Increasing Your Product Adoption with No-Code User Onboarding: Emrah Aydın on NoCodeDevs

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    Home / News / Increasing Your Product Adoption with No-Code User Onboarding: Emrah Aydın on NoCodeDevs

    If you are in SaaS and especially in the no-code field, you've probably heard of NoCodeDevs.

    It's the biggest directory for no-code tools, as well as other resources like educations, videos, forums, and more.

    And our very own product manager Emrah Aydın was the latest guest of the NoCodeDevs YouTube channel where they held a webinar with Art West and Paul Harrison.

    Let's take a look at it!

    What is NoCodeDevs?

    NoCodeDevs, as I mentioned above, is a directory for no-code tools out in the market, and they are the biggest and best at that. The main goal of the no-code people at NoCodeDevs is to enable people who have been wanting to build a tool to do exactly that, with no code.

    The platform offers a community, educations, other resources, and as we'll talk more about, YouTube webinars to its members and subscribers.

    So, let's see that last one in action:

    Increasing Your Product Adoption with No-Code User Onboarding

    Emrah's presentation is dedicated to looking into product adoption methods with a focus on no-code user onboarding.

    Here's the full video:

    In the webinar, Emrah looks into:

    ✅ What user onboarding is and why it matters,

    ✅ How onboarding relates to product adoption, and

    ✅ How to use UserGuiding for higher product adoption curve

    And if you'd like a quick look into what matters in the webinar, here's my key takeaways:

    Key Takeaways ✍️

    👉 Average user churn for SaaS is 83% while the average conversion rate is 2.5%

    👉 Poor product adoption is the problem and better user onboarding is the key,

    👉 There are different underlying reasons for certain onboarding models like signup flows and in-app onboarding,

    👉 The product-led growth strategy can go hand in hand with better user onboarding,

    👉 You can battle churn using in-app guidance, boost conversion by pushing users to success, decrease support load and costs using no-touch user education

    👉 In starting with a better onboarding, you can choose to go in-house which is often more costly and time-consuming, or prefer a no-code tool like UserGuiding for an easier, faster, more affordable solution like our customers have

    To Wrap Up...

    Emrah's presentation was really insightful 🧠

    Check out the full video, and let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

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