4 Key Use Cases That Make UserGuiding's Product Updates a Must-Try

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    Home / Product / 4 Key Use Cases That Make UserGuiding's Product Updates a Must-Try

    Hey, SaaS folks! If you didn't get the memo, we are rolling out a cool new feature, Product Updates 🚀

    You might have already seen our announcements on social media or here on the blog, but now is the time to go deeper into what Product Updates is capable of!

    So today, we are talking about the use cases that make Product Updates essential for product managers, product marketers, customer success managers, or whoever is in charge of updating your audience when a cool new feature is around the corner or you've handled a bug fix.

    Not in the reading mood? Here's our short video explaining the top use cases of Product Updates 👇

    Reading along? Cool! Let's start!

    Why Announcing Product Updates The Right Way Matter?

    Before we get to the use cases, let's make sure we are on the same page about product updates.

    A product update is an act of changing, evolving, and growing your product. It's the effort and time you put into your product to make it better for your users and customers.

    And that's why it matters that you announce each product update the right way.

    But let's elaborate on that:

    1- Higher Feature (and Product!) Adoption

    Our first reason why product update announcements are important is a pretty simple logic.

    For example, if you don’t announce a new feature the right way, nobody gives it a try. If nobody gives it a try, nobody adopts it. Those features make up your product and if there is no feature adoption, soon there is no product adoption. A high product adoption curve is a crucial in understanding your product's success.

    2- Higher Customer Loyalty

    Announcing a new feature creates 3 main impressions on users:

    👉 They feel heard and seen because you are trying to make the UX better for them,

    👉 They see your business as growing and evolving, and

    👉 The ease of use increases for those interacting with the new updates, and all that creates a stronger relationship between you and your customers.

    Boom, higher loyalty.

    3- Increasing Customer Engagement & Re-Engagement

    Once again, let's go with basic logic:

    Announcing an update properly means higher chances of more users interacting with your product, which means higher user engagement.

    And if you play your cards right - and announce your updates the right way - you can even get to your churned users and engage them into coming back as well.

    Check out our guide to announcing your product updates here 👈

    Top Product Updates Use Cases for PMs, PMMs, and CSMs

    As we just said above, Product Updates is a feature that can be beneficial to many on your team, and so are the use cases. Let's start off with:

    1- Two-Way Communication with Users

    userguiding product updates use cases two way communication
    Here's a glimpse at how the Product Updates Page looks 🤫

    User retention rule number one: Keeping users around for the long haul means you've got to keep in touch with them.

    And it's not easy to keep anyone engaged if they don't know what's happening.

    With Product Updates, you've got a special spot to talk about new features, fixes, or anything else you want to share. The cool part is that your users can also keep the conversation going by giving you their thoughts and reactions.

    👉 It is a two-way street that both you and your users can make good use of.

    2- Transparency and Credibility

    Ever wished you could see what's next for your favorite app?

    I personally wish I had access to Canva's feature backlog to see what's coming next.  And guess what: your users might be feeling the same about your app 🌟

    And rather than a secret feature backlog, they might be looking for something more important: Openness and trust.

    Product Updates lets you show off the hard work and love you're putting into your app, which allows you to set a standard of transparency your users would love and a culture of credibility, where your users know they can find answers if something is off.

    3- Documentation

    This one's a personal favorite 🤭 One of the best use cases of Product Updates is that it gives you the chance to create a library of all previous versions, bug fixes, announcements, and updates.

    And this is not just for your users.

    It's for you, your team, AND your users to see how far the product has come. It's a way to say, "Look how much we've grown!"

    This openness about your journey builds even more trust and respect with your users.

    4- Marketing & Sales Support

    Finally, my last use case of Product Updates for this article, but definitely not the last use case for Product Updates 😎

    UserGuiding's new feature gives your marketing and sales teams a special secret weapon.

    For marketers, showing off your latest features can catch the eye of potential new users, and with Product Updates, it's an entire library of documentation with the proper tags and even technical details if you prefer.

    And for sales, it's like having a billboard that updates itself; it gives you fresh talking points and a clear message about why your product is awesome.

    So... Free Trial?

    UserGuiding's Product Updates doesn't just get you to announce updates; it gives you another method to acquire, retain, and make fans out of customers.

    And if you're into that idea, wanna give Product Updates and the rest of the UserGuiding experience a free try?

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