A Deep Dive Into 22 Product Announcement Emails That Just Work

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    • A product announcement email is basically an email that provides information regarding a certain change/update or details about a release.
    • You can use product announcement emails to announce a new product launch, an upcoming feature/ event/ sale, changes regarding the pricing, or your company policies.
    • There are 4 crucial elements to take into account when crafting an exceptional announcement: segmenting your recipients, creating a catchy subject line, delivering well-structured and informative content, and incorporating relevant CTA buttons.
    • While writing your subject line, make sure to keep it short, personalized, and fun. 
    • While writing your copy, make sure to add bullet points, divide the information into readable chunks, and use italics/ bold fonts to increase readability.
    • While adding CTA buttons, make sure you add only the most relevant ones; not every CTA ever existed just to be safe. 
    • Finally, make sure to add visual elements such as screenshots, videos, and gifs to your email, as well as clickable links and emojis to optimize your email and give it a soul.

    Money can't buy happiness, they say. How about the other way around?

    Can "happiness" bring money along? 💰💰

    Well, maybe not for us ordinary people, but it just might be the case for big corporates, midsize companies, and new start-ups.

    Let me define happiness and money in this context for you:

    🌀 Happiness = Great news regarding your product (updates, improvements, discounts, etc.)

    🌀 Money = Customer retention, engagement, satisfaction, subscription, etc.

    Announce your "happiness" and share the news with both your current and potential customers, then see how magic works and brings you "money" with your own eyes 🪄

    + Magic? What magic?

    - Well, product announcement emails, I mean.

    The Bible of Product Announcement Emails: The Whats, Whys, and Hows

    I know You're Asking: Emails, really?

    Who reads emails these days?

    In fact, who checks their inbox more often than once a month?

    Do inboxes still exist, doesn't each and every email end up in the spam box anyway?

    Well... Trust me, -as a marketer and a Gen Z- I can assure you that emails still have readers, and they're still effective for generating leads, luring inactive users back into your product, or even recovering some of the churns.


    Actually, here are some reassuring stats 👇

    Email Marketing Statistics

    • 99% of consumers check their emails daily, and if we look closer, we can see that an average consumer checks their inbox approx. 20 times a day, across home, office, and phone.
    • Over the last 12 months, 77% of marketers reported an increase in email engagement.
    • 49% of customers state they'd like to get updates and promotional emails from their favorite companies on a regular basis.
    • And lastly, 80% of business professionals say email marketing significantly increases customer retention.

    Well, there are these stats, too:

    • Every day, 14.5 billion emails end up in the spam box.
    • In 2022, almost 57% of all emails were marked as spam.

    Do we know how many of these emails were actually spam?

    Not really, but we know that around 36% of them were marketing/advertising emails.

    So, yes.

    There's a possibility we rot in the spam folder of our subscribers.

    Yet, there's a possibility we catch their attention, really engage with them, inform them about our new products/services, and draw them into our product to try it out with the right CTAs!

    And trust me, as long as we watch our steps around a few things or two while creating our email list and writing the subject line as well as the actual email body, the second possibility is a much higher one 📈📈


    Let's Set a Baseline - What makes an announcement email good?

    Before starting with the key aspects of a great announcement email, let's stress the importance of recipient segmentation once again. 

    Time and context matter.

    You wouldn't send 5-page long new feature release note emails to a trial user who created their account only 5 minutes ago, nor would you send onboarding follow-up emails to a user who churned 3 years ago.


    Because even if you craft the most exceptional announcement email ever conceived, it will be in vain if the recipient is not the right target audience for it.

    Once you're content with your email list, we can proceed with the other key aspects 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    A Catchy Email Subject Line

    ⚡ According to research, while 64% of email recipients decide to delete or keep an email based on its subject line, 33% of them open an email just because it has a fun subject line. 

    People receive tens and hundreds of emails in a day.

    The game starts way before the CTAs, the links, and even the main copy of the email.

    It starts with the subject line. 

     Here's what you can do to draw attention to your subject line: 

    • Use emojis and punctuation marks. BE DRAMATIC!! 💢☄️💥
    • Personalize. Add details, keywords, wishlisted product names... 
    • Make it feel sincere, friendly, and human. 
    • Keep it short so that it can be read across all devices. 

    A Well-Structured and Informative Copy

    The recipient became the reader now; congrats! 

    Depending on your tone of voice, writing style, email marketing strategy, and the announcement, of course, you can write short and precise emails or long and detailed emails. What is important here is that you put all the relevant details in your copy and arrange them in a readable and smooth structure. 

    👉 If you don't explain clearly what a user can achieve with your brand-new AI tool, how they can register for your webinar, or where they can find a certain feature in the updated UI, then your announcement email doesn't fulfill its job. 

    A Few Emojis, Gifs, Screenshots, Videos, and Screenshots -A.k.a. A Soul

    ⚡ According to statistics, emails with images have nearly 10% higher open rates. 

    (So it's not just me who loves images.)

    • Announcing a new feature? Record a video that explains how to use it.
    • A new UI? Create a gif navigating around the tool, showing what's changed and what's where. 
    • There's an upcoming product? Add a few screenshots from the UI and the dashboards. 

    If you don't have anything, then add a smiling puppy gif. 

    But please, add something. 

    The Right CTAs

    Just as you cannot send every single email to everyone, you cannot add the same CTAs to all of your email templates.

    The CTA buttons within the email should be relevant to the email content as well.

    👉 If you're welcoming a new user, the CTAs in the email should direct them to your help center, blog, and knowledge base.

    👉 Similarly, if you're releasing a desktop app, the shiny attention-grabbing button should be the CTA directing users to the app store or the webpage where they can install the app. 

    Still Not Sure About Announcement Emails? 👉 Try UserGuiding 👈

    It's okay if you have concerns about email campaigns and announcements. Or, you might have some legit reasons not to send them, too.

    Like ensuring visibility.

    You may think emails lack context and therefore prefer your own website/platform to make announcements. Or maybe you simply don't want to reach out to inactive users/customers for feature updates and want to target only your loyal customers and active users.

    (They're the ones who deserve your attention and unconditional love, anyway...)

    If that's the case, meet UserGuiding!

    userguiding product announcement emails

    UserGuiding is a no-code tool anyone can use to create interactive onboarding flows, in-app resource centers, surveys, and announcement modals (such as hotspots and tooltips) within minutes.

    With UserGuiding's announcement modals, you can:

    • Welcome new users warmly and tell them what they can achieve with your product.
    • Create interactive guides and show how to complete certain tasks.
    • Inform your users about new features in your product, provide how-to videos and additional links to your help center.
    • Give context or little tips on how to effectively use certain features.
    • Announce a webinar, seminar, boot camp, or any other special event and invite them to join you.
    • Share your brand-new industry reports or benchmarks.

    Your announcement can look like this:

    product announcement emails userguiding indicata example

    Like this:

    product announcement emails userguiding grove hr

    Or like this:

    product announcement emails crunch userguiding

    Now, let's continue with the product announcement emails 👇

    22 Product Announcement Emails: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Ones

    I've embarked on journeys to distant lands, delved into countless emails for days and weeks, and meticulously gathered and categorized the absolute best 22, product announcement emails, all for your convenience.

    Shall we now analyze them to the tiniest, weeniest detail, offer constructive critique, and learn a lot of things? 

    Here are the categories:

    • New Product Release Emails 
    • New Feature Announcement Emails 
    • Early Access/ BETA Testing Emails 
    • Mobile/Desktop App Launch and Update Emails
    • Event Announcement Emails 
    • Business Announcement Emails 
    • Sales Announcement Emails 

    And here are the examples 👇

    New Product Release Emails

    Product launch announcement emails are like the grand reveal of a long-kept secret.

    After years of hard work, when the product is finally ready, you start to send out teaser emails or social media posts before the official launch.

    The excitement builds, hearts race...

    And when the moment arrives, you reveal the secret—the new product. 

    #1 B2Metric

    B2Metric is a customer intelligence and user behavioral analytics platform. It offers a sophisticated analysis of customer data across the entire customer journey, providing valuable and actionable insights for businesses.

    Here's the first email of the product launch email sequence:

    product announcement email examples product hunt

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ They use sincere and friendly language. They kindly ask for support and feedback from their friends and colleagues in the industry. No imperative. Not a demanding tone. 

    Short and simple copy. If you're reaching out to people you already know, or at least talked to on LinkedIn before, you don't have to explain everything over and over again on each platform. 

    ✅ They explain how to create a Product Hunt account and the steps to take later on on the platform and provide the necessary links. 

    ❌ They don't prefer a special email design or a template, which could feel ordinary and boring to some. 

    There isn't any visual element like screenshots, videos, or gifs introducing the product or hyping the recipient up for the launch in the email. 

    👉 Would I use this as a product launch email template?

    Depending on my recipient list, yes. 

    If I am already acquainted with the recipient, work in the same industry, and have a connection on LinkedIn, I could write a similar email only to inform them about the official launch date and kindly ask for their support.

    However, if I am uncertain whether the recipient has heard or read about my company or product before, it would be beneficial to explain the product and its use cases and include a few visuals from the UI. 

    #2 FigJam

    FigJam, an online whiteboard and collaboration tool, announced its launch with this fun email:

    product announcement email examples figjam

    Key Takeaways

    Great, great, great subject line usage. Just great. Does it mean anything to me? No. Would I open it when I see it? ASAP!

    Email design resembles the product design itself. The whiteboard background looks pretty cool. 

    ✅ They put example pictures for each feature and use case. 

    ✅ There is actually a lot to take in, but the layout and the use of highlights & bolds make it easy to read. 

    ✅ They provide external links to all of the main features highlighted in the email for further information. 

    ❌ Nothing. Just perfect. 10/10. 

    👉 Would I use this as a product launch email template?

    Hell yes!

    Because it's basically a visual board, it makes so much sense they preferred to elaborate on their email design and show everything with little examples instead of listing the features with bullet points. 

    #3 OnePlus

    OnePlus, a consumer electronics company, announces its new charger to its customers like this:

    product announcement email examples oneplus

    Key Takeaways

    A catchy subject line. It could be more specific about the product, but fine. 

    ✅ It gives the name of the product in the copy, along with a clickable link. 

    No personalization. Zero. Not even a "Dear [name_surname]," 

    ❌ The copy is too bland and boring. 

    No visual support. The reader is supposed to remember which charger this is. 

    👉 Would I use this as a product launch email template?

    Don't think so. 

    From the subject line to the last disclaimer paragraph of the copy, it's obvious that they were trying to create a FOMO effect on the user. Yet, the lack of personalization and visuals prevent us readers from feeling anything.

    The copy is too robotic and bloodless. 

    Not a very successful launch announcement email, unfortunately.  

    #4 ArmBrust American

    ArmBrust is a Texas-based medical-grade surgical mask and respirator manufacturer.
    This is how they announced their new product: nitrile gloves 👇

    product announcement email examples armbrust

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ It's simple and original. 

    ✅ It seems fun. 

    ❌ There's no copy, so I'm not so sure it wouldn't end up in spam. 

    ❌ The gif is probably clickable, but as there's no explanation or anything, there's no motive to go and check the website or product. 

    It might not mean much at first glance to some people. 

    👉 Would I use this as a product launch email template?

    I'm not so sure. 

    It's certainly different and eye-catching.

    I will not forget that this company sells gloves in the near future, so we can say it's a good announcement mail for a glove manufacturer. Yet, I am uncertain about the applicability of this template to other industries and companies.

    #5 Netflix

    There are different takes on Netflix's email strategies. 

    Some find it spammy and unnecessary, others wait for one announcing the new season of their favorite show. 

    I personally belong to the second category, and always wait for this kind of mails 👇

    product announcement email examples netflix

    Key Takeaways

    Efficient subject line usage. Both the date and the show name are included.

    ✅ Includes full-page poster of your favorite show 😻

    ✅ The CTAs take you directly to the new season episode 1, not the main Netflix page.

    ❌ For some shows, the subject line might be too long to read without opening the mail. 

    ❌ "Recently Added" and "Trending Now" parts might feel irrelevant and too generic. 

    👉 Would I use this as a product launch email template?

    If the product I'm announcing is primarily content-based, whether it's written or visual, it can be a highly successful announcement approach. No explanation is needed as there are no specific use cases.

    Just a brief summary, an eye-catching banner, and a compelling CTA leading to the product.

    You can use it for ebooks, podcasts, Youtube videos... 

    New Feature Announcement Emails

    Probably the most well-known and frequently used announcement email: the new feature announcement email.

    Here are some examples from the tech giants 👇

    #6 Typeform

    Typeform announced their new AI-powered features and workflows with a long email at the end of last month. 

     Here's the mail:

    product announcement email examples typeform

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ The mail is structured into 4 solid parts. I know where to find a CTA or a link for a certain announcement within the email. 

    ✅ The information is divided into bullet points, and the keywords are written in bold. Easy to skim through.

    The images make the information transition so much smoother. 

    ❌ Everything, everywhere, all at once: the webinar, the AI features, the workflows, the integrations... The recipient is expected to study the whole email, which might not be fun for a lot of people. 

    👉 Would I use this as a feature announcement email template?

    It's a solid and well-organized email with a lot of links, bullet points, visuals, and all. Although they announce way too many things in one email, I could understand their key points and memorize almost all the new features after the first round. 

    But then I felt a need to read again. And maybe again... 

    It's like product documentation. 

    There's simply too much information.

    There's a high possibility people might feel bombarded and not complete reading it.

    #7 Atlassian Jira

    Jira might be one of the tools that receive the harshest criticism for being complex and difficult to understand. Yet, they are also one of the tools that listen to their users' feedback.

    New courses, new features, new boards... 

    Anything for user satisfaction. 

    atlassian jira product announcement email example

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ Short, informative, and straight to the point. Great copy. 

    ✅ Every new feature has just enough explanation. Not too much, not insufficient. 

    ✅ The CTA button and lickable links are positioned well. 

    ❌ Nothing. It's a decent and informative mail. 

    👉 Would I use this as a feature announcement email template?


    Everything is in its own little box, with a screenshot or a visual support element beside it. They create a sense of accomplishment in the reader and motivate them to read the next one upon finishing one. 

    Great strategy.

    #8 Slack

    When Slack shared its latest feature, Slack Canvas, with its users, it created a sense of excitement that made the readers feel personally invested in the success.

    product announcement email examples slack

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ The emoji choice, the wording... The subject line feels personal and friendly. 

    ✅ Catches the attention of the reader with the right keywords (tracking milestones, onboarding, collaborating, ...) 

    ✅ There's a gif that shows how to use the feature. 

    ✅ There's a list of benefits the feature promises. 

    ❌ They could use different microcopy for the CTAs, but it's just a tiny detail. 

    👉 Would I use this as a feature announcement email template?


    A catchy subject line: checked ✔️
    A short feature description: checked ✔️
    A gif showcasing the new feature: checked ✔️
    A list of benefits/ use cases: checked ✔️

    What is there to expect from a feature announcement email? 

    Early Access/ BETA Testing Emails

    Trying out a product's beta version, witnessing its early stages, and being a significant contributor to ironing out its flaws...

    It's always been a magical experience for me 🔮

    #9 ClickUp AI

    "Not just another gimmicky AI feature," they say. 

    Here's how ClickUp offered early access to their new upcoming feature👇

    product announcement email examples clickup

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ In the subject line, they manage to instill a sense of users having longed for this specific feature for a considerable period, and now, at last, they are receiving it. 

    ✅ They make a bold and riveting claim. 

    ✅ There's a screenshot from the UI showcasing the feature. 

    ❌ Despite their bold claim, there isn't any use case or further explanation for the feature. The recipient is simply forwarded to the website without any valuable information. 

    👉 Would I use this as an early access email template?

    It needs improvement. 

    I loved how they challenged their competitors and tried to distinguish themselves, but it's just not enough at this point. They offer a very detailed article on what a user can achieve with ClickUp AI in their help center, but I'd love to see some key points and use cases in the email, too. 

    Nevertheless, if I am to evaluate just the structure and overall feeling of the email, it's not bad. 

    It's certainly soulful and passionate! 

    #10 Lemlist AI

    Another exclusive access email example comes from Lemlist, an email management tool. 

    product announcement email examples lemlist

    Key Takeaways

    ✅ The copy has a good structure. It starts by defining a problem and offering a solution to it. 

    ✅ There are important keywords sprinkled around that speak to email marketers. 

    ✅ The greeting and the emojis feel young and vibrant. 

    ❌ Value proposition is not stressed enough. 

    ❌ The copy could use some bullet points and bold fonts. 

    👉 Would I use this as an early access email template?

    Yeah, probably. 

    It points out a common problem email marketers face, portrays a pain point. Explains how they can solve this problem with the new Lemlist AI tool and proceeds with a gif that showcases the tool in action. 

    Would I recommend stressing the pain points and problems and how this certain tool solves them a little bit more? Certainly. 

    Would I incorporate bullet points and lists into the email? Yes. 

    But it still works as it is. 

    Mobile/Desktop App Launch Announcement Emails

    A great milestone for most of the tech companies: launching an app. 

    Desktop or mobile, doesn't matter.

    The satisfaction and the joy a new app brings... 

    #11 Crunch

    Crunch, an accounting software, announced their new mobile app with this email:

    product announcement email examples crunch

    Key Takeaways

    Great CTA usage. There isn't any unnecessary button that directs you to the pricing page, help center, or even the product's web platform! It's an app announcement email and it's supposed to direct you to the app store. 

    ✅ Though they mention what you can do in the app up in the first sentences, they highlight the app features once again in a text box. 

    ❌ I felt the absence of a "learn more" link for the features. Though most users don't tend to click on the links that explain the features in detail, their existence still provides some assurance, I believe. 

    ❌ Some screenshots from the app UI could be cool. 

    👉 Would I use this as an app announcement email template?

    Despite its little flaws, Crunch's announcement email is one of my favorites.

    So, yes. I would use it gladly. 


    Because it doesn't only announce the release of a new app, it also asks for honest opinions and feedback from those who've already tried it out with an additional CTA button. 

    Every decent announcement mail lists the new features, explains them, and adds a few CTAs around the copy for better or worse.

    But a CTA composing a feedback mail immediately? 

    That's clever. 

    #12 Collect by WeTransfer

    WeTransfer, one of the most popular file transfer platforms, announced the relaunch of their mobile app, Collect, like this:

    product announcement email examples wetransfer

    Key Takeaways

    Straight to the point title. Don't you have time to read the whole copy? No need. 

    A smooth copy, almost like a real conversation with the reader. 

    ✅ Great illustration of the app features. They could go and say, "Boards are available now," but they prefer to vivify the feature. 

    ❌ It might feel too wordy for some people. 

    ❌ As it's more like a casual chat rather than a business email, there's no chance to highlight the specific features of the app. 

    👉 Would I use this as an app announcement email template?

    I -absolutely- adore emails with conversational copies. 

    Friendly compliments? Heart-to-heart confessions? Storification?


    Event Announcement Emails

    I love when companies offer more than just their products.

    Sharing research reports and market trends related to their industry feels exceptionally valuable.

    Ebooks are fine, too. 

    However, what truly impresses me are those companies that aim to bring industry professionals together by organizing webinars, summits, and conferences.

    #13 Mixpanel

    A little more than 2 months ago, Mixpanel held a panel with industry experts mainly on the impact of data analysis and data-driven company culture. 

    Here's how they invited people to the event: 

    product announcement email examples mixpanel

    Key Takeaways

    The subject line provides all the necessary information about the event: the exact date and the company of the guest speakers. 

    The date and hour of the event are repeated a few times in the different parts of the copy. 

    ✅ There are links to the LinkedIn profiles of the speakers. 

    The objectives of the panel are stated clearly. 

    ❌ Nothing. This is the definition of the perfect event announcement email in the dictionaries 💯

    👉 Would I use this as an event announcement email template?

    I'd use this email as a template until the day I die. 

    The most important things for an event announcement email are to introduce the speakers in the event, be clear about the topics that are going to be discussed, and state the event date & hour emphatically. 

    I saw the date for this event 5 times in the email. 

    There was no chance of missing it. 

    #14 Hotjar

    One of the most hotly-anticipated events of the year: HOTSAUCE by Hotjar 🌶️🌶️ 

    And here's its invitation email:

    product announcement email examples hotjar hotsauce

    Key Takeaways

    There can't be a more self-explanatory subject line for a conference. 

    ✅ The copy is fun and interesting with all the hot sauce and bottle metaphors.

    ✅ The image and icon use is great. 

    ✅ They mention the place and the dates of the event a few times in the email. 

    ❌ There could be more information regarding the panels and speeches, but it's still early for that kind of details, as there are 3 months to go. 

    👉 Would I use this as an event announcement email template?

    It's a very cool concept they're playing with, incorporating peppers, hot sauce, and imagery that evokes the idea of 'hot' things. As a result, the email becomes both enjoyable and original. 

    But it's not a template that can be applicable to other events, I believe. 

    Yet, I would promote the creative use of icons (breakouts, keynotes, panels, work together) in this email. The rest of the email is crafted around a distinctive and unique concept.

    #15 Qt World Summit 2023

    Qt is a cross-platform software that is used to create graphical UIs and applications.

    They organize international tech summits to bring industry leaders, developers, designers, and engineers together annually, and here's this year's invitation:

    product announcement email examples qt world summit 2023

    Key Takeaways

    Highlights the key objectives of the event.

    ✅ Announces the early ticket opportunity along with the event.

    ✅ The "Discover World Summit" button takes the reader to a website with the summit agenda and speaker highlights. 

    ❌ It doesn't have a very sincere and inviting tone. 

    ❌ The event dates are not stressed as much as the other examples. 

    ❌ Some of the speaker highlights and/or details regarding the speeches in the agenda could be in the email, too, like a teaser. 

    👉 Would I use this as an event announcement email template?

    Probably not, as it doesn't feel very welcoming. 

    This is a big and popular event that has been organized internationally for many years, which means it doesn't really require much promotion or advertising. We can deduce this from their "coolness" in not providing any details regarding the keynotes/panels -even though almost everything is already settled.

    The email says: "You're lucky we're announcing this to you," rather than, "We would be happy to connect and mingle with you!"

    Well, that's my take, anyway. 

    Business Announcement Emails 

    New names, collaborations, transfers...

    The emails that announce the beginnings of a new era for the companies, in other words. 

    #16 Hotjar Engage (Formerly PingPong)

    Here's how Hotjar announces the completion of the acquisition processes of PingPong, a user interview tool, and its new name: Engage 👇

    product announcement email examples hotjar engage pingpong

    Key Takeaways

    The copy is informative and detailed. We know what has changed and what has been done.

    ✅ As it's an important business announcement, the language is formal and clear. 

    ✅ The necessary legal documentation regarding data security and privacy is linked. 

    ❌ 2 of the links in the email refer to pages that are no longer available. 

    #17 Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

    Here's a CRM platform that grew along with its customers: Sendinblue!

    Brevo, I mean. 

    product announcement email examples sendinblue

    Key Takeaways

    A catchy subject line: We have a new name! (Who were you, and who have you become? Tell me everything!)

    ✅ The copy is smooth and emotional, it makes the reader proud of the company. 

    The signature of the CEO adds soul and personality to the email.

    ❌ Not a single flaw. Congratulations Brevo 👏👏

    #18 LeadDelta

    I'm not sure if it's just me or if everyone feels a bit moved by happy news coming from the CEOs of their favorite products.

    Please don't tell me this announcement from LeadDelta doesn't put a proud smile on your face:

    product announcement email examples leaddelta

    Key Takeaways

    No ranting about the features, market stats, competitors... Just a very humble and sincere announcement. 

    ✅ It feels like a celebration among friends and family. 

    ✅ The group picture shows the team spirit they have 💪

    ❌ No critique for the LeadDelta fam, too! 

    Sales Announcement Emails

    Limited time, limited collection, limited stock, limited seats, ...

    Or special offers and discount codes. 

    Anything to create FOMO, I'm in!

    #19 Steam

    Here's how Steam announces its summer sale and specifically highlights the discounts on the items that are already on your wishlist:

    product announcement email examples steam

    Key Takeaways

    Personalised subject line with a wishlisted item name. 

    ✅ They included information about the items, in case you don't remember which game it was.

    ✅ Both the discount ratio and the new pricing info are available in the email. 

    ✅ You can check the sale, buy any of the items highlighted in the email, or check your wishlist. They offer all the options with the CTA buttons and clickable images. 

    ❌ They could add a few user reviews for the items. (Or the ratio of positive reviews)

    ❌ They could provide personalized purchase recommendations during the sale.

    #20 DeskTime

    Every year, every company offers great deals on Black Friday. 

    So what was so special about DeskTime's Black Friday campaign last year? 

    The prices? No. 

    The sequence of emails they sent before the day? YES. 

    product announcement email examples desktime

    Key Takeaways

    Have you noticed the date they sent out the first email of their campaign? t10 November. 15 days before Black Friday. The earliest offer I got after them was on the 20th, 10 days later. And after the 22nd, my inbox was bombarded with thousands of offers... But I never really had the chance or the energy to go through each and every one of them. I think you understand where I'm getting at...

    "X+1 for the price of X" structure. People might not care for the difference between Pro and Premium and go with the cheaper one. But who wouldn't want the upgraded plan at the cost of a more basic one?

    ✅ They offered social proof to build trust and appeal to the user psychology.

    ❌ There is only 1 CTA button in the email, directing the reader to the pricing page. Not a very effective CTA usage for a Black Friday campaign, to be honest.

    ❌ They could provide a value proposition. 

    New Pricing Plans

    One of the most valid reasons to reach out to your users is to inform them about the changes in your pricing plans and/or the extent of them. 

    It's never nice to learn this kind of changes accidentally, all by yourself, from your bank account...

    Speaking from experience...

    #21 Scener

    Here's how Scener, a watch-together streaming platform, announces its new premium plan:

    product announcement email examples scener

    Key Takeaways

    A simple and short subject line. 

    ✅ The short history of the company feels warm and friendly. 

    The image utilization for the premium features is a clever choice. 

    ❌ Some of the new features (expanded device compatibility and new watch party offerings) are lost in the paragraph; they could be highlighted more or written in bold, at the very least.

    ❌ The clickable external links could be visually more appealing CTA buttons. 

    #22 Upwork

    Upwork used to employ a tiered fee system for freelancers, where the service fee ratio gradually decreased as their engagement with a client increased. Initially, freelancers were charged a higher service fee percentage (20%), but as they continued to work with the client, the fee ratio dropped (10%, and then 5%). 

    But this system was complex and harsh on the new/ semi-experienced freelancers. 

    Thus, Upwork announced their new flat-fee system 👇

    product announcement email examples upwork

    Key Takeaways

    The announcement has an informative copy and a clear structure. It explains the new system, how the transition will be handled, and why this update was necessary.

    ✅ Each and every feature has a clickable link that takes the reader to the relevant help article. 

    ❌ The new updates and enhancements are lost in the crowd, even though they're listed with bullet points. They could use a separate heading.

    To Wrap Up...

    There are tons of things to announce to your active users and target customers.

    And tens of emails to write, thereby.

    Special discount emails, pre-order announcement emails, launch day emails, early-access emails, and many more...

    But as long as you keep what we've talked about in your mind, I'm pretty sure you'll come up with a catchy and interesting email, as well as an informative one. 

    Good luck and good writing!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you announce a new product in an email?

    Start by briefly defining the product and addressing the pain points it resolves for the target users. Highlight key features that offer value and include external links for more detailed explanations in help articles. Incorporate screenshots and videos showcasing the product's UI, highlighting various features, and demonstrating how they work. Integrate a few CTAs, and lastly, ensure the email has a catchy subject line to grab recipients' attention.

    What other ways are there to announce a new product besides email?

    To announce a new product besides email, you can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and engage with potential users, collaborate with industry influencers and host a product launch event, conduct webinars, publish educational material, or, announce it through announcement modals, and in-app notifications if applicable. 

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