23 Best Product Marketing Tools Every Product Marketing Manager Should Adopt in 2024 (Categorized)

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    👉 One thing a product marketing manager should have is a solid online marketing tool to enhance the efforts of product marketing teams.

    👉 As there are several aspects a PMM should take care of, from social media platforms to email marketing, PMMs are acquainted with many platforms to form great market strategies.

    👉 Some of these tools include email marketing tools, social media marketing tools, customer relationship management tools, and content marketing tools.

    👉 This article goes through each online tool a PMM surely needs and explains why they’re so great for today's digital marketers.

    Product marketing is a tricky job, and sometimes product marketing managers find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing technology and tools.

    If you are a product marketing manager and struggling with this, don’t worry!

    Because this article includes digital marketing tools that will help you reach your target market with ease and some digital products that will be of help when creating your digital marketing strategy.

    I know how busy you must be and how much you have on your plate, and the last thing I want is to waste your time, so let’s dive right in.

    What Kind of Tools Do Product Marketing Managers Use?

    PMMs use many different tools depending on the task at hand, but there are a few core activities that every PMM will engage in. 

    Some of these include: 

    • Discovering new ideas and trends 
    • Curating content: articles, blog posts, ebooks, etc. 
    • Automating emails, posts, and live chat responses
    • Sharing relevant content with the team 
    • Measuring and tracking performance (of campaigns, etc.)

    The tools I picked for you will make all these activities a lot easier and will help you be more productive and successful in your job.

    I've also tried to keep the list fairly broad so that you can find a tool for pretty much anything you need.

    Now, let's have a look at the list:

    Our Favorite All-In-One Tools for Product Marketers

    1- – next-gen project management solution

    project management product marketing

    For a product marketing manager, managing the day-to-day of the team and aligning with other departments is the key to successfully pulling off marketing campaigns.

    That's why they need the best project management tools to unite their efforts. is a leading all-in-one project management platform that's helped 100,000+ businesses improve their ROI by up to 250%.

    As they amazingly put it, with you can fast-track your way to visibility by transforming sloppy spreadsheets into crystal-clear workflows you'll love.

    If you're in the market for a project management tool, should be the first one to try.

    2- HubSpot – a great tool for all your marketing and sales needs

    hubspot crm

    HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for your marketing and sales efforts, providing you with plenty of tools to unify your workflow in one single platform.

    With its built-in CRM, you can manage lead generation and customer communication whether it is for sales, marketing, or customer service.

    ✅ With the features of the Marketing Hub, you can easily create landing pages, embed forms, popups, CTAs, and more to acquire and convert leads.

    ✅ With the features of the Sales Hub, you can analyze and interact with customers and manage their lifecycles.

    ✅ With the features of the Service Hub, you can understand what the needs and problems of your customers are, and acquire valuable feedback.

    ✅ And with the built-in dashboards feature, you can have countless valuable insights at a glance.

    It's also easy to learn, so you will be able to get started right away. 

    So all in all, HubSpot is an excellent choice for Product Marketing Managers who want to have everything in one place and collaborate with other teams.

    User Behavior and Feedback Tools for Product Marketing Managers

    3- – a great documentation product for observing customer behavior and displaying product features 

    docsie product documentation tool

    Never heard of Docsie before?

    Let me give you a quick product tour then.

    First of all, Docsie is a product documentation tool that both internal and external teams can collaborate on without any hassle. This documentation tool also has the foundation ready for you to create, translate, and publish interactive knowledge portals that can greatly reduce customer support tickets.

    What else?

    A built-in chat tool so that your team members can stay in touch when deciding what, when, and where to publish.

    A built-in automated translation tool so that you can maintain and turn to multiple versions of documents when in need.

    In short, Docsie provides a safe place for you to keep the knowledge you have in one place while letting you manage them regardless of the number of products you have—making it an indispensable tool for product managers who need to manage documentation for several products in one place where they can unify them, collaborate on them, and display them to provide users with use-cases, blog posts, and knowledge bases.

    4- Segment – a decent customer data software with reporting features to make meaningful marketing decisions

    PMM tools segment

    Segment is a powerful tool for collecting and sending customer data.

    It allows you to quickly integrate with over 500 apps, which increases the power of your product.

    You can use it to collect data from customers, and easily send it to other tools, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce.

    This is a great way to gather data from different sources and analyze it in one place.

    On the whole, Segment is a perfect tool for product marketing managers who want to easily send data to multiple tools.

    5- Hotjar – a good product to check which features users frequently make use of and follow their patterns to understand user behavior

    PMM tools hotjar

    If you are looking for a tool for heatmaps, surveys, polls, and form analysis, then Hotjar is the way to go.

    With Hotjar, you can literally see how visitors use your site

    You can record session videos, screen recordings, and you can even do polls and surveys. You can also use it to see where your visitors click, which buttons they press the most, how far they scroll down, and what they do when they visit your site.

    This is a great tool if you want to find out how effective your website is and how you can improve it.

    In short, Hotjar is a great tool for getting insights about your website visitors.

    6- UserTesting – a decent tool that provides performance insights regarding users to enable campaign optimization

    PMM tools UserTesting

    If you want to get a vivid, first-hand view of what your customers are thinking and experiencing, UserTesting is the tool you need; it's a great way to learn more about your users and their behavior since it allows you to create simple tasks for your users, and watch how they complete them. 

    In only a few hours, UserTesting will find testers, schedule sessions, and provide test analytics

    This will give you insight into users’ thought processes, as well as their behavior.

    With this information, you can make specific changes to your website or product that will improve customer experience and increase revenue.

    To sum up, UserTesting is a great tool for product marketing managers who want to save time by quickly gathering customer feedback.

    7- UserGuiding – a great no-code platform to provide users with user onboarding elements for product adoption

    PMM tools UserGuiding

    User onboarding is one of the most important stages in any customer journey.

    There is nothing more frustrating than not having enough resources to learn how to use a product or service, which is one of the primary concerns of product marketing.

    A no-code user onboarding such as UserGuiding provides you with everything you need to perfect your user onboarding:

    It helps companies to increase product adoption by designing interactive user onboarding flows. Non-technical people can create step-by-step product walkthroughs without any coding.

    UserGuiding also provides analytics to track the performance of the tours, segmentation to create more personalized experiences, NPS for capturing feedback, and onboarding checklists for a wholesome onboarding experience.

    This tool is perfect for product marketers who want to create a great user onboarding experience without having to rely on developers.

    8- Heap Analytics – a digital analytics tool to track customer journeys and common consumer habits

    PMM tools heap

    For many organizations, it's important that product marketing managers are able to track the customer journey.

    Heap Analytics is a great tool for this purpose.

    It gives you a birds-eye view of your customer journey, from the first time they visit your website to the time they complete a purchase. It allows you to literally see every interaction that customers have with your website or mobile app.

    You will be able to see which pages they bounce from, the path they follow through your website or app, and all of their actions while using your platform.

    Generally, Heap Analytics is a great tool for product marketing managers who want to easily track the customer journey and make data-driven decisions.

    9- Amplitude – a digital optimization software to gather crucial data with notable features like event tracking

    PMM tools amplitude

    Analyzing data is a time-consuming process that product marketing managers have to do on a regular basis.

    Luckily, there are products such as Amplitude that help you gather and analyze customer data.

    Amplitude provides a platform for product marketing managers to turn their raw data into actionable insights, so they can drive product growth. It helps you understand your customers better, improve their experience, optimize your outcomes, and accelerate your innovation. 

    When it comes to product marketing, data is invaluable. 

    Using this kind of software will help you gather all the data that you need to make the right decisions for your product. It will also help your team to understand the product better, which is a benefit for everyone involved in the process.

    This is why product marketers are always on the hunt for tools that help them gather data, analyze it and take action based on the insights that they gain.

    Amplitude is an example of such a tool, and it's definitely worth considering for your mar-tech stack.

    10- Optimizely – an A/B tool to develop a customer journey map based on customer interactions


    Optimizely is a great A/B testing tool for product marketers.

    It enables you to run tests on your pages, apps, and emails quickly and easily.

    Optimizely has a variety of integrations, so you can run it alongside your website platform or email marketing service easily. This helps you test everything from page layouts to colors, CTAs, and more.

    You can also use it with your content management system or website builder to run tests on your landing pages and other parts of the site.

    Optimizely is a great tool for product marketers who want to increase their conversion rates and drive more sales.

    Collaboration and Project Management Tools for Product Marketing Managers

    11- Slack – a single platform to collaborate and interact with remote teams that are cross-functional

    PMM tools slack

    Slack is a messaging app that product marketing managers can use to interact with their team members and collaborators.

    It offers great file-sharing capabilities, so you can easily share relevant files that will help your team to do their job well.

    You can also use it for real-time messaging and set up notifications so you know when your team members need your help.

    Slack can help product marketing managers to communicate more efficiently with their teams, which is why it's one of the most popular collaboration tools in the mar-tech industry.

    This is especially useful when you have to work with multiple people on various projects at once because it helps to streamline your communication and save time.

    12- InVision – an online whiteboard platform to increase productivity while designing marketing workflows 

    PMM tools invision

    InVision is a well-known name in the design world.

    However, it has become an essential tool for product marketing managers as well.

    InVision helps product managers and product marketers communicate with their teams and stakeholders; it enables them to share screenshots of the product, as well as mockups and builds, which makes it easy to gather feedback, make changes, and iterate on the product before its launch.

    InVision also enables product marketers to gather feedback from their target audience, which is crucial for successful product launches.

    This tool helps you get input from the people who matter most and make your product better for launch. 

    13- CoSchedule – a decent platform to build a marketing calendar and allocate your time better through project planning elements

    PMM tools coschedule

    Product marketing managers are always looking at ways of doing their jobs more quickly and more efficiently. 

    However, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, which means that you have to be smart about how you use your time.

    CoSchedule is a great tool for product marketers who want to save time and stay sane.

    This amazing product streamlines your workflow so that you can schedule content and social media posts, manage your team and collaborate with other product marketers in one place.

    It also has a ton of integrations that makes it easy to work with your website builder, email marketing service, and more.

    CoSchedule is a great tool for product marketers who want to work smarter, not harder.

    14- Trello – a project management solution for teams to assign tasks related to marketing content, social media campaigns, and scheduling posts 

    PMM tools trello

    Trello is a flexible and visual collaboration tool that helps product marketing managers organize their work in the easiest way possible.

    It's particularly useful for product marketing because it allows you to organize your workflow, set deadlines, and collaborate with teammates.

    You can use Trello to create campaigns that include all of the necessary steps to execute your product marketing plan. You can also track your progress and always know what you need to do next - which is especially helpful when you have to follow up on many tasks at once.

    Trello can help product marketing managers gather insights, prioritize tasks and manage projects; being able to organize your workflow in an easy-to-understand way is definitely a benefit for product marketing managers.

    It's a cost-effective way to manage your projects and also provides value for the entire company - not just product marketing managers.

    15- Process Street – a workflow management tool to implement your product marketing strategy without any hassle

    PMM tools process street

    Process Street is a checklist and workflow platform that's designed to help you document everything. It makes it easy for product marketing managers to create workflows and checklists that will help them to run their product marketing activities.

    This can include everything from creating a blog post checklist, so you don't miss a step during the publication process, to conducting product research and adding it into your workflow.

    Process Street allows you to create a library of your workflows and checklists so you can access them whenever you need to.

    It's an easy tool for product marketing managers to use, and it will help to save time and improve product marketing efforts.

    Creativity Tools for Product Marketing Managers

    16- Wistia – a good video marketing tool that focuses on customer engagement

    PMM tools wisita

    As a product marketing manager, you need to understand the importance of video content in marketing products. 

    A video is an excellent tool for storytelling, and it has the power to engage the audience on an emotional level. However, creating video content isn't easy, especially if you do it by yourself.

    This is where Wistia comes in.

    Wistia helps you create great, optimized videos for your product marketing campaigns easily and affordably. You can use it to embed videos on your product pages, create explainer videos for marketing campaigns, and more.

    Another great thing about Wistia is that it has an in-depth analytics tool that can help you understand how people interact with your videos.

    Wistia is a great product, and it's an excellent choice for product marketers.

    17- Typeform – a nice interactive form builder that helps product teams to understand the customer journey through surveys

    PMM tools typeform

    Forms, whether online or offline, can be a frustrating experience for customers.

    Even so, they're essential for any organization, and product marketers will need to build and deploy them on a regular basis for activities such as content creation, market research, and customer feedback.

    That's where Typeform comes in.

    It provides a platform to easily create online forms without any coding knowledge required. You can use it to create a form in mere minutes, and it's extremely easy to use; Typeform also has a great design that engages visitors and helps you collect feedback.

    It's a perfect tool for product marketing managers who want to save time building forms and make them more engaging at the same time.

    All in all, Typeform is a great tool for product marketing managers who hope to improve their customer experience and gather better feedback.

    Content Curation Tools for Product Marketing Managers

    18- Ahrefs – a great SEO tool that displays necessary keywords to help you reach your target market

    PMM tools ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a great tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and find out what works for them. It provides an in-depth analysis of their backlinks, keywords, traffic stats, and more. 

    You can use it to identify their most popular content, which keywords they rank for, and how well they do in general.

    Then you can use this information to come up with your own winning strategy.

    To summarise, Ahrefs is a great tool for product marketing managers who want to get more traffic and stay ahead of the competition.

    19- BuzzSumo – a nice content research tool to help teams find content ideas for each marketing channel to reach potential customers 

    PMM tools buzzsumo

    Every product marketer knows that content is king when it comes to marketing a product; however, creating engaging content is a bit harder than it sounds.

    BuzzSumo helps product marketers create better content for their product marketing campaigns by giving them insights into the most popular content on the Internet.

    It's a great tool for inspiration and can help you create your own share-worthy content more quickly than you might think. BuzzSumo also has a lot of integrations, which means that you can use it with other tools in your stack to get the most out of it.

    BuzzSumo is a great tool for product marketers who want to create better content that engages their target audience.

    Automation Tools for Product Marketing Managers

    20- GetResponse – a good email campaign software to execute your product marketing strategy effortlessly

    getresponse as an automation tool

    GetResponse is a powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate marketing.

    You can send automated campaigns, as well as create landing pages and sales funnels to better engage with your website visitors.

    GetResponse also has a built-in autoresponder that allows you to send tailored emails based on your website visitor's behavior. For example, you can set up an email to be sent immediately when a customer subscribes. 

    Or, if they haven't opened your emails in over a month, you can send them an email to ask if they are still interested.

    With GetResponse as your all-in-one marketing software, you can:

    • take your email marketing service to the next level by making use of features like email creator, autorespondersemail analytics, bulk emails, transactional emails, and list management
    • build an online place to promote your own business via website builder with the help of features like AI-powered creator, predesigned templates, drag-and-drop editor, forms and popups, and domain management
    • automate your workflow, thanks to tags and scores, automation flows, abandoned cart emails, website visitor tracking, and product recommendations
    • hold webinars to attract your target audience by using screen sharing, call-to-action buttons, on-demand webinars, whiteboards, polls, and surveys.

    Altogether, GetResponse is a perfect tool for product marketing managers who are striving to increase revenue by improving customer experience.

    21- Drift – a decent online tool for teams to see what users are up to while enhancing the website experience based on user interactions

    PMM tools drift

    Drift is a tool that helps you turn visitors into customers.  It's an all-in-one solution to chat with your website visitors, make them book a demo, or call you. 

    Drift will also help you collect more user data and personalize your website experience for your visitors. For example, you can set up email automation rules with Drift to send follow-up emails based on your website visitor's actions.

    You can also use Drift as a live chat app on your website to answer questions and help visitors easily.

    Overall, Drift is an excellent tool for all product marketing managers who want to increase their revenue, shorten their sales cycles, and strengthen their brand.

    22- Intercom – a great software to scale customer service and improve the ways agents can provide support at the same time

    PMM tools intercom

    Intercom is another great tool for product marketing managers who want to chat with their website visitors and turn them into customers. It's a great tool for adding chat to your website, but it does so much more than that. 

    It has bots, apps, product tours, and more—like email, messages, and a help center that helps you build relationships with your customers; the chat feature is also very intuitive and works well on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

    Intercom may be used to deploy chatbots to leads assisting them to learn more about your product, as well as a support channel that makes it easy for people to contact you. 

    After a user contacts you through Intercom, the data about that user can be enhanced to provide a complete picture of the person's interactions and organization. This means you can create a database of customer feedback and activity that you can use to send customized marketing campaigns to customers.

    In a nutshell, Intercom is a great tool for product marketing managers who want to improve customer experience and increase sales.

    23- Buffer – a digital marketing tool for content publishing via social accounts and performance analysis through social channels

    PMM tools buffer

    Buffer is a social media management tool that allows Product Marketing Managers to schedule and publish content across multiple channels. It's useful for every product marketing manager, but it's especially helpful for those who want to automate their social media content publishing.

    Buffer is an excellent tool because it provides product marketing managers with a lot of flexibility. They can use it to schedule posts across different social media channels, collaborate on content and track all of their efforts in one place.

    It's a simple and yet effective solution that can help product marketing managers save time on tasks such as social media content creation and social media management.


    The marketing industry is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.

    Nowadays, there are dozens of tools and techniques available for product marketers to use to find success in this competitive landscape - which can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

    To help solve this problem, I compiled 23 unbelievable product marketing tools every product marketing manager should adopt!

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