5 Alternatives to Survicate [free tools included]

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    • UserGuiding is a great pick if you're looking for a tool that has broad customization options that serve your target audience the best.
    • Hotjar is your tool if you're looking for a tool to mix surveys with heatmaps feature for detailed insights.
    • UserReport is a must-try if you plan to build surveys in multiple languages for a big audience.
    • SatisMeter is the tool to choose if you want a tool that is easy to use throughout the survey design process.
    • Mouseflow is the tool you should definitely consider if you need to collect responses without any limits to reach a larger audience.

    Survicate is a survey platform that helps teams both create surveys efficiently and collect feedback just as efficiently.

    This tool is a popular choice for several businesses because it allows users to run multichannel surveys, including website feedback, in-product, and mobile in-app surveys—altogether.

    But enough about what it can do...

    Today's article is all about what Survicate can't do—or what these alternatives can do better.

    Ready, set, go 🏁

    1. UserGuiding - more customization options to tailor surveys that fit your needs the best

    Just in: UserGuiding is home to multiple surveys as an end-to-end product adoption platform!

    These in-app surveys can help you gather valuable insights into your user base. For example, you could segment your users and create campaigns for each segment without leaving the app.

    Talking about segmentation, you can obtain feedback quickly through surveys once a new product feature is launched.

    UserGuiding is a good alternative to surveys of Survicate due to its extensive customization options, supporting personalization.

    Check out the example to see how we customized our survey to fit ClickUp's general theme and UI to collect website feedback—in minutes without any coding.

    In short, creating customized in-product surveys as a simple way of collecting in-app feedback is what UserGuiding enables.

    This sounds unlike Survicate because it only provides multiple survey templates that are nowhere near as comprehensive as UserGuiding in terms of customization.

    So, if you plan to benefit from customization for both questions and design when creating surveys, you should move forward with UserGuiding.

    Pros 👍

    • Seamless integration with onboarding
    • Customizable survey and feedback modules
    • Real-time analytics for survey answers
    • Targeted survey deployment

    Cons 👎

    • Limited survey templates

    Top Use Cases ⚙️

    • User onboarding feedback
    • Feature adoption surveys
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

    Pricing 💵

    UserGuiding offers a 14-day free trial on all plans; here is how the pricing plans look when billed annually:

    • Basic Plan: $89/month for up to 2,500 monthly active users.
    • Professional Plan: $389/month for up to 20,000 monthly active users.
    • Corporate Plan: $689+/month for custom monthly active users.

    2. Hotjar - better survey result analysis with heatmaps feature

    If I could trust Hotjar with one thing, it would've been those heatmaps that can visualize the patterns users take.

    With that in mind, this specific feature creates a powerful feature set when combined with feedback gathering.

    You might wonder how; let me get into it.

    Hotjar allows you to collect feedback with heatmaps, which helps you identify the issues or items that lead the user to give that specific rate to a satisfaction survey.

    This Survicate alternative provides you with such a tool that it pinpoints where a user gets stuck or confused—basically showing you what gets that user to that point.

    This might sound like an advanced feature, but trust me, it's a great guide to improve the user experience single-handedly.

    And, it's one of the features that you can use for free as it's available in all plans 🤭

    ‎For example, like the one above, you can see the actions that your website visitors, users, and customers take right before responding to the survey, including their:

    • clicks,
    • scrolls,
    • and moves.

    As a survey platform, Survicate doesn't support heatmaps; thus, enabling heatmaps for surveys is something that you can only find in product insights tools like Hotjar.

    Without any doubt, Hotjar wins this comparison thanks to its insightful heatmaps that enhance the key feature of this article: surveys.

    So, if you plan to use heatmaps when analyzing survey responses, you should choose Hotjar over Survicate.

    Pros 👍

    • Feedback widget with heatmaps
    • Customization option
    • Real-time feedback collection

    Cons 👎

    • Mobile surveys
    • Limited survey logic capabilities

    Top Use Cases ⚙️

    • Website usability feedback surveys
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Pricing 💵

    Hotjar offers a 30-day free trial for the Business plan and a free plan with which you can try its advanced features.

    It also enables businesses to scale monthly responses based on their needs for both Business and Scale plans; the pricing changes accordingly as well.

    Here is how the pricing plans are when billed annually:

    • Basic Plan: Free for up to 3 surveys and feedback widgets (only 20 monthly responses).
    • Plus Plan: $48/month for unlimited surveys and feedback widgets (up to 250 monthly responses).
    • Business Plan: $64/month with Hotjar AI (up to 500 monthly responses).
    • Scale Plan: $128/month with Hotjar API and webhooks (up to 500 monthly responses).

    3. UserReport - greater availability in the survey and feedback widget with 60+ languages

    Here comes another Survicate alternative: UserReport.

    This online survey and feedback management has piqued my interest for a reason that might be one of the most important aspects of today's world, inclusivity.

    What does that have to do with surveys?

    Well, a lot since businesses tend to promote globally, allowing multiple language options.

    The very same notion is implemented in UserReport, where you can run a feedback widget in more than 60 languages.

    Impressive, I must add.

    ‎Here, you can see a website feedback survey example that is created via UserReport, which can be accessible in different languages.

    By enabling you to post surveys to your audience in their native language, this feature creates a bond between your customers and your brand and makes them feel heard.

    This kind of multilingual support allows you to build and send more targeted surveys, which can contain multiple question types, including:

    • close-ended questions,
    • open-ended questions,
    • multiple choice questions,
    • rating survey questions,
    • Likert scale survey questions,
    • and drop-down survey questions.

    Comparing this survey language support feature to Survicate's, which only supports this feature manually or automatically through Google Translate, I'd say the winner is obvious: UserReport.

    So, if you plan to send surveys and collect feedback in more than a few languages for your audience, UserReport would meet your needs better.

    Pros 👍

    • Language availability
    • Customization option
    • Feedback widget
    • Real-time insights

    Cons 👎

    • Complex analysis for beginners
    • Limited advanced analytics

    Top Use Cases ⚙️

    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Product feedback and development surveys
    • Audience profiling and segmentation surveys

    Pricing 💵

    UserReport doesn't have a transparent pricing plan for its premium usage, but it offers a free plan with which you can add survey and feedback widgets to your website.

    4. SatisMeter - easier survey design process to create and run surveys

    SatisMeter is a feedback collection tool that makes it really easy to collect feedback 😉

    Just as suggested.

    From creating surveys to analyzing survey responses, this Survicate alternative helps you have a smooth customer experience.

    What does it have that the others (most of the time) don't?

    First of all, it's a user-friendly survey software

    Let me break down some aspects:

    • It offers a short set-up process for you to run in minutes.
    • It doesn't only have an intuitive interface but also an intuitive survey creator.
    • It has robust survey capabilities to streamline the process and eliminate the need for technical knowledge.

    All of these features above encourage the user journey in a positive way when it's time to create a survey.

    ‎Let's take the survey template example above: When creating an NPS survey, you see the live preview before you publish the changes.

    This is just one of the benefits that it supplies.

    Comparing this process to Survicate's survey design process, I can say that Satismeter definitely provides a smoother and simpler design process that can be effortlessly adopted by beginners as well.

    So, if you want to adopt a simple survey solution with no steep learning curve, SatisMeter is the one for you.

    Pros 👍

    • Ease of use
    • Automated surveys
    • Real-time feedback
    • Customization option

    Cons 👎

    • Limited survey types
    • Basic built-in analytics

    Top Use Cases ⚙️

    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
    • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys
    • Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys

    Pricing 💵

    SatisMeter offers a free plan with which you can try its advanced features to an extent; here is how the pricing plans unfold:

    • Free Plan: Free for up to 250 active users (only 25 monthly responses).
    • Growth Plan: $199/month for 10,000 active users (up to 1,000 monthly responses).
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom quote for more than 10,000 active users.

    5. Mouseflow - unlimited on-site survey responses on all plans

    Mouseflow happens to be a really good Survicate alternative for one reason: survey responses limit.

    That's not the only reason, but... it's a solid one if that's what you're looking for.

    Let me start this comparison by first stating that Mouseflow can do almost all the things that Survicate can do, except for mobile surveys.

    I can even say that it's home to more features that can help you capture customer feedback on the next level with session recordings.

    This is a unique feature that can help you understand from your customers' point of view when it's time to collect customer feedback through surveys.

    ‎Moving on, the benefit that I'd like to mention here is that Mouseflow offers unlimited on-site survey responses on all plans—yes, you read it right—including the completely free one.

    Survicate, on the other hand, allows for 25 responses on its basic plan.

    So, if you plan to create surveys for a big audience, then, you should opt for Mouseflow.

    Pros 👍

    • Customization option
    • Real-time feedback collection
    • Unlimited survey respondents

    Cons 👎

    • Data overload when using surveys with other features
    • High costs for more websites and recordings
    • No mobile surveys

    Top Use Cases ⚙️

    • Surveys with session recordings
    • Feature evaluation surveys
    • Visitor intent and satisfaction surveys

    Pricing 💵

    Mouseflow offers a 14-day free trial on all plans; here is how the pricing plans look when billed annually:

    • Free Plan: Free for up to 500 recordings per month (only 1 website allowed).
    • Starter Plan: $31/month for up to 5,000 recordings per month (only 1 website allowed).
    • Growth Plan: $109/month for up to 15,000 recordings per month (3 websites).
    • Business Plan: $219/month for up to 50,000 recordings per month (5 websites).
    • Pro Plan: $399/month for up to 150,000 recordings per month (10 websites).


    If Survicate isn't your cup of tea, then, it's time for you to meet good alternatives, which include:

    • UserGuiding,
    • Hotjar,
    • UserReport,
    • SatisMeter,
    • and Mouseflow.

    Give this article a read and pick your side; may the best tool win!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the alternatives to customer surveys?

    The alternatives to customer surveys include focus groups, interviews, conversations, observation, and analytics.

    What is the biggest Survicate alternative?

    Hotjar and UserGuiding are the biggest alternatives to Survicate for collecting user feedback, but both tools also offer different functionalities to help your product team.

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