12 Best UX Survey Tools - best for each use case

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    Home / Product / 12 Best UX Survey Tools - best for each use case

    Crafting meaningful user experiences hinges on understanding user perspectives, and employing effective survey tools is essential for product managers seeking valuable insights.

    In my previous articles "13 UX Survey Questions that Create the Best Insights" and "4-Step Guide to Creating User Experience Surveys," I have laid the groundwork for how to create surveys after your market research.

    Now, let's take actionable steps by harnessing the power of the top UX survey tools.


    There's a tool for every requirement in your survey flow:

    1. For Lengthy Surveys: UserZoom, UsabilityHub
    2. For On-the-Spot Feedback: UserGuiding, Hotjar
    3. For Agile Design: Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey
    4. For Cross-Platform Compatibility: SurveyGizmo, Typeform
    5. For Online Usability Testing: UserTesting, Loop11
    6. For In-Depth Analytics: Crazy Egg, Mopinion

    🚀 For Lengthy Surveys with nQualitative Focus

    1- UserZoom

    Renowned for its comprehensive suite of UX research tools, UserZoom excels in facilitating in-depth qualitative surveys.

    It is a great survey maker with a range of features that allow for detailed feedback collection, making it ideal for product managers aiming to delve into nuanced user perspectives.

    2- UsabilityHub

    Known for its user-friendly interface and versatile testing options, UsabilityHub (Lyssna now) is another excellent online survey builder that is great for conducting lengthy surveys with a qualitative focus.

    Its intuitive platform enables product managers to gather detailed feedback from diverse user demographics.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternatives

    Make sure to check out Userlytics and Dscout for further survey software options.

    They are both great UX tools (especially for large businesses) that allow you to come up with game-changer online surveys.

    🚀 For On-the-Spot Feedback and Segmentation

    3- UserGuiding

    UserGuiding is the one platform that has it all wrapped inside!

    It stands out for its seamless integration of in-app surveys, offering product managers the ability to gather real-time feedback on UX elements and processes.

    The platform allows you to build NPS surveys without writing a single line of code. You can always add a follow-up question to understand the experience of user better. This is a great way to get qualitative data using surveys.

    UserGuiding's UX Survey Templates

    With custom triggers and segmentation based on results, UserGuiding empowers teams to refine user experiences swiftly and efficiently. You will benefit from this feature to approach your users more personally so you can create personalized user experiences, which is of immeasurable value to businesses.

    The survey builder on UserGuiding is quite intuitive as you can add new questions with a dropdown menu - see below. 👇🏼

    You can try UserGuiding as your new single platform survey tool, store and filter your data in-app, and run surveys in-app in a minute, making the surveying process easier than ever.

    That's because the template gallery is quite useful and practical and applicable for various types of questions.

    You can also customize the design, colors, and texts so your surveys follow your brand identity. Plus, the platform makes it possible to create multiple surveys at once and easily download your survey data.

    Schedule a demo with one of our experts or give it a try yourself.

    4- Hotjar

    Hotjar is a popular choice for collecting on-the-spot feedback through features like heat maps, session recordings, and surveys.

    Its intuitive platform allows product managers to gain insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling informed decision-making.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternatives

    Make sure to check out Qualaroo and Survicate for further survey software options.

    They both give tremendous user insight into behavior and action - allowing you to gather valuable customer feedback that does magic.✨

    🚀 For Agile, Iterative Survey Design

    5- Qualtrics

    Renowned for its versatility and agility, Qualtrics provides product managers with a robust platform for iterative survey design and different question formats.

    Its intuitive interface enables rapid prototyping and adjustment, facilitating seamless adaptation to evolving product research needs.

    6- SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is a great UX research platform that offers product managers a user-friendly platform for agile customer satisfaction survey design and deployment.

    With its extensive question bank, remote user testing, and customizable templates, SurveyMonkey streamlines the survey creation process, allowing for quick survey creation.

    You can choose the platform's starter plan, or take a look at different pricing options for your preference.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternative

    Make sure to check out Zoho Survey for its easy-to-use interface and good UX design for further inspiration!

    The platform is especially great for you to collect user feedback with different question formats and generate reports for amazing product experiences ahead.

    🚀 For Cross-Platform Compatibility and Analytics Integration

    7- SurveyGizmo (Alchemer now)

    With its cross-platform compatibility and seamless integration with analytics tools, SurveyGizmo emerges as a top choice for product managers seeking comprehensive survey solutions and event tracking.

    Its advanced analytics capabilities enable actionable insights, driving informed decision-making and product development.

    8- Typeform

    Typeform is renowned for its visually appealing user surveys and seamless integration with various platforms.

    Its intuitive design interface and robust analytics features make it an ideal choice for product managers looking to gather insights across multiple channels.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternatives

    Make sure to check out SoGoSurvey and Formstack for real-time reports, quantitative research, event tracking within the research process, a range of templates, session analytics, screen recordings, and a simple interface.

    Both are powerful survey engines that offer customization options for small teams, and businesses wishing to master user insight with customizable dashboards and free survey templates.

    🚀 For Remote User Testing

    9- Loop11

    Loop11 specializes in remote usability testing, offering product managers a platform to create and deploy usability tests remotely.

    With features like task-based testing and heatmaps, Loop11 helps uncover usability issues and improve overall user experience.

    You can Loop11's webpage for different pay plans.

    10- Trymata

    Trymata does great work offering remote usability testing services, allowing product managers to gather customer feedback from real users across different demographics.

    With screen recordings and detailed usability metrics, Trymata provides qualitative research insights into user interactions and helps filter usability issues for improvement.

    You can check Trymata's webpage for their pay plans.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternative

    Make sure to check out Validately for a closer look at further qualitative research on demographic breakdown, free user survey templates, additional features, incentive management, and interactive timelines.

    This testing platform does a great job for businesses that wish to find the right tool that conducts remote research while handling online survey processes with great usability tests.

    🚀 For In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

    11- Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg provides product managers with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, including heatmaps, interactive timelines, scroll maps, custom report dashboards, and user session recordings.

    Its intuitive interface and actionable insights enable product managers to optimize website or app design and reduce time and effort.

    You can check the platform's webpage for custom pricing options.

    12- Mopinion

    Mopinion is the type of product that dazzles with its in-depth analytics and reporting for collecting and analyzing user feedback across various touchpoints.

    With features like sentiment analysis and trend reporting, Mopinion helps product managers understand user sentiment and make data-driven decisions.

    📣 Bonus: Additional Alternatives

    Make sure to check out these great analysis tools called FullStory and Mouseflow for further remote research into collecting feedback via online forms and different surveys.

    They are great survey builders to use for getting feedback while focusing on report generation and identifying real time stats for overall customer satisfaction.

    Key Takeaways

    Choose Wisely

    Select a comprehensive tool that suits your specific needs, whether it's qualitative research, real-time feedback, agile design, cross-platform compatibility, collaborative dashboard, remote testing, or analytics.

    Be Comprehensive

    UX survey tools like UserZoom and UsabilityHub offer diverse tools for in-depth qualitative insights, while UserGuiding and Hotjar provide immediate feedback on how your users think.

    Stay Agile

    UX survey tools such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey enable agile survey design, while SurveyGizmo and Typeform ensure seamless integration and cross-platform functionality for your target audience.

    Consider Remote Testing

    Get started with options like UserTesting and Loop11 for remote usability testing to gather real-time user feedback for a diverse product experience.

    Dive into Analytics

    UX survey tools like Crazy Egg and Mopinion offer advanced analytics along with a questionnaire, aiding in the optimization and improvement of user engagement and enhancing your overall completion rate in one place.

    Final Word

    By tailoring your choice of UX survey tool to your specific use case, you can maximize the effectiveness of your quantitative user research efforts and gain deeper insights into user preferences while sharing your findings.

    Get started today for enhanced user experiences with the right UX survey tool that gives you the best type of insight!

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