12 Product Landing Page Examples That Will Inspire Your Next Design

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    • Digital products and physical products have one thing in common: Some of them offer bad user experiences due to key elements like product landing pages.
    • Product landing pages are visual representations that combine the product's key features and calls to action to increase the conversion rate by turning visitors into leads.
    • In order to enhance customer experience, these marketing campaigns include a wide range of landing page elements, from action buttons to simple designs.
    • There are several things high-converting landing pages share; I'll be giving away tips to create an effective landing page with a lot of examples that grab the attention of potential customers in this article.

    Designing a stellar product landing page that converts can be overwhelming and challenging even for the most experienced.

    There are loads of guides and blog posts about how to create a good landing page. Sure, you can apply those practices, but a product landing page’s goal is different from a traditional lead generation landing page.

    Instead of asking for visitors’ contact info, you’ll try to sell your product. In other words, whether you’re selling software or an e-commerce product, it takes more to convince prospects to buy it.

    The good news is it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can create perfectly optimized product landing pages to keep generating revenue even when you’re asleep. These best examples, along with definitions and tips, will help you on the way.

     Let’s dive in!

    What is a Product Landing Page?

    A product landing page is a post-click page on a website designed specifically to promote or sell products or persuade visitors to convert to a product-related offer. In terms of design, it’s similar to a traditional landing page. It includes conversion-focused elements, such as a compelling headline, convincing copy, social proof, and more to get visitors to click the CTA button. 

    The only thing that differentiates a product landing page from a traditional landing page is that companies use them to sell products only. Visitors land your product landing pages after clicking on a paid ad, by clicking one of your social media posts, through a link on your email newsletter, or after clicking on organic search results. 

    Why is a Good Product Landing Page Necessary?

    Arguably, a product landing page often brings more conversions than a regular product page because:

    • The user who lands on a product landing page is already searching for a specific product.
    • It highlights the benefits and features of a software product quickly.
    • Since these pages are product and conversion-oriented, they keep visitors focused on the offer.
    • It reflects the message of a referring ad. It makes sure that every ad has a dedicated post-click page to follow up on your offer and ensures visitors that they’re in the right place.

    What Makes a Product Landing Page Good?

    When it comes to landing pages, it can be said that the more, the better. 

    More landing pages mean more targeted you can design each page, which consequently will help you close more sales. In fact, this is backed by data.

    Companies see a 55% increase in leads when they increase the number of their landing pages from 10 to 15. 

    However, you can’t expect to sit back and drive conversions solely relying on the number of landing pages. It takes more to create a successful product landing page. Let’s look at the best practices that make a product landing page “good”:

    1- Catchy, Problem-Focused Headline Offering Value

    Your landing page headline is the first thing a user will read when they look at the page for the first time. That’s why the main purpose of the headline should be grabbing attention and convincing your audience to keep on reading.

    Vague or not-so-encouraging headlines are more likely to make the reader disinterested and eventually exit your landing page. 

    Ideal landing page headlines:

    • Address the visitor directly
    • Ensure that they’re in the right place
    • Appeal to their emotional side
    • Clearly explain the pain point your product will solve
    • Convey the value of what you’re offering

    2- Clear Description of Product Benefits

    So thanks to your bold headline, you drew the attention of your visitors. What now?

    Headlines capture attention, but it’s the copy that makes visitors understand why your product is the right choice to solve their problems. It is where you share the details of your product and encourage people to buy it.

    3- Social Proof, Testimonials, and Reviews

    What are the most common criteria users look for when purchasing something online? Although many factors go into the decision-making process, including the trustability of the seller and the quality of the product, social proof is one of the most powerful determiners.

    In fact, research shows that 93% of potential buyers read online reviews before they make the purchasing decision.

    Reviews of other people that experienced your product are highly valuable in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, you’ll observe that many product landing pages have testimonials to gain the potential buyer’s trust. 

    In short, testimonials and reviews should prove that your product will meet prospects’ expectations.

    Pro tip: When adding customer testimonials, use the pictures of the quote owner (aka the customer) if they give permission. Faces tend to increase trust. Better yet, you can also use testimonial videos whenever applicable.

    4- High-quality Images, Videos, Animations

    Your product landing page should be attractive and engaging; after all, it’s not a university library page. The goal is to convince prospects in a matter of minutes or even just a few scrolls.

    The human brain responds to visual data 60,000 times faster than text. People want to see images and videos of the product they’re planning to buy. Using high-quality imagery on your product landing page evokes trust and more emotional response.

    • Make sure to optimize high-quality visual elements on your landing page to ensure that your site speed remains optimal.
    • Use high-quality product images.
    • Keep all visual elements responsive to mobile devices
    • If you’re using stock photos, try to pick tasteful images that evoke trust. Otherwise, it’s best to use original photography.
    • Videos are a great way to explain how complex products like software works. They are also perfect for customer testimonials.

    12 Examples of Great Product Landing Pages That Work

    If you’re convinced that product landing pages are necessary to drive more conversions and increase product recognition, let’s look at the best product landing page examples and see why they work.

    1- CRM

    monday crm product landing page

    The work operating system's post-click product landing page welcomes the user with an interactive interface. You can mark the task boxes just like you would do in a task management system. 

    When you scroll down the landing page, you see similar elements to other examples, which makes a landing page ideal.

    • Short product video to introduce a feature
    • Testimonials to build trust
    • The number of customers and company logos
    • Trust badges

    2- Wix

    Wix's landing page

    As a landing page builder tool, Wix has a very vivid landing page that could easily turn visitors into customers.

    Post-click, visitors see a minimal design that displays the use cases Wix serves. Right below, there is a CTA button that states there is no need for a credit card to try Wix out, which is undoubtedly a factor that causes visitors to consider it a secure platform.

    Wix's product landing page

    Scrolling down further, visitors face a clean design that shows what visitors could achieve with Wix, basically some of its key benefits: a website landing page, cloud hosting, code panel, and sales chart.

    In other words, Wix's landing page is surely one that puts forward the product value with vivid colors that attract the audience on a clean design that showcases the value proposition clearly.

    3- ClickUp

    clickup product landing page

    ClickUp is a time-tracking and project management tool that aims to make life easier for teams and individuals. Its post-click product landing page meets the eye with a compelling headline and description. Next to both, there’s a product video that you need to click to play. It’s different from many other pages with autoplay videos.

    clickup product landing page example

    Apart from that, ClickUp uses a modal popup to collect email leads. 

    What else ClickUp does well:

    • Software review product badges like Capterra, G2, and GetApp
    • The estimated number of teams using the software and logos of the top ones
    • Very explanatory features list
    • Interactive interface to make users understand how the product works
    • Highlighted set of problems solved by ClickUp
    • A clear landing page design 
    • Trust badges

    4- Wistia’s Product Landing Page 

    wistia product landing page

    Wistia is one of the most popular video hosting platforms for B2B marketers. When searching “video hosting platform” on Google, Wistia’s post-click page meets the user in SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) 

    The headline is compelling and creative, but it’s also defining what the user should expect. Underneath it, the product description explains the benefit and solution Wistia can provide to the user in simple and clear words.

    The use of product video leaves the impression of a trustable product. But what’s more, it’s what a user looking for a video hosting solution would anticipate. Apart from that, see how one CTA button’s color is more vibrant than the other and how both buttons have the perfect contrast ratio against the background.

    Believe it or not, finding the right contrast ratio can make a huge difference in which action you want your audience to take. What else does Wistia’s product landing page do well?

    • Highlights the most important product feature set
    • Includes a testimonial from Intercom, a well-known software service
    • Additional highlights of renowned brands that use the product and an estimated number of Wistia users (social proof at its best)
    • CTA repetition at the bottom of the page

    5- Draggable

    draggable product landing page

    Here’s a rather unique product landing page example by Draggable. As a modular drag & drop library that allows you to build drag & drop functionality, this product landing page clearly delivers what the user can do—better yet; they see what they can do in practice.

    It’s a colorful, fun, and actionable page, introducing outstanding capabilities in a creative way. The headline is the name of the library, and the description is short and to the point, almost like a tagline. When scrolled down, the user can understand what Draggable is, what benefits it provides, and see the features in action. 

    6- Mailchimp

    mailchimp product landing page

    If you have ever researched email automation tools, you might be familiar with Mailchimp. But email automation service isn’t their only product. As you can see from the example above, the platform also offers a landing page creator.

    The product landing page design aligns flawlessly with the rest of Mailchimp’s site. What this product landing page does differently from the prior examples is the use of an FAQ section. FAQs are the gold mines for SEO rankings, and needless to say, you’ll need your product landing pages to show up among the top results more search queries.

    What this page does well:

    • Compelling product solution promise with the headline
    • Problem-solution focused description
    • Single CTA button per scroll
    • Customer testimonial video
    • Compelling and convincing copy
    • Highlighted product features and benefits

    7- SurveySparrow

    surveysparrow product landing page

    Another conversion-ready product landing page example is by SurveySparrow, a survey creator tool. The first thing that stands out on this page is the right-hand signup form. Even though this is not an ideal design element for the first impression, it highlights the 14-day free trial.

    It’s more common to direct users to a signup page with a CTA button rather than overwhelming users with it.

    However, when you take a look at the scrollable side of the page, you see some good product landing page practices:

    • The number of businesses that trust SurveySparrow
    • Badges of appreciation
    • Shortlist of what users can do with the product
    • A list of highlighted feature set 
    • Comparison with other similar products

    What it lacks:

    • Design improvement
    • Compelling copy 
    • Encouraging CTA button

    8- Hotjar

    hotjar product landing page

    Hotjar is a popular product experience insights tool. It might be tricky to explain product capabilities for such a comprehensive tool, but Hotjar handles it smoothly. This post-click product landing page was recently updated with the rebranding of the tool. The design is clean with a consistent color palette.

    Here are a few elements Hotjar uses:

    • Product introduction video
    • The number of companies using the product
    • Swipeable “how it works” cards
    • Highlights of GDPR compliance: This one is specifically important for software products that rely on user data.
    • A customer testimonial video
    • Featured product guides
    • Compelling copy

    9- Semrush

    semrush product landing page

    One of the leading SEO tools, Semrush also has a good product landing page design that can pack a punch. This page nails the product introduction with a toolbar right under the page headline and description. Users can immediately search for a domain, keyword, or URL to see how the software works; there and then.

    As you might have noticed, many brands display the logos of companies that use their product. Have you wondered why? It’s because people tend to trust a new brand if a brand that they already know and trust works with it.

    semrush product landing page example

    What else Semrush’s product landing page does well:

    • The services their product covers and short descriptions of each
    • A customer testimonial from G2 (software review platform)
    • Highlights the number of awards, users, the percentage of Fortune 500 companies that use Semrush
    • Sincere brand voice with the image of company CEO

    10- Asana

    asana product landing page

    Asana is a workplace management system. Its product landing page matches the expectations of a user looking for work management software. The headline of the page conveys the product value while the description poses a problem users might be experiencing and tells how their product will solve it. The other sections of the page include a set of product features and short descriptions for each.

    11- Slack

    slack product landing page

    With 12 million daily active users worldwide, Slack is definitely a buzzword in the business world. This popular team communication platform’s product landing page is also one of the top examples.

    With animated and slidable elements, and videos to change of color per scroll, they go an extra mile with the design. The landing page clearly conveys the product value, which problem it will solve, and why prospects should use it.

    12- Notion

    Notion's product landing page

    Notion is a task management tool that has a dedicated landing page with some items that I'll break down for you.

    For prospective customers, it includes an in-app design so that they can foresee the product in action before they try it out. This is a great way to prove a product's worth if you're not opting for interactive elements that visitors can engage in.

    Moving on, there is a section that displays the brands that benefit from Notion in order to create a vision of trust with the visitors with the use of social proof; there is also a link available that takes visitors to the customer stories where they can check what has been achieved via this product in form of stories from the brands that use it - which I must admit is a great determiner for the decision-making process.

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