5 Tips to Create a Great Landing Page that Converts

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    Home / UX / 5 Tips to Create a Great Landing Page that Converts

    First impressions are not important, they are vital.

    As an online business, your first impression is the first page your audience sees when they enter your website, whether through a search result or an advertisement.

    Designing a good landing page is not enough these days, you have to design a great landing page to get ahead in the competition. You can measure the quality of a landing page by checking its conversion rate.

    Landing pages should be beautiful, no doubt, but you should also plan it strategically to convert your audience to users and loyal customers. 

    High conversion rates from your landing page is not a myth!

    In this article, we will discuss why landing pages are important and talk about tips to create a useful one; but before that, let's find out what a landing page is.

    What is a Landing Page?

    In online marketing, a landing page is the first page first-comers visits in the online search results or online advertisements for lead generation.

    A landing page includes information on the product or the service you offer and a call-to-action for potential customers. 

    You can think of it as leading pages for the customer funnel. It does not directly show product or service like in advertisements because in this case, the user is considered to be already interested in your product or services. Still, it encourages users to engage with the product to learn more about it or purchase/use it.

    good landing page 1

    Why is a Landing Page important?

    A landing page is your first chance to strike a perfect first impression, and in most cases, it is the last.

    As I said, a landing page is vital because, for the majority of your customers, it is what determines their choice of trying or passing on your product. Because of this, you are supposed to describe your product briefly, offer an enjoyable design, and compel them to try your product on the same page.

    Performing greatly on all three of these tasks results in great landing pages that convert first-comers to users, no doubt.

    So how can you improve your landing page today and skyrocket your conversion rates?

    Here are the 5 tips we have gathered for you.

    5 Tips to Create A Good Landing Page

    There is no straightforward way to design a good landing page. However, you can make sure you personalize your landing page with unique and charismatic marketing ideas.

    Follow the steps below to grow your business and turn visitors and clicks into customers or users with landing pages:

    1. Try using landing page builders

    You do not need a web developer or a coding expert to create your landing page as anyone familiar can create one using third-party tools.

    There are many landing page builders that are a Google search away. You must check them and choose the best for your brand’s goals. Also, you can consider your skills in using online tools, and make sure that the builder you’ll choose is easy to handle for you.

    Landing page builders also can be integrated with other platforms so you can distribute your page and analyze the results quickly. See what they offer in these terms. For example,  WPOnepager is one of the most popular and easiest landing page builder if your website is built on Wordpress.

    Or you can always push these tools aside and create your own landing page on your own.

    Having doubts about using third-party tools instead of building them in-source? Check out this article to learn why it might be a good idea.

    2. Simple is useful and trendy

    After getting started with your landing page builder or getting ready to develop your own one, make sure you pick the right design to go with.

    You will see lots of templates when you check the internet but have the patience to keep checking them until you come across the one that will make you say "Ah, this is perfect for me!". 

    While choosing, you can look for the designs that are simple, clear, and well-organized so your customers won’t get lost and bored. If it takes a long time for your visitors to understand what you offer and how you offer it, they are extremely likely to hit that backspace button.

    Also, you should keep your offer simple, too.

    Conversion rates of landing pages with multiple offers decrease by 266%. It is huge, isn’t it?

    So, in summary: Contain one offer on a page; explain and design your offer in the simplest way.

    good landing page 2

    3. Focus on your audience

    You are preparing your landing page for your professional goals. But the focus of the whole work should be your audience.

    Be open to show your products in a whole new way to your visitors. However, only when your ways are designed to be appealing to your audience, your project can succeed. That is the golden rule. So plan your page for them.

    It would help if you made your messages in a way that your visitors, who are also your potential customers, won’t get bored and leave the page immediately.

    The goal is to impress your visitors and deliver what they are looking for. Make sure that they find something about themselves as well as your products by revealing how it changes their life.

    4. Attractive videos, images, and headlines

    Do not forget to create eye-catching headlines with vivid colors explaining offers and value propositions.

    It would help if you also supported the headlines with high-quality, exciting images or creative videos. 

    Visualization of the products is the key to the sale industry. Attractive visuals can represent your page in the league of professionals, and excite your visitors about your products.

    5. Never underestimate the CTA

    A strong CTA encourages your visitors to take action.

    It is not a good idea to state your announcement or message, and expect your visitor to find a way to do the targeted behavior. Instead, you can include a clear and effective CTA in your landing page design.

    So, the next question is the content and target of your CTA. I highly recommend you giving direct routes to the desired result.

    What does that mean?

    Make sure that your CTA button directly goes to a form to apply for a test drive or make a purchase (or whatever the last step of your project goal is) rather than adding another step to reach there such as a link to the contact page.

    If you want your visitors to convert, direct them to the pages where the conversion happens!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    🏠 Can my Landing Page be my Home Page?

    Although your Home Page can be the Landing Page for many of your visitors, creating various Landing Pages for different audiences is more beneficial and widely-accepted.

    ✈️ How can I create a Landing Page?

    A landing page can be developed in-source, but using 3rd-party tools has recently become more popular.

    ⏳ When should I create a Landing Page?

    A Landing Page is a must-have when you have different value propositions to different audiences.‍

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