Cairo Amani – Strategies of High Performing Customer Success Managers

In this session, Cairo Amani – Customer Success Manager at Cutback Coach – talked about the 6 strategies that she recommended to customer success managers.

Who is Cairo Amani?

Cairo Amani is a “CS Nerd” and a “Tech Leader” as she defines herself.

She’s not only an expert in customer success and customer experience; she is also an experienced career coach that helps people advance and win in their professional life.

She currently acts as the Customer Experience Lead of Sunnyside and the Co-Founder and Brand Manager of ThriveNetwork.

With years of experience leading customer success teams, Cairo is definitely worth a follow on her LinkedIn where she regularly shares insightful content, or her website to get a better sense of what she’s doing.

Why is it important for Customer Success Managers to perform better?

Especially in the software space, one of the biggest concepts that are becoming more and more important is definitely customer success.

Retention is a key factor to every software business’ growth. With maybe tens of different competitors, every company needs to make sure they are doing their best in not giving their customers a reason to quit or churn.

And this is where customer success comes in, to help customers get over pain points, solve problems, achieve success, and be satisfied with the product or the service you’re offering.

Although a perfect company-wide customer success plan definitely helps, nothing replaces having a team of high-performing expert customer success managers to build great relationships with customers.

That’s why Cairo provides a few valuable strategies to help improve the efficiency of your CS team members in her presentation.


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