conversion rate optimization consultancy.
    • "Do it yourself" is the classical SaaS software way.
    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Omniconvert

    Omniconvert pricing information

    Omniconvert doesn't share the details of their pricing plan. You can contact them and they will give you the actual price according to your demand.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Omniconvert Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Omniconvert?

    Omniconvert is an all-in-one tool for conversion rate optimization:

    • Personalization,
    • Surveys,
    • A/B Testing,
    • Segmentation.

    Canva's Online Logo Maker - Design Your Start-up Logo for Free

    Canva is an amazing tool to create social media posts, business cards, certificates, and even restaurant menus online. There are lots of templates and elements to choose for your design and free options are great for start-ups.

    Canva's latest resource for start-ups is a logo maker. It can help teams build their brand identity the quick and easy way, thanks to its intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop design platform.

    free logo maker from Canva - startup growth tools
    Look what I designed with Canva... ın just a few minutes!

    Canva's Logo Maker - Pricing Information

    While there are some paid design elements in Canva's logo maker, there are also millions of icons, illustrations and images for you to add to your free logo design.

    Canva’s image library is host to millions of icons, illustrations and images for you to add to your free logo design. Mix and match with professionally-made font combinations and designer approved color palettes to design the perfect logo for your next venture, in minutes!

    What are the primary features of Canva's Logo Maker?

    • Easy-to-use with drag-and-drop design.
    • Millions of icons, illustrations and images.
    • Professionally-made font combinations.
    • AI-generated custom logo templates.

    Here is another logo maker that you can take a look at!

    Popupsmart - A Better Popup Builder

    Popupsmart creates more interactive popups that provide more conversion. Design and smart visibility features of popup templates are pretty straight forward.

    With its segmentation, integrations, and easy-to-use panel, Popupsmart is one of the best ways to pop something up on your home page.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Popupsmart

    Popupsmart pricing information

    Popupsmart has three pricing plans. Let me note that you can use Popups on unlimited websites.

    • Basic - forever free
      • 1 Popup,
      • 10.000 Sessions.
    • Professional - $29/month
      • 10 Popups,
      • 100.000 Sessions.
    • Expert - $79/month
      • 50 Popups,
      • 500.000 Sessions.
    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Popupsmart Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Popupsmart?

    • Create attractive and interactive popups,
    • Segment your visitors based on user experience and behavior,
    • Integrate with popular tools for marketing automation.

    Campayn - Easy-to-use and Affordable Email Marketing Tool

    The problem with most email marketing tools is that they require lots of additional work from you. Which is why Campayn shines so bright as an email marketing tool. Because it's very powerful, and still easy to use.

    And yes, email marketing still rocks. But designing, customizing, automating emails just take too much time with most tools. But we, growth hackers, have so many things to try out to find a gold mine. That's why I suggest you give Campayn a try if you are looking for an alternative for Mailchimp.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Campayn

    Campayn pricing information

    Campayn makes it easy to choose a plan that works for you. Need to send a lot of emails? Choose how many contacts you want to send an email and choose a plan.

    Oh, the best news is... Campayn has a forever free plan with 500 contacts and 12500 email limit.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Campayn Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Campayn?

    • Design your emails with creative templates or upload custom HTML.
    • Email automation, including a cute "happy birthday" message to your users.
    • Real-time reports with user-friendly graphics.

    Nimble - Simple & Smart CRM to Boost Your Sales

    Nimble provides browser widget and mobile-based sales force automation and social CRM solution for small and midsize businesses. It is a small and simple CRM which works directly inside your Office 365 or G Suite inside.

    Nimble CRM automatically populates user-profiles and interaction histories from contact lists, email conversations and social media activity across a range of popular platforms, including LinkedIn.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Nimble

    Nimble pricing information

    Nimble offers a single pricing plan, which is $25/month.

    What are the primary features of Nimble?

    • Unified inbox & calendar with your team,
    • Social media scanning and auto-capturing business insights,
    • Sales pipeline, forecast, and reporting.

    UserGuiding - Result-Oriented Product Tours without Any Coding

    UserGuiding is a no-code product tour software to boost product adoption and retention rate while decreasing your customer support cost. It allows you to create interactive product tours to increase user experience and bring your product to the forefront.

    With UserGuiding, anyone can build customized guides and onboarding checklists. In addition, you can track the performance of every step of your guides with analytics.

    Every growth hacker that is working for a product knows how important retention is. Even if you are acquiring new users with amazing hacks, low retention rate means a leaky bucket.

    UserGuiding makes your product more discoverable and boosts your rate of free trial to paying users.

    Tools for Startup Growth Hackers 3

    UserGuiding pricing information

    UserGuiding offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement.

    • Basic Plan: $89/month when billed annually for up to 2,500 MAU.
    • Professional Plan: $389/month when billed annually for up to 20,000 MAU with unlimited guides.
    • Corporate Plan: $689+/month when billed annually for custom monthly active users.

    What are the primary features of UserGuiding?

    • Interactive Product Tours,
    • User Guides,
    • Onboarding Checklists,
    • In-depth Analytics,
    • User Segmentation/Targeting
    • Feature Highlights,
    • Tooltips,
    • NPS Surveys,
    • In-App Messages,
    • Product Updates,
    • Customer Feedback Gathering.

    lemlist - Amazing Cold Emails with Personalized Images and Videos

    lemlist is an email automation platform that enables you to automatically generate personalized images and videos in your cold emails. In other words, it becomes possible for you to deliver hundreds of customized emails at scale, with just one click. ?

    It also allows you to extend your sales funnel by creating dedicated landing pages for every campaign automatically. 

    Personalization helps your sales team become more contextual in their messaging and engage with potential customers on a whole other level. As a result, you’ll boost your reply rate and stand out in your prospect’s busy inbox.

    Tools for Startup Growth Hackers 5

    lemlist pricing information

    lemlist is one of the best tools available to boost your cold emailing and sales efforts. Its pricing starts from $29/month and includes more features with upgraded plans.

    And the great news is... lemlist has a 14-days free trial, no requirement for your credit card. Give it a try and start sending the coolest cold emails. Click here to easily sign up.

    What are the primary features of lemlist?

    • Automatically generates personalized texts, images, and videos in cold emails.
    • Integrations with popular marketing tools.
    • A/B testing to improve your conversion rates.

    Pay With A Tweet - Get Paid by Virality

    It is a social payment platform in which people pay with the value of their social network. It's easy, every time somebody pays with a tweet or post on Facebook, he or she tells all their friends about your product.

    Pay with a Tweet is an excellent way to reach every growth hacker's dream: going viral. It's an amazing way to advertise your content while also enhancing your brand's social profile.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Pay With a Tweet

    Pay with a Tweet pricing information

    Pay with a Tweet is one of the best free growth hacking tools with its Basic plan. If you want more advanced features, the Business plan is $49.99/month.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Pay With a Tweet Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Pay with a Tweet?

    • Shows traffic details, impressions, clicks, shares and referral traffic.
    • Gives you the white label and customization with the Business plan.
    • API support to use it your own way.

    Convert - Best Google Optimize Alternative for A/B Testing

    If you question what changes result with a higher conversion rate on your landing page, you should get used to the term "a/b testing". In our Best UX Tools article, we have recommended Google Optimize for a/b testing.

    Convert is a more expensive, but very powerful tool for a/b testing. And comes with lots of integrations, such as Amplitude, Adobe Analytics, ComScore, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, Hubspot, Magento, Salesforce and Twilio.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Convert

    Convert pricing information

    Convert has two pricing options:

    • Essential
      • 10 Active Goals.
      • 5 Active Projects.
      • 5 Personalizations.
    • Pro
      • Everything in Essential plan, but without a limit (except personalization with a limit of 100)
      • Change Log.
      • API Access.
      • DMP Profiling.
    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Convert Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Convert?

    • Includes different features for conversion rate optimization: a/b testing, split testing, multivariate testing, and multipage experiments.
    • It's a code-free tool, so anyone can start experimenting in minutes.
    • Detailed reports, segmentation, personalization and JS tester for dynamic testing.

    Early Parrot - Referral Marketing Tool

    Referral marketing leverages the potential of word-of-mouth by promoting products or services to new customers through referrals. Instead of letting newly acquired leads stand there waiting for the launch date, you can start creating hype for your product and create a viral effect with Early Parrot.

    In addition, this great referral marketing tool allows you to give your SaaS product's users and e-commerce website's customers an incentive to talk about your brand.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Early Parrot

    Early Parrot pricing information

    Early Parrot is amazing for startups, in terms of pricing. They even have a "motto" in their pricing plans which is "Pay only if you grow!".

    You can open an account with basic features for free and upgrade your plan to full features that start from €99/month.

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Early Parrot Pricing Information

    What are the primary features of Early Parrot?

    • Easy to set up the integration and create rewards.
    • API access with all features and custom themes.
    • Advanced fraud detection to block suspicious traffic.
    • Email sending, drip email campaigns, and analytics.

    ProProfs Chat - Live Chat Software for Instant Customer Support

    ProProfs Chat is the perfect tool for startups to reach out to their visitors and provide instant support 24/7. The live chat support tool can help online business owners capture potential leads and supercharge sales funnel efficiently.

    With the live chat tool, a business can start a personalized conversation and keep the website visitors engaged with the brand. The ongoing chats can be monitored and admins can intervene in case they feel the chat operator needs assistance.

    What’s more, the software makes any time, anywhere support possible with its iOS and Android apps. That means you can provide instant answers to visitor questions no matter where you are and boost your satisfaction rate.

    Best  Growth HackingTools ProProfs Chat

    ProProfs Chat pricing information

    The live chat software provides a 15-days, no-obligation free trial to users so they can explore all the features at length.

    Once the trial period ends, users can opt for either of the packages from Bronze ($9/month - with unlimited chats) to Enterprise ($199/month - with API access and Custom License)

    ProProfs Chat also offers a forever free plan for startups so they can get started with online chat hassle-free. Do check it out!

    What are the primary features of ProProfs Chat?

    • Integration to CRM, CMS, eCommerce, Knowledge Base, Help Desk, Survey Maker, and other platforms to build a complete support suit for users.
    • Instant support with features chat routing, chat greetings, and canned responses.
    • Real-time visitor monitoring to know the website visitors better and start a personalized conversation easily.

    Answer the Public - Free Keyword Research and Content Ideas Tool

    In the world of content marketing, you don't simply write something and publish it. Keyword research is very important for SEO because you need to know what are your potential customers are looking for in Google or Bing.

    Answer the Public is doing an amazing job by suggesting long-tail keywords and visualizes them in a "search cloud". It lists questions, prepositions and related organic searches as well.

    Answer the Public pricing information

    This great SEO tool comes with a forever free plan for startups. When your content marketing team grows, you can upgrade your account into Pro plan that has language & location-based results, unlimited searches, etc.

    What are the primary features of Answer the Public?

    • You can download reports as CSV.
    • Very detailed keyword research to help you rock with content marketing.
    • Combines both Google and Bing search results.

    Feature Upvote - Gather Feature Requests and Qualify Them with Voting

    Feature Upvote makes it easy for startups to capture and vote on product feedback and to surface the best ideas. This way you can build a product roadmap based on feedback from your customer and team, rather than on value judgments and who shouts the loudest. 

    growth hacking tools feature upvote

    Feature Upvote provides simple feedback boards with built-in voting functionality. These can be made public to get feedback from customers, or private to get feedback from your team or select B2B clients.

    And this great feature request gathering tool integrates with Jira, Slack, Zapier and Single Sign-On (SSO). 

    Feature Upvote pricing information

    Feature Upvote has flat pricing of $35 per month/board (which goes down to $29/month if you purchase an annual plan). You can cancel at any time. 

    There is also a 30-day free trial with full functionality and no sales call so feel free to give it a shot.

    What are the primary features of Feature Upvote?

    • Collect all your feature requests and feedback in one place rather than scattered across multiple channels.
    • Qualify feedback with voting so the best ideas rise to the top – and these can often surprise you.
    • It's the ideal way to start building a product roadmap based on what your team and customers actually need.

    Secret - $25k+ Worth of SaaS Deals Available for Free

    Secret is a new platform of exclusive deals. And it’s pretty stunning! They negotiated 50+ great SaaS deals. They help startups with their cloud hosting, growth, marketing automation, product… And you can save up to $25,000+ for free!

    Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2019 - Secret Pricing Information

    As an example, you could benefit from:

    • $2,000 credit on Airtable
    • $2,000 credit on Freshworks (spread over 8 products)
    • 6 months free on Mailjet
    • 6 months free on Hotjar
    • 30% off on Phantom Buster for 12 months
    • 6 months free on Typeform
    • $1,000 credit on Algolia

    And their list of deals keeps on adding up.

    Secret pricing information

    Secret is completely free. To benefit from the great SaaS deals, just sign up on and fill in the application form. Their team will get back to you within 24 hours. Once your application is approved, access all of the deals and activate the ones you are interested in.

    What are the primary features of Secret?

    • Find great deals for your startup about growth, technology, design, productivity, marketing, sales, and finance.

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